Wednesday, 7 October 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015

As I mentioned in my last post, I aim to at least better my attempt at NaNoWriMo, hopefully from Camp in April, seeing as I managed about three sentences this time last year.
I have three ideas currently. More titles, really. One of them doesn't even have a title, so I can't even say that.
I'll just describe them already instead of debating what to class them as.

- Eyes of the Reaper

I've actually got a tiny bit down for this. Basic idea is, as I described it to a friend:
Say there were a reaper, sent to collect by a higher power. He does so obediently, for centuries unbothered, until he recognises the face of the one he's collecting. He's seen it before, several times in fact, how has he collected the same person so many times?

And because stuff it, here's what I wrote the other night.
* * *
You're not supposed to interfere, it had been drilled into him since he started. You go, you collect, you return; three steps, that he had followed to the letter since he turned; three steps he would follow to the letter until his sentence was served; three steps he'd never seen the need to disobey. 

A routine. If he were to call it anything, it would be a routine. He listened for his orders, grim as they were. Then again, it was in the job description. A description of the scene, exactly who he was collecting, and he was gone. 

'Better to forget' 

Since he began, it had been better to forget that it was people, like he had been. Better to forget that they had lived lives, be they long or short. Better to forget that the souls he was collecting were dead. 

- When Call My Demons

So this doesn't necessarily have an idea attached to it, so is subject to change. My thought is that maybe it could be about a demon (I'm all about the hellbeings apparently) who's assigned to a family, or a lineage, or something of that style. I feel like this demon would be the kind who's not tied by their own will, more cursed to be, and is called upon by the family members whenever they require some 'assistance'.

- ???

It doesn't have a title, but I just generally want to play with a fairy tale, twist it and mould it into something completely else than its original state, like Chanda Hahn's UnEnchanted (also originally a NaNo project), and the TV shows Grimm (David Giuntoli though), and Once Upon a Time; these two shows kind of contradict each other, as one shows the dark side of the creatures from the Grimm brothers' tales, whereas Once Upon a Time, whilst attempting to feature darker themes, doesn't really manage it.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

It Begins

It begins with a swelling, in the back of the throat just above the tongue. Swallowing brings an ache, which unfortunately is necessary.
Suddenly, breathing is a struggle, through a thick tongue and a swollen throat, regular, unobstructed breathing seems a lifetime ago.
And then stabs, everywhere. Knifing pains in your ribs, your upper abdomen, barely thinking past the knife in your head.
You awake, sluggish, wishing for the world to burn if only to cleanse yourself of your plague. And yet you feel like death has already thrown you into hell, just to warm you up.
Eyes dry, thinking slow, you might as well be at home, suffering in burritoed silence, and yet you are here, in a school you'd rather raze, because who takes a day off for a cold?

Guess who's sick! I started coming down with something last night, and this morning woke up feeling like death threw me into hell to warm me up. So have a sickness drabble!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

So I Haven't Blogged in a Month

Hi, I'm Eve, I kind of run this blog, but apparently not, seeing as I literally haven't blogged in 6 weeks.
So, Eve, whatcha been up to?
Quick round up of last month:
I started year 11, the exam year in Britain, and I'm quite surprised by the lack of me being murdered by teachers, because I'm a little sh*t who has trouble completing homework which isn't 5 questions - heck, I can't even do that for English when it comes to Of Mice and Men, we're supposed to read section 5 this weekend, I haven't read section 2 in full!
I turned 16 a little over 2 weeks ago. I celebrated with quite literally all of my friends there, it was an awesome night, I just didn't get pictures of myself :-/
I'm currently staring at least half a dozen controlled assessments in the face, which each make up 25% of their respective final grades, and they can be the clinchers for a grade, so they're kind of important D:
I've decided to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year, and maybe actually get something done for it. Here's hoping!
Well, that's kind of it so far! I have one post in the works, that I took pictures for before my accidental hiatus, and hopefully, I'll get some stuff up before I go on holiday in 4 weeks (I'm so excited!)
That's pretty much me at the moment, so I'll see you soon, hopefully, if I remember!