Tuesday, 17 November 2015


I disappeared again, sorry.
I honestly don't understand how I spend so much time on the internet.
Just how?

Life's a whole bunch of 'how's at the minute

How am I supposed to do a controlled assessment in January?
How am I supposed to revise whilst simultaneously doing homework?
How am I supposed to keep myself together?

Looking at these questions, I kind of realise the beauty of the English language. Stress the right word, and in the right way, and you can answer them.

How am I supposed to do a controlled assessment in January? By putting as much effort into it as I have in my other ones (two of which I got A* in, as I found out today)

How am I supposed to revise? By sorting myself out, and realising that homework is revision, ultimately.

How am I supposed to keep myself together? I already am, and I'll continue to do so until this method stops working, then find another one.

It's not a matter of complaining, asking other people how.
It's about asking yourself, and somedays, I need to remind myself.

* * *

After that moment, let's have an update!

I went on holiday a few weeks back, had a brilliant time! If you want to see some photos and stuff, you can visit my instagram.

I got puppies! Two little girls, Bess and Fizz, who are black/chocolate labs. They're so bouncy, oh my god, Bess has pouncing to a fine art.

I've been looking at sixth forms; in my head, I'm decided (on not staying on), but I'm going to my school's sixth form open evening tomorrow. I think I'm going to do English Language, History (or Sociology), Spanish, and Media. The first and last are definite, but those three in the middle I don't know. Once we get to bridging week in June/July, we'll see.

NaNoWriMo was a flop, once again. I don't know what it is that makes me think that when I'm on holiday, I'll be productive. I was nowhere near productive. However, progress has been made upon Eyes of the Reaper, people! I have about 300-350 words, amazing, I know. I also have the ending, strangely enough. I won't be sharing that, but as of now unedited, I'm quite happy with it, it has the right pacing for me. Don't know when I'll be able to work on it again, though.

Hope you're all doing well! Will see about a WW for tomorrow, but as you've all probably figured out, no promises from me!