Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Meteorologically Emotional Sponge

I'd rather relate my emotions to nature, rather than colours;
You can describe your sadness as a sombre blue, or your anger as a hellbent red,
but nobody sees colours the same.
We all know the feeling of rain upon our skin, or understand the ferocity of a volcano,
So why not write something understandable,
something with which you can empathise?

Quite stereotypically, Happiness, like sunshine, features clear, crystal blue skies.
When you're happy, there's nothing coming to bring you down,
no clouds to ruin your day

Which brings me to Depression, swiftly followed by sadness.
Depression can be seen in the clouds, you know the ones;
They appear on the sunny days, without warning, without precedent,
but they're there, and they can't be shaken, nor can they be stirred.
They appear to follow you, lurking in the peripheral, and the worst?
Clouds are there at night, silent in their journey, but their presence loud, somehow disturbing the peace in its soundless path

Sadness, the rain of life, can be sudden but long-winded. 
Like its sister Depression, once Sadness has arrived, he is ever-present until he deems the time fit for him to make his exit, until he is next needed

Then, the more destructive of the spectrum, with the potential to put you, and all in your proximity at risk.

Anger, purely volcanic in its eruptions, begins with a building of pressure, the boiling of blood.
The magma builds, and suddenly it is all-encompassing.
No warning, no idea of when, but you know it's coming.
Eruption, pure, and unobstructed chaos as it rains upon all available.
No direction, no location.
Just Anger

Stress is the silent killer. It's fine for a while, challenging even.
However, it continues to pile, building upon the mountain that it has subsequently buried.
You think it's safe, nothing dangerous, and you begin to ski.
That is your downfall, It's testing the waters that triggers it.
You see, earthquakes can be ran from, volcanoes can be escaped,
but an avalanche buries you beneath its wrath

In the end, though, we need this weather to balance our lives;
We need sunshine to dry the marshes that constant rain causes;
We need the rain to drench the cracked soil from the drought;
We need the clouds to interrupt the sunshine;
And we need the light times to counteract the dark.

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