Wednesday, 30 December 2015

TV Favourites 2015

This is mum's fault. She decided over the summer that I needed to be dragged into this 6 series phenomena.W're currently 3 series in, and you can't miss a second! The way that simple, throwaway lines are brought back as something important an episode or even a series later makes you realise how intricate it all is! I also really like that every character is focussed upon, even some secondary characters get their moment (before being killed off :) )
Enter this series at your peril, honestly!
The release of Marvel series on etflix is something I'm so happy for! I have yet to watch Jessica Jones, but I fell in love with Matt Murdock and Hell's Kitchen. The fact that Matt has found himself two mediums with which to fight , both legally and as a vigilante, is amicable. Character chemistry is awesome, Charlie Cox is amazing, and stills from season 2 were released today. I have no clue about the comics and what happens there,but Elektra looks incredible!
Agent Carter
Three of the main characters are British, and I am eternally grateful for that! Hayley Atwell is badass, James D'arcy is the perfect blend of apprehensive and sassy, Dominic Cooper is so unbelievably cocky, but it's endearing!
I love that this is Peggy-centric, showing she's so much more than the coffee girl she's thought of. Also, there's that history with the Red Room that's shown, and I want to know so much more, I can't wait for season 2, which is here in January, and Dottie is confirmed as a guest, so is Angie, AND ANA JARVIS PEOPLE!
Pretty Little Liars
I binge watched a season in a day in November, then lost it, which is the story of many shows I watch, but the first series was interesting, I am intrigued, and will probably pick it up again in a moment of procrastination-fuelled weakness!
Great British Bake Off 
This year's series was incredible - beetroot gateaux,biscuit boxes, charlotte russes, and even more awesome stuff went down in the tent this year, and Nadiya was such a deserving winner!
The Apprentice
The Apprentice is such an interesting series to me; as someone whose understanding of business is limited,it makes good conversation (though not with my mother, because she doesn't have the best opinion of Lord Sugar). I love sitting and thinking about the decisions I would have made - the book-writing task was ridiculously handled - and generally laughing at the cock ups going on!
Scream Queens
The way this series parodies the general horror tropes is incredible (how many times have I used this word?), as is the way it battles cliches. The star studded cast was entertaining as hell, and the writing was glorious! Hoping season 2 will be much the same!
Jekyll & Hyde
I'm on about the ITV series here, and it's so unbelievably good. For anybody who loves steam punk aesthetics, this is the show for you. It goes so far beyond a man battling with two men within his body, it explores the need for Hyde that Jekyll has, the feeling that Hyde handles certain situations better. It's also just a time period I seriously love watching shows for, and steam punk is something I will happily get behind!

Hopefully tomorrow, I will have been able to sift through photos and memories in order to bring my Events favourites together into a post, but if not, expect it on the 1st or the 2nd, as that is a lot of content to work with!

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