Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Writing Wednesday ~ December #2

Write a story about a child who wishes that his or her parent will find a spouse for the holiday season. The child decides to create a contest so that his or her parent will find the perfect partner.
* * *
Two weeks before Christmas, and all through the house, a creature stirs in discomfort, the man of the house. Well, that’s what his mother calls him. James had decided that his mother deserved a partner for Christmas, and he had tried everything; every single dad at school had been asked, every blind date perfectly scripted (to begin with). However, it was with a sigh that little James resigned himself to wishful thinking, and hoping that there’d be somebody stood on the doorstep come Christmas day.
Mum had said that dad had gone away, a long time ago, and he wasn’t coming home. Every so often, she’d look away, into a distant memory, and James knew, she was thinking of him.
Maybe that was it, he little boy decided as he rolled over in his bed, maybe she just loved dad too much. Maybe.
* * *
Natasha didn’t know whether to celebrate the fact that the competition for her affections had stopped, or worried by the downhearted look that had harboured itself in her son’s eyes. So young, he didn’t understand, love doesn’t disappear just because the person does. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?
Yet, on Christmas Eve, the idea of laying out presents for two was none too appealing. Perhaps wishful thinking was the way to go.
* * *
The next day, Christmas, the man of the house bounded down the stairs, a winter’s fire in his step. That same sentiment lay in his eyes, however, whilst watching his mother unwrap presents on her own.
It wasn’t until the toys had all been played with, the turkey eaten until they were the ones who were stuffed, that Natasha asked her son about the contest he had created.
He wanted her to have someone, he told her, twiddling his thumbs. “Just like you always have had someone on Christmas.”
She hugged her boy then; he may not understand the mechanics of love – then again, who does? – but, he could understand that people need it. Kissing his head, she smiled, concealing the tears. “I always have you, baby.”

It was from this embrace that they broke at the sound of the doorbell, a man dumping his kit bag outside the door, arms spread for the two that he loved most.
* * *
And here we have ... more fluff, because Christmas, and fluff seems to be quick to write, this was done in about 20 minutes.
Exams are over, hooray! Now the wait for results! I've done better in the last few days than I did last week, which is a plus. However, I'm doing a controlled assessment in English and have done no planning, so that is now going to have to be tomorrow morning's job!
I'll see you this weekend with a post about something or other, hopefully!

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