Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Writing Wednesday ~ December #5

New Year's Resolutions 2016
That's where she stopped, her pen in the air waiting for inspiration.
What could she do in 2016 to better herself? To show she had advanced? To show that she was growing, as a person in her own right?
No clue
Her resolutions from 2015 had gone completely ... incomplete, it was embarassing. Which was exactly why she didn't share her resolutions with anyone, as she was sure to have somebody on her back about one thing or another.
In the last year, she had loved, she had lost, and she had learned. It's better to love and lose, because it's only then that you know you have experienced, and only then that you know you have learned.
She had learned to love her flaws, many and all-encompassing as they may be; she had come to terms with the idea of potential anxiety, with stress and its backlashes, with public speaking being a no-go. Acceptance was a thing,and it had happened, and she was proud.
Somehow, she had grown, and was expected to grow further in the next year.
So why not write what she thought? What she thought was best for 2016?
Her pen dipped towards the paper, scratching against the page in true biro fashion.
Her New Year's Resolutions for 2016?
Be happy

* * *
I had a different prompt for this, but it required much more fleshing out than I currently have creativity for, so this is what you get!
Not gonna lie, it's based on my year, what I've learned about myself,and stuff, and it's short as hell, I'm so sorry!
Now Imma work on my TV favourites, so I'll go do that!

TV Favourites 2015

This is mum's fault. She decided over the summer that I needed to be dragged into this 6 series phenomena.W're currently 3 series in, and you can't miss a second! The way that simple, throwaway lines are brought back as something important an episode or even a series later makes you realise how intricate it all is! I also really like that every character is focussed upon, even some secondary characters get their moment (before being killed off :) )
Enter this series at your peril, honestly!
The release of Marvel series on etflix is something I'm so happy for! I have yet to watch Jessica Jones, but I fell in love with Matt Murdock and Hell's Kitchen. The fact that Matt has found himself two mediums with which to fight , both legally and as a vigilante, is amicable. Character chemistry is awesome, Charlie Cox is amazing, and stills from season 2 were released today. I have no clue about the comics and what happens there,but Elektra looks incredible!
Agent Carter
Three of the main characters are British, and I am eternally grateful for that! Hayley Atwell is badass, James D'arcy is the perfect blend of apprehensive and sassy, Dominic Cooper is so unbelievably cocky, but it's endearing!
I love that this is Peggy-centric, showing she's so much more than the coffee girl she's thought of. Also, there's that history with the Red Room that's shown, and I want to know so much more, I can't wait for season 2, which is here in January, and Dottie is confirmed as a guest, so is Angie, AND ANA JARVIS PEOPLE!
Pretty Little Liars
I binge watched a season in a day in November, then lost it, which is the story of many shows I watch, but the first series was interesting, I am intrigued, and will probably pick it up again in a moment of procrastination-fuelled weakness!
Great British Bake Off 
This year's series was incredible - beetroot gateaux,biscuit boxes, charlotte russes, and even more awesome stuff went down in the tent this year, and Nadiya was such a deserving winner!
The Apprentice
The Apprentice is such an interesting series to me; as someone whose understanding of business is limited,it makes good conversation (though not with my mother, because she doesn't have the best opinion of Lord Sugar). I love sitting and thinking about the decisions I would have made - the book-writing task was ridiculously handled - and generally laughing at the cock ups going on!
Scream Queens
The way this series parodies the general horror tropes is incredible (how many times have I used this word?), as is the way it battles cliches. The star studded cast was entertaining as hell, and the writing was glorious! Hoping season 2 will be much the same!
Jekyll & Hyde
I'm on about the ITV series here, and it's so unbelievably good. For anybody who loves steam punk aesthetics, this is the show for you. It goes so far beyond a man battling with two men within his body, it explores the need for Hyde that Jekyll has, the feeling that Hyde handles certain situations better. It's also just a time period I seriously love watching shows for, and steam punk is something I will happily get behind!

Hopefully tomorrow, I will have been able to sift through photos and memories in order to bring my Events favourites together into a post, but if not, expect it on the 1st or the 2nd, as that is a lot of content to work with!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Film & Book Favourites 2015


Marvel Cinematic Universe
I got into the MCU around Easter this year, and I've already talked at length about my love for the beauty that is this universe, so I won't continue to bang on about it, as that can be found here.
I am majorly excited for all of Marvel's future exploits, already dying for Civil War!
The Nanny Diaries
I decided to watch Chris Evans films (go watch Not Another Teen Movie, it is the best parody ever!) but this film is honestly so good. It examines class difference in a way that, while displaying the difference, also shows that people of different classes do experience similar problems. It also tackles the idea of following rules in order to fit in.
Also, Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson's chemistry is awesome, and I just need more films with them together (go watch the Perfect Score whilst you're at it!)
Easy A
Emma Stone is awesome, undoubtedly, and this is awesome to boot. Nevermind the cast, made up of a few childhood favourites such as Lisa Kudrow, Dan Byrd (Carter from a Cinderella Story!), Amanda Bynes, but also Penn Badgely, who's brilliant in all two films I've seen him in.
Based off of the Scarlet Letter, it explores both the idea of slut shaming, but also the idea of having sex with someone giving status - which is a post all of its own, honestly, the ideology of sex in our generation is slightly fascinating, slightly horrifying.
So, it's tackled maturely, with a perfect element of comedy that softens it all, a definite recommend!
John Tucker Must Die
Girls banding together to help out other girls!
I'm running out of words other than awesome to us, because, really, this is just that!
The fact that these girls are trying to expose a serial dater by getting him another date is just hilarious in its own right, but I love seeing the girls become friends throughout it!
Also, the only reason I know estrogen is the XY development hormone is because of this film!
The Dark Knight Trilogy
You see, I am not only Marvel trash, I can go for some DC too!
Calling it the 'Dark' Knight trilogy was the best bet, this is such a goddamn sombre series, does Christian Bale ever smile?
Only criticism? The addition of Rachel Dawes as a love interest was unbearably unnecessary to me; I could get behind CatWoman, because she's awesome, and she's a villain for fun, it's cool, but Rachel grated, honestly, as did Harvey Dent's Two-Faced, he as a crap villain!
10 Things I Hate About You
We watched this for English, and it was probably the best film I've watched for schoolwork ever!
Some good points:
1. Heath Ledger singing
2. Baby Joseph Gordon-Levitt
3. Heath Ledger
4. Shakespeare references
5. Heath Ledger and his Australian accent
I'm just, in love with this film! So Good!

The Maze Runner Trilogy - James Dashner
I'll admit now, I haven't read the Kill Order.
However, I liked the books, don't get me wrong, though they could be fleshed out a bit more. Maybe there's more information available in the Kill Order, but I feel like WICKED and its motivations were lost, and kind of confused amongst it all.
Still, good books.
Unfortunate Fairy Tales - Chanda Hahn
Technically speaking, I started this series a good few years back, but I finally got my grubby mits upon the last two books, and I binge read whilst I was on holiday to the point where I spent the majority of the 5th book crying and partially screaming until half 2 in the morning.
I love fairy tales which, again warrants its own blog post eventually, and these books honestly rekindled that.
Do yourself a favour and read them!
The Morganville Vampires - Rachel Caine
These were a birthday present from the twin (hi Lara!), and I binge-read the first, then binge-read the second recently, and am currently on the third, and will probably need to buy the next three, because I need!
I love the fact that, whilst this kind of thing would warrant cliches and tropes galore, it kind of stays away from that. Claire Danvers isn't some sort of 'chosen one', she's just trying to help her friends out. Eve (ayyyyy) isn't a typical goth, Shane isn't a brick wall love interest, Michael isn't all he seems, full stop.
I haven't read vampires in a long while, and it's nice to see something new, sue me!

This was written so fast, after the mortified realisation that I'd allowed it to continue to be scheduled with nothing but four notes for films to talk about, whoops!
So, tomorrow is TV series (also, a few Netflix, because that still counts), and Thursday is events from the past year, which will probably be long af!
Also tomorrow is a Writing Wednesday, which I need to write, oh god help me!
Have a nice day!

Monday, 28 December 2015

Youtuber Favourites 2015

Obviously, as an internet-based hermit, I spend a great majority of my time on youtube (read: I lose a great majority of my time on youtube). It's therefore only fair that I have a collection of youtubers who I love the vidoes of, or binge on.
I love Jessica's videos, they're great when you want something long to watch. She reviews so much good stuff, and it's so interesting to see the kind of products that are in America.
She does a video every month on her everyday makeup drawer, where she keeps products that she's maybe gotten recently, or wants to use up, or keep from getting lost in her collection. Her declutters are awesome too!

Rachel's such a friendly character, it comes off in every single video. I love that she reports back on every haul she does, telling you if she recommends the products or not (cleverly titled Buy or Bye).
I also loved her declutter videos, especially when she talked about not only products she was scrapping, but also products she'd definitely keep!
I wish her so much luck in the new year with baby #2 on the way!

ThreadBanger - and Rob Czar, Corinne Leigh & ToyTure
I get such a laugh from Man vs Pin, Corinne vs Pin, Man vs YouTube, and the new ToyTure, I can quite literally sit and cry at their videos.
Small warning, though, quite a few of the Man vs Pins use blood spillage as a feature, and many of the earlier ones don't come with a warning for that, so just a mention.

Maya got me into Amanda actually, but she's brilliant to binge on, mainly due to their short length. Her sense of humour is amazing, always gets me laughing, but she uses it to also talk about current stuff going on in America, which is refreshing.
Also, I just spent the last 10 minutes watching her, and now I'm crying... oops!

Kat goes to my local university, but that's not the main reason I really like her videos. She's just a very real person, so down to earth. She also talks a lot about being a university student, which is great when, you know, that's going to be you in just over 2 1/2 years.
Also, she so pretty!

Hannah Renee
I'm absolutely in love with Hannah's tutorials, even if I have absolutely no hope of recreating them! She's such a relatable character, it's actually unreal. Her skills are enviable, and it's so interesting to see how her face comes together.
Also really pretty!

Does anything honestly need to be said about Mark? He's such a funny person, but he also comes across on screen as someone who'd be generally the same in real life - except, you know, less screaming.
He's so open with his subscribers, so honest about things going on with him, so it feels like you know him so well.
Just... Markiplier, people!

Sorted FOOD
As I mentioned yesterday, I love cooking, and cooking channels are life, seriously. If I could try to make everything I like the look of, I would die happy.
Also, the dynamic between the four lads shines through, which is so nice to see, it adds a comedy to the videos that aren't often there in food videos.

Thomas Sanders
Thomas Sanders is such an enjoyable person to watch, he is literally so humble, it's amazing. He's funny as hell, but he also takes time to talk about issues, especially surrounding mental health. I love seeing youtubers who use their outlet to talk about stuff that matters, as well as being entertainers!

I love Lucy, honestly. She talks about current stuff going on in the news, or stuff that just interests her, and I love that! It's been great to see how her editing and youtube style has changed in the last year, and I can't wait to see what she brings to 2016!

It goes without saying that this gal is one of my best friends, and it's been amazing to watch her grow. I know she's going to be doing a lot of cool stuff in 2016 - though I don't know what it is - so just check her out!

Favourites day 2 complete! Tomorrow will be films and books!

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Beauty & Food Favourites 2015

I gave up on favourites posts a while back, but I thought I'd look back upon 2015, things I liked, memories I've made and just...reflect and appreciate it all, because if there's one thing I've learnt, it's appreciation.
Due to post length, I've split my 2015 Favourites into 5 separate parts, so from today (December 27th) until the 31st, I will post a different category each day. Also, the 30th will bring a double post, because of my final December Writing Wednesday, so get excited!
Today is, quite obviously if you've read the title, about beauty favourites of the year, with a bit about food, because otherwise there wouldn't be 5 posts!
This will still be pretty long due to swatch images, etc.


Avon Liquid Eyeshadow - Chromed Cocoa
The best time saver in the world! Because of the doe foot applicator, you can literally swipe the colour over the lid, leave it to dry, then get on with the rest of your eye makeup. The colour also matches pretty much everything, so it gets a bonus point for neutrality.

Max Factor Eyeshadow - Earth Spirits
This came in a little Christmas set my sister got me a couple of years back, and as it turns out, is a lovely crease colour. This works into my most basic eye look, alongside the liquid eyeshadow and the eyeliner, so very very quick.

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
I hadn't exactly tried winged eyeliner before owning this, but I'd say I've become... alright in the last six months. For £3 you can't exactly complain, plus, I've gotten a load of compliments whilst wearing eyeliner, so yay!

Rimmel Extra 3D Lash
I've been using this as my everyday mascara since I got this at the Clothes Show last year (to see what else I got, go here).
It gives amazing length to my lashes without looking like it's too much, or too clumpy.

No7 Stay Perfect Lip Stain
I stole this off of my mum, technically, but she wasn't using it, so it's fine. At times, it looks patchy, but it does give a noticable wash of colour to my lips which reflects the colour it's meant to be.

Also, here's a picture of a makeup look using all five products, nothing else. Sorry you can't see the eye makeup much

Sally Hansen New Lengths - Berry Burst
I've been loving the colour of this nail polish, especially in autumn/winter. The colour's opaque from the first application, and honestly just very pretty.
You can see why I don't write reviews that often.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Polish - Coconut
The trend for nail polish this year has been white nails - by the looks of it, at least, what do I know about trends? Wearing white nail polish, shiny and smooth thanks to the formula, makes me feel so put together.

Feather Hair Comb - Accessorize
This was a Christmas present last year, and when I opened it, the first thing I thought of was this hairstyle by Cute Girls Hairstyles, which, is 100% do-able on your own, though it takes a lot of arm strength and patience.
Using this makes the hairstyle look like it took so much more effort.

What you can't see here is the 20 minutes I spent trying to get a good picture
And, because I had six topics, and only 5 days, I've thrown food favourites in, or really, recipe favourites.


Egg Fried Rice
I've written out my recipe for this, found here, and I'm glad I did it, because it's so easy to do. Cook the rice and the chicken, start frying them, then crack an egg in, so easy!

Hot Chocolate for One
We ran out of hot chocolate mix earlier this year, and this recipe, I have to say, tops the instant kind. Also, really quick to make, and easy to duplicate, apparently.

Cheese Sauce
I've actually only made this a couple of times, but it was so nice, and again easy (an essential when I'mthe cooking)

Chicken Stock!!!
This is a discovery that I am so glad I made:
Cooking rice or pasta in chicken stock
I haven't exactly tried this with other stocks, but it would probably work too.
But seriously, the usual amount of water you use to boil the stuff in, throw a stock cube in, and then let it cook down until there's next to no liquid left. Leaves the best flavour!

So, there be my first favourites of 2015 post, let's roll on the rest of the week!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Writing Wednesday ~ December #4

Prompt stolen from the depths of tumblr, because I had to throw a soulmate AU in.

AU where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate

There was an appeal to Christmas, obviously, but there’s only so much you can enjoy when you can’t even tell what colour the tree in your living room is. Or when your mother asks you to hand her the purple box of baubles, and all you can do in return is ask whether that’s the set of baubles that’s darker than the other.
You wouldn’t believe it, but it also makes Christmas shopping one of the worst experiences; sure, your older sister’s favourite colour is pale blue, but from experience, it’s also surprisingly like grey when in grayscale. Yet shopping with your mother is only a reminder that you haven't found them yet, and no, mother, for the last time I’m not going speed dating to try and find them.
That was how she ended up spending a good five minutes in front of the jumpers, debating whether it was that grey one or whether it was that slightly lighter grey one. Goddamn Lucy, couldn’t you just like black like everyone else in this generation? Or even white, although it’s hardly very functional, what with spillages and stuff.
It was with regret, then, that she turned to the woman beside her, tapping her tentatively on the shoulder. “Excuse me, sorry to bother, but can you tell me which of these is pale blue? Last year, I somehow ended up with green…apparently.”
“Well, I wish I could tell you,” the other woman offered, removing her glasses to wipe them clean, “but I suppose you could say I’m in the same situation as you.”
The pair smiled in tandem, glancing up to find acknowledgment in each other’s eyes.
And colour
“Did you know your eyes are green?” The other woman asked with the widest of smiles.
“I’ve been told. Did you know your glasses are purple?”
“So it said when I paid for them.” The other woman reached past her, picking a shirt up from the rack, pressing it into her arms. “This one’s pale blue, and my name’s Jenny.”
Gripping the shirt, she smiled for Jenny. “Am I glad I didn’t go speed dating! I’m Beth.”
* * *
Let's be representative, because everyone deserves love at Christmas, including the love of friends and family, people!
This is actually my 99th post, which means my 100th will be the start of
*drum roll*
My 2015 favourites week!
5 days, 6 categories of favourites all smooshed together into 5 posts to ring in the New Year!
That starts on the 27th all the way through until the 31st if my writing works! I will make myself, don't worry!
Therefore, this is my last post before Christmas, so have a brilliant weekend, whether you celebrate or not, spend time with the people you love, and just...
Happiness, for everyone!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Meteorologically Emotional Sponge

I'd rather relate my emotions to nature, rather than colours;
You can describe your sadness as a sombre blue, or your anger as a hellbent red,
but nobody sees colours the same.
We all know the feeling of rain upon our skin, or understand the ferocity of a volcano,
So why not write something understandable,
something with which you can empathise?

Quite stereotypically, Happiness, like sunshine, features clear, crystal blue skies.
When you're happy, there's nothing coming to bring you down,
no clouds to ruin your day

Which brings me to Depression, swiftly followed by sadness.
Depression can be seen in the clouds, you know the ones;
They appear on the sunny days, without warning, without precedent,
but they're there, and they can't be shaken, nor can they be stirred.
They appear to follow you, lurking in the peripheral, and the worst?
Clouds are there at night, silent in their journey, but their presence loud, somehow disturbing the peace in its soundless path

Sadness, the rain of life, can be sudden but long-winded. 
Like its sister Depression, once Sadness has arrived, he is ever-present until he deems the time fit for him to make his exit, until he is next needed

Then, the more destructive of the spectrum, with the potential to put you, and all in your proximity at risk.

Anger, purely volcanic in its eruptions, begins with a building of pressure, the boiling of blood.
The magma builds, and suddenly it is all-encompassing.
No warning, no idea of when, but you know it's coming.
Eruption, pure, and unobstructed chaos as it rains upon all available.
No direction, no location.
Just Anger

Stress is the silent killer. It's fine for a while, challenging even.
However, it continues to pile, building upon the mountain that it has subsequently buried.
You think it's safe, nothing dangerous, and you begin to ski.
That is your downfall, It's testing the waters that triggers it.
You see, earthquakes can be ran from, volcanoes can be escaped,
but an avalanche buries you beneath its wrath

In the end, though, we need this weather to balance our lives;
We need sunshine to dry the marshes that constant rain causes;
We need the rain to drench the cracked soil from the drought;
We need the clouds to interrupt the sunshine;
And we need the light times to counteract the dark.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Writing Wednesday ~ December #3

It was then you realised that hell was winter, and you were in love with it

If you were to pick a season to represent hell, it wouldn't be winter. Summer perhaps, with its fiery days that never seem to end, but winter? Its heavenly backdrop of white would be enough to dissuade, but under the powder lies the hell of which you are so fond.
Winter carves a path for loneliness to enter the hearts of many, for the freedom of dark nights to inspire isolation.
Winter shows itself as a time for yourself, time spent by a fire, curled up and warm. Times for yourself, however, end only in desolation, and where will that land you, my dear?
Hell is winter, and you love it only because the feeling is there. Is it not better to feel the solitude, feel the hellish, oxymoronic cold, than to feel nothing at all, no singularity of the season, no defining moments, nothing to remind you that you do, indeed, feel.
If hell were winter, then that was fine, because summer was heaven, and there's only six months in between.
* * *
The most random thing in the world, but I didn't want to be doing cutesy things the entire way through December, so have a slightly philosophical prompt that I obviously can't write for.
It was nice seeing the responses to the Empathy Talk, methinks I will be doing another of those sometime soon. I also, surprisingly enough have a poem of sorts in the works, which is partway done, so that should be up soon.
I now have 1 1/2 days until the end of school for Christmas, and on Friday I'm going out with my friends after school, so I'm just excited, full stop.
See you at the weekend, people!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Let's Talk: Empathy

Apparently I'm a sensitive person, overly so. Get me angry, I can either be so passive-aggressive it's disconcerting, or I can be 2 inches away from punching something. Find me when I'm upset, and I either burst into tears, or just shut up for a while.

Apparently, though, I also get upset on behalf of other people in my life. I can honestly be fiercely angry if one of my friends, the people I care for, are upset, and probably the 2 inches away from punching something kind of angry.

Then empathy comes into play.

empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

A friend of mine was upset this week by some stuff going on in their family. As well as being exceedingly pissed off by their situation, and worried for them, I also began to relate what I knew them to be feeling to a similar situation I had experienced a long while back. The situation I'd been in, because it happened when I was 12, I'd never talked about it in full, as it had felt entirely too private, seeing as it involved stuff with mum's work, and after a while, I'd let it all go. With the reminder, though, my blood boiled all the more.

So, I'm going to say this now. Seeing a parent messed up can seriously mess you up, but you have to remember that whats going on isn't your fault, it really isn't. Make sure you're there for your parents, supportive, but remember that for me, please.

As I've mentioned before, my life has changed quite dramatically in this last year; the business that's been a part of my life since I was born has left my life, the dog I've had for as long as I can remember was put down, so I suppose that's all contributed, as well as the recent exam stress. It piles and piles, building like a mountain. You think you can ski on it, but once you try, an avalanche begins. You can run from an earthquake or a volcano, but avalanches really can't be escaped.

Back to empathy, because tangents are real here @ Pen and Key. Much as I hate being such a sensitive person, I generally would rather I were empathetic when it comes to my friends' problems rather than apathetic. I'd rather be able to relate and understand, maybe even give advice from my own experiences than do nothing to help.

Heavy topic, but food for thought, nonetheless. It's finally stopped snowing, after what must have been a good 3-4 inches of snow this afternoon, which is brilliant for the weekend, but I really don't want to walk through snow to get through school this next week. Then again, it's only for a week, and there's a half day on Friday. Then it's Christmas people!

So I shall leave you with this snowy weekend (in the North East anyway) and see you next week for the next installment of my December Writing Wednesdays!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Writing Wednesday ~ December #2

Write a story about a child who wishes that his or her parent will find a spouse for the holiday season. The child decides to create a contest so that his or her parent will find the perfect partner.
* * *
Two weeks before Christmas, and all through the house, a creature stirs in discomfort, the man of the house. Well, that’s what his mother calls him. James had decided that his mother deserved a partner for Christmas, and he had tried everything; every single dad at school had been asked, every blind date perfectly scripted (to begin with). However, it was with a sigh that little James resigned himself to wishful thinking, and hoping that there’d be somebody stood on the doorstep come Christmas day.
Mum had said that dad had gone away, a long time ago, and he wasn’t coming home. Every so often, she’d look away, into a distant memory, and James knew, she was thinking of him.
Maybe that was it, he little boy decided as he rolled over in his bed, maybe she just loved dad too much. Maybe.
* * *
Natasha didn’t know whether to celebrate the fact that the competition for her affections had stopped, or worried by the downhearted look that had harboured itself in her son’s eyes. So young, he didn’t understand, love doesn’t disappear just because the person does. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?
Yet, on Christmas Eve, the idea of laying out presents for two was none too appealing. Perhaps wishful thinking was the way to go.
* * *
The next day, Christmas, the man of the house bounded down the stairs, a winter’s fire in his step. That same sentiment lay in his eyes, however, whilst watching his mother unwrap presents on her own.
It wasn’t until the toys had all been played with, the turkey eaten until they were the ones who were stuffed, that Natasha asked her son about the contest he had created.
He wanted her to have someone, he told her, twiddling his thumbs. “Just like you always have had someone on Christmas.”
She hugged her boy then; he may not understand the mechanics of love – then again, who does? – but, he could understand that people need it. Kissing his head, she smiled, concealing the tears. “I always have you, baby.”

It was from this embrace that they broke at the sound of the doorbell, a man dumping his kit bag outside the door, arms spread for the two that he loved most.
* * *
And here we have ... more fluff, because Christmas, and fluff seems to be quick to write, this was done in about 20 minutes.
Exams are over, hooray! Now the wait for results! I've done better in the last few days than I did last week, which is a plus. However, I'm doing a controlled assessment in English and have done no planning, so that is now going to have to be tomorrow morning's job!
I'll see you this weekend with a post about something or other, hopefully!

Friday, 4 December 2015

6 Down, 5 To Go

If you have been, or are currently a year 11 in Britain, you'll know my current pain. It's mock season people, and this storm has brought about some casualties.

My mocks started on Tuesday, my timetable graced with eleven different subjects which I was not in the slightest prepared for.

Note 1: Revise and Prepare, You'll Thank Me Later

When they hand you the timetable a good 6 weeks in advance, you honestly believe that you have all the time in the world, but seriously, you should be revising long before that green paper is in your hand, a lesson I will be putting into practice come exam season. If I haven't, feel free to shoot me, because I'll probably already be dead.

Of course, my exam plight was not aided by the fact that, for the last couple of weeks I have been caught in the twisted grip of a bug. I spent an entire weekend where I should have been revising, and also spending some time with my sister, who was up for the weekend, curled up on a sofa feeling absolutely miserable. I've only managed to absolutely improvise my way through a week of exams whilst alternating ibuprofen and paracetamol (I owe any passing results to whoever invented those things).

Note 2: Make Sure You've Done Everything You Need to Do

Paracetamol does not last for four hours, it wears off after about three, so that dose you took at half seven will not last you through a 1 hour 45 English exam an hour and a half later (apparently). I had to quite literally stop writing for a second on Wednesday morning because of a stomach cramp that quite literally sucker punched me in the gut. So remember any medication you need to take, any last minute preparations that you think might bring you luck, anything that will help you feel at ease prior to an exam.

Note 3: Much as You Want To, Don't Leave the Questions with the Most Marks for Last

Imagine if you run out of time; that twelve marker that you didn't fully flesh out may be the difference between grades, whereas that four marker that you did because it was easy, that can be left till last.

Note 4: Case Studies are Important

You don't realise until you see an exam paper, but in Geography, having information from a case study committed to memory is seriously important. Which is why, following the absolute Titanic turn my exam yesterday took, I will be creating a mind map for every single case study that I have studied in the last three years, with impacts, figures, and everything.

Note 5: Remember the Writing Portion for English Language

I didn't personally do this, but after seeing the utter despair on a friend's face after he realised that he hadn't done the writing portion, I think it's worth mentioning.

Note 6: In the Same Vein, Do the Questions you're Supposed To

My history teacher will continue to tell the story of the girl in her class a while back, A* student, who saw a question in reference to the Tsardom of Russia (or something like that) and answered that. However, because that wasn't one of the topics the school was registered to answer, she didn't get any marks for it.

Another of my friends actually, purely for a laugh as I believe, decided to answer a question in English upon Journey into the Void, a book he has not read or studied, but because you get an extract for a portion of the question, he answered it using the extract. Whilst our teacher refuses to mark it, I'm still highly interested in the grade he would have got for it. So know which questions/topics you need to answer, and stick to them, highlight them, whatever, just don't go answering shit willy-nilly.

So, good luck to everybody in your mocks/getting results/surviving until Christmas. Please try and remember that, while a bad grade on a mock feels like the end of the world, it doesn't define you, and it never will.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Writing Wednesday ~ December #1

I see you've decorated

He'd left that morning with his house a cornucopia of 'spooky', orange and black, and all things haunted.
Now decked in festive reds and greens and all things jolly, the only thought available to him was: My girlfriend has far too much time on her hands."At last, he returns!"She descended, obscured by the piles of tinsel amassed in her arms. Smile as bright as winter sun, she leaned forward from the bottom step to kiss him, proceeding to dump the coarse glitter heap into his arms, outstretched for a hug.
With a huff and an accommodating roll of the eyes, he trails after her into the living room, where the festive extravaganza continued to make itself at home. She'd staved off on the tree - he would have protested that addition in his absence - but other than that, there wasn't much she'd missed, stockings on the mantle, pillows covered appropriately on the couch, even a sprig of mistletoe in the corner, ready to be unleashed on any unwitting guests in the doorway.
"I see you've decorated."
"Can't say I'm not organised," she returned with a shrug, holding a string of tinsel up towards the back wall.
Stepping forward to wrap his arms around her waist, he rested his head on her shoulder. "Sweetheart, it's November," he smirked, turning his lips into her neck.
"You wouldn't complain if I started celebrating your birthday a month early." Her gaze turned to the ceiling, "I want to make it the best."
"In years to come, he probably won't remember that his mother decorated a month early."
"We'll remind him. It's the first year he understands what Christmas is, let me enjoy it."
"You're still worried about him growing up."
"Isn't every mother?"
Spinning her in his arms, a hand shot towards the table, plucking the mistletoe from it, holding it above their heads. "Don't. Enjoy it. Enjoy this."
Most men would protest, coming home to find a veritable Christmas invasion just past their doorstep, but he hadn't exactly married her for anything else.
"Merry Christmas."

* * * * *

Guess who's doing Christmas themed Writing Wednesdays! Well, they're festive, really, so you can change this if you celebrate something else! I'd love to know!
5 Wednesdays, hopefully 5 Writing Wednesdays, we'll see. 
Currently on my second day of mock exams here, 3 down and another 8 to go, but by this time next week, I will have completed them, and have celebrated that with an awards night for Duke of Edinburgh, so the countdown will continue.
So yeah, fluffy writing every Wednesday this December, let's see if I can beat last year for cuteness.
Have a good week if I don't reappear!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


I disappeared again, sorry.
I honestly don't understand how I spend so much time on the internet.
Just how?

Life's a whole bunch of 'how's at the minute

How am I supposed to do a controlled assessment in January?
How am I supposed to revise whilst simultaneously doing homework?
How am I supposed to keep myself together?

Looking at these questions, I kind of realise the beauty of the English language. Stress the right word, and in the right way, and you can answer them.

How am I supposed to do a controlled assessment in January? By putting as much effort into it as I have in my other ones (two of which I got A* in, as I found out today)

How am I supposed to revise? By sorting myself out, and realising that homework is revision, ultimately.

How am I supposed to keep myself together? I already am, and I'll continue to do so until this method stops working, then find another one.

It's not a matter of complaining, asking other people how.
It's about asking yourself, and somedays, I need to remind myself.

* * *

After that moment, let's have an update!

I went on holiday a few weeks back, had a brilliant time! If you want to see some photos and stuff, you can visit my instagram.

I got puppies! Two little girls, Bess and Fizz, who are black/chocolate labs. They're so bouncy, oh my god, Bess has pouncing to a fine art.

I've been looking at sixth forms; in my head, I'm decided (on not staying on), but I'm going to my school's sixth form open evening tomorrow. I think I'm going to do English Language, History (or Sociology), Spanish, and Media. The first and last are definite, but those three in the middle I don't know. Once we get to bridging week in June/July, we'll see.

NaNoWriMo was a flop, once again. I don't know what it is that makes me think that when I'm on holiday, I'll be productive. I was nowhere near productive. However, progress has been made upon Eyes of the Reaper, people! I have about 300-350 words, amazing, I know. I also have the ending, strangely enough. I won't be sharing that, but as of now unedited, I'm quite happy with it, it has the right pacing for me. Don't know when I'll be able to work on it again, though.

Hope you're all doing well! Will see about a WW for tomorrow, but as you've all probably figured out, no promises from me!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015

As I mentioned in my last post, I aim to at least better my attempt at NaNoWriMo, hopefully from Camp in April, seeing as I managed about three sentences this time last year.
I have three ideas currently. More titles, really. One of them doesn't even have a title, so I can't even say that.
I'll just describe them already instead of debating what to class them as.

- Eyes of the Reaper

I've actually got a tiny bit down for this. Basic idea is, as I described it to a friend:
Say there were a reaper, sent to collect by a higher power. He does so obediently, for centuries unbothered, until he recognises the face of the one he's collecting. He's seen it before, several times in fact, how has he collected the same person so many times?

And because stuff it, here's what I wrote the other night.
* * *
You're not supposed to interfere, it had been drilled into him since he started. You go, you collect, you return; three steps, that he had followed to the letter since he turned; three steps he would follow to the letter until his sentence was served; three steps he'd never seen the need to disobey. 

A routine. If he were to call it anything, it would be a routine. He listened for his orders, grim as they were. Then again, it was in the job description. A description of the scene, exactly who he was collecting, and he was gone. 

'Better to forget' 

Since he began, it had been better to forget that it was people, like he had been. Better to forget that they had lived lives, be they long or short. Better to forget that the souls he was collecting were dead. 

- When Call My Demons

So this doesn't necessarily have an idea attached to it, so is subject to change. My thought is that maybe it could be about a demon (I'm all about the hellbeings apparently) who's assigned to a family, or a lineage, or something of that style. I feel like this demon would be the kind who's not tied by their own will, more cursed to be, and is called upon by the family members whenever they require some 'assistance'.

- ???

It doesn't have a title, but I just generally want to play with a fairy tale, twist it and mould it into something completely else than its original state, like Chanda Hahn's UnEnchanted (also originally a NaNo project), and the TV shows Grimm (David Giuntoli though), and Once Upon a Time; these two shows kind of contradict each other, as one shows the dark side of the creatures from the Grimm brothers' tales, whereas Once Upon a Time, whilst attempting to feature darker themes, doesn't really manage it.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

It Begins

It begins with a swelling, in the back of the throat just above the tongue. Swallowing brings an ache, which unfortunately is necessary.
Suddenly, breathing is a struggle, through a thick tongue and a swollen throat, regular, unobstructed breathing seems a lifetime ago.
And then stabs, everywhere. Knifing pains in your ribs, your upper abdomen, barely thinking past the knife in your head.
You awake, sluggish, wishing for the world to burn if only to cleanse yourself of your plague. And yet you feel like death has already thrown you into hell, just to warm you up.
Eyes dry, thinking slow, you might as well be at home, suffering in burritoed silence, and yet you are here, in a school you'd rather raze, because who takes a day off for a cold?

Guess who's sick! I started coming down with something last night, and this morning woke up feeling like death threw me into hell to warm me up. So have a sickness drabble!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

So I Haven't Blogged in a Month

Hi, I'm Eve, I kind of run this blog, but apparently not, seeing as I literally haven't blogged in 6 weeks.
So, Eve, whatcha been up to?
Quick round up of last month:
I started year 11, the exam year in Britain, and I'm quite surprised by the lack of me being murdered by teachers, because I'm a little sh*t who has trouble completing homework which isn't 5 questions - heck, I can't even do that for English when it comes to Of Mice and Men, we're supposed to read section 5 this weekend, I haven't read section 2 in full!
I turned 16 a little over 2 weeks ago. I celebrated with quite literally all of my friends there, it was an awesome night, I just didn't get pictures of myself :-/
I'm currently staring at least half a dozen controlled assessments in the face, which each make up 25% of their respective final grades, and they can be the clinchers for a grade, so they're kind of important D:
I've decided to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year, and maybe actually get something done for it. Here's hoping!
Well, that's kind of it so far! I have one post in the works, that I took pictures for before my accidental hiatus, and hopefully, I'll get some stuff up before I go on holiday in 4 weeks (I'm so excited!)
That's pretty much me at the moment, so I'll see you soon, hopefully, if I remember!

Friday, 21 August 2015

The Sibling Gap

I've mentioned before that I have two older sisters, and I now have a nephew by each of them (D's baby F came on 24th July). By this, you can probably guess that there is quite the age gap between the three of us; in fact there is ten years, on average between us, I refer to this difference as the Sibling Gap

I love my sisters, but this gap does provide some different perspectives.
Out of my group of friends, I am one of maybe two who are the youngest siblings in their respective families. I've also noticed that there can be a semblance of resentment between siblings in some of my friends, especially the ones who are the oldest in their families.
I don't think I could harbour any ill will for long against my sisters, because since I was young, I've had an appreciation of my sister's time. I only actually realised the other week, but my eldest sister was doing her GCSE year the year I started in reception, so how she actually made time for a five year old whilst studying was amazing, so thank you! (I know she reads this)
My sisters both moved out around the time I was seven-ish, one to work, and another to university, so since then I've come to appreciate the time my sisters spend with me, because they both have their own lives to live; also, I can't exactly drive to see them or anything, especially seeing as one lives in Portsmouth, so I appreciate it even more.

I've also found that I'm learning a whole lot more about my sisters now that I'm older, because they were living their lives at my age whilst I was ten years younger, so I'm only now learning the antics of my sisters when they were in their teens, because I was pretty oblivious to all the stuff going on with them.

I've found that there are downsides to the Sibling Gap at the same time. First being, my sisters are adults, they're not dictated by the things that teenagers are, such as exams and the burdens of growing up. One thing I've realised since baby F was born that 'I'm next'; both of my sisters have had kids now, so if they have more, it won't be anything new (well, it will be, but you know what I'm getting at). That's kind of the feeling I have for the rest of my life now; finishing school, my sisters have done that, going on to college, one of them has done that, getting jobs that I'm good at, they've both managed that pretty well.

The Sibling Gap also means that I get a lot of advice, like a lot. A couple of years ago, I had a 'career' in fanfiction writing, which ended up witfh a lecture from one sister talking about the twilight fandom being weird and kinky (much appreciated, my tastes have changed, American dorito heroes are much better!)
Then when I first actually started with my internet presence on Google +, I had a lecture from the other sister. I greatly appreciate all the advice I've received, but also my sisters don't exactly say 'don't do this', more like 'you should probably stay away from this'. because I prefer to make my own mistakes rather than just take my sisters' words for it.

So yeah, I live in a very strange generation wapr, because I'm technically in the same as my sisters, but they were 90's kids and I was a noughties kid.
So, I should be working on some new, more beauty type stuff in the next couple of weeks before chol starts, after that I have no clue how busy I'll be, because of year 11 and controlled assessments and stuff. Here's hoping I won't be, because I love coming to my little corner!
Love you, Eve <3