Monday, 22 June 2015

I Want to Make This Better

I love my blog; it's strange to think how different I may be if I didn't create a blog 17 months ago. 
However, I have been here for 17 months, and I want to know how to be 'out there'. 
How do I promote my blog?
How do I make my blog seen? This is the classic case of envy, I know, but I'm proud of my little corner and I want it to be noticed. So here I pose a couple of questions to you:
How do you promote your blog?
What do you think of my content?
My content isn't set in stone, apart from Writing Wednesdays, so what do you think of the stuff I post? Should I do less talking about my life, more about stuff that interests me? Or do you like hearing about my life?
Just a couple of questions I want answers to. Still working on the long post, I'm nearly done bar picture uploading (I can see that taking a chunk out of my life). So yeah, happy Monday, etc.
Love, Eve <3

Sunday, 21 June 2015

I Want to Write a Bucket List

I've tried doing bucket lists before, last summer's was quite small.

Teach myself to play guitar
Spend an afternoon watching the clouds
Spend a night watching the stars
Watch a sunset
   Watch a sunrise
Fly a kite
Dance in the rain
 Write a short story

Pull an all-nighter

As far as I can remember, the most I did was the sunsets and sunrise; I got up so early to watch the sunrise, and I tried to get pictures, but the view wasn't so good.

I want to make a bucket list for this summer that I can complete.

So, this is me asking you for suggestions, what should I add to my bucket list?

I definitely want to watch sunrises and sunsets again, because I've mentioned before how much I love the beauty of nature, and sunsets are some of my favourite, and the beauty of sunrises just can't be missed, you should really try watching one sometime.

What do I want to do this summer? This is what I've got off the top of my head!

Watch a sunrise
Watch a sunset
Plan my 16th
Write stuff
Watch the stars
Take pictures of cool things
Get out more, ffs
Actually see friends

Yeah, that's all I got! I'm going to keep a bucket list update so you can see what I've added, and if I've actually done them :)

Hope you're as hyped for summer as I am, because right now I'd rather be facing a load of stress free nights than science revision and realising I have literally no time to get shit done, YAY GCSEs!

Love you all, Eve <3

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Writing Wednesday #15 ~ Quill

A wise old bard once said that the pen is mightier than the sword. I don't suppose he was thinking of people like me when he was saying that, for I am mightier than a pen can ever be.
The quill of an author fits only he chosen to bear it, and only those worthy of bearing such a burden are chosen to carry it. The ink that flows into words in our pages is not made of the blood of animals as it once was, but rather the blood that our stories shed, the tears that fall in our tragedies, the pealing laughter that rolls from our comedies.
The story an author details upon the pages of his book are his entirely, from the first to the last and all that reads in between. The words that spill from the quill are crafted from nothing, coming to life on the page with a burning intensity.
My story has only just begun, my words are few, but my ideas are many. My life is defined by a book that remains in its first pages.
My quill chose me and my story, and I hope to fulfill its expectations.
* * *
I went with a Once Upon a Time series 4 spin on this, and I know it's short, but it was either this or more Harry Potter *shrugs*
Currently working on a massive post about where I was at the weekend, so look forward to that :)
Love, Eve <3

Friday, 12 June 2015

The Word Conform Annoys Me

to act in accord with the prevailing standards, attitudes, practices, etc., of society or a group: One has to conform in order to succeed in this company.

My history teacher uses this word whenever somebody's being rowdy in my class (so every lesson). Now, I love her, I've been getting such good marks this last year because of her teaching, though can she please slow down when changing slides? Although, whenever she uses the word conform, I honestly feel like standing up and protesting the notion.

Since I learned what the word conform meant, I protested against what it stood for. I don't want to conform, but the shame is that it's ingrained in us. We don't realise it, but simply abiding by our school uniform standards is conformity; of course, anyone can say that it's preparing you for work where you may have to wear a uniform. I don't mind wearing a uniform, even though I can't wait for the day where I don't have to wake up and put a tie on, but the word conform honestly makes me feel like putting a tie on on a morning just shoves me into a box where I can only do what I'm told. I myself have started adorning the box that we call uniform; as I type, I have 6 pin badges on my lapel, 5 of which are charity badges. In year 8, I was told by my form tutor to take off a Red Nose Day badge that I was wearing, because it wasn't school issue. He's left, so now I've tried to challenge it and see if any other teachers protest. So far, the only comments I've had are that they're colourful, or just asking why I wear them. At one point, at Christmas, the choir was told to remove all badges so they don't blind anyone due to the lights, but I think that was directed at me more than anyone else. I walk past senior members of staff everyday and they're more likely to tell me off for having my sleeves rolled up than a load of badges on my lapel. Go figure!

I went off track. What I'm trying to say is, don't feel you need to conform. If we were to all conform, then we'd all be the same, and who wants that? Leave your box behind, because you don't need it to be special!

Just a little Public Service Announcement for your weekend :)
Love, Eve <3

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Writing Wednesday #14 ~ Photograph

It was always close, for those times. Times when it gets hard, or times where it hurts. The photograph holds the memories so that they can remember, times where their eyes don’t close, where they’re wide and full of laughter; times where their hearts are never broken, where they’re intact and burning bright with passion. In these memories, time stands still.
Keep it close to your heart, this photograph of memories; hold it close, these eyes full of laughter; may you never be alone, not with a full and loving heart. These memories will bring you home, my dear, let them carry you.
Let it heal, let it mend all the holes that have been left by the empty spaces of your memories. I can be kept, like a photograph in your pocket, where you can keep me close, and when you meet my eyes, know you won't be alone.
If my photograph tears, know that's okay, after all, it is only your words that make me bleed. Hold me close sweetheart, and remember that as long as you hold me, I'm not letting you go.

Remember that necklace, the one from 10th grade? It rests above your heart, above where you fit me, breathing in time with your heartbeat. I’ll be home soon sweetheart, but until then, remember that night, the kiss under the lamppost back on sixth street. Until then, wait for me to come home.