Tuesday, 6 October 2015

It Begins

It begins with a swelling, in the back of the throat just above the tongue. Swallowing brings an ache, which unfortunately is necessary.
Suddenly, breathing is a struggle, through a thick tongue and a swollen throat, regular, unobstructed breathing seems a lifetime ago.
And then stabs, everywhere. Knifing pains in your ribs, your upper abdomen, barely thinking past the knife in your head.
You awake, sluggish, wishing for the world to burn if only to cleanse yourself of your plague. And yet you feel like death has already thrown you into hell, just to warm you up.
Eyes dry, thinking slow, you might as well be at home, suffering in burritoed silence, and yet you are here, in a school you'd rather raze, because who takes a day off for a cold?

Guess who's sick! I started coming down with something last night, and this morning woke up feeling like death threw me into hell to warm me up. So have a sickness drabble!


  1. This sounds absolutely painful and I can practically feel chills because you've described this situation so vividly. Maybe I've been watching too much gruesome TV.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. And it's just a cold...

    2. I can't honestly tell if that second comment is you realising it's a cold, or emphasising it! ;)
      Eve <3