Friday, 29 May 2015

I Binge-Watched and Now I'm Obsessed

I was going to talk about this in my April favourites, but this was literally the only favourite I could think of for April, so I'll just give it its own blog post.

When the Easter holidays began in April, I bit the bullet and decided to watch something that had been on my list for a long time. It's all over the internet, with people going nuts over Chris Evans and his dorito shoulder:waist ratio, or Tom Hiddleston and his undeniable Britishness.

Yes, I'm talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which I managed to binge watch the entirety of (bar Guardians of the Galaxy) within three days, in chronological order. I actually got to go and see Age of Ultron only a few days after its release when I was at a hotel in Durham, and I was so happy, even though I'd only been in the fandom for a few weeks, I'd been waiting that long to see it.
As a child, I was always a Spiderman girl myself, but who hasn't watched something simply because it's internet popular? *kicks to watch list beneath table*

We'll start at the beginning.

#1 Iron Man (2008)
The origin story of one billionaire, playboy, philanthropist turned big man in a suit of armour. Tony Stark is the head of Stark Industries, a weapons manufacturers. He goes to Afghanistan to demonstrate some of his technology, only to be hit with some of it later. In trying to find out who has been selling his technology under his nose, he builds the Iron Man suit.
As a plot I personally like this for how it introduces Tony in all his billionaire arrogance, only to be brought down a peg.

#2 The Incredible Hulk (2008)

I love Mark Rufallo's Bruce, he's so sweet, but so hurt too. However, I also love Ed Norton's portrayal of the green bean's origins, and his struggle in coming to terms with his mutation. I personally consider it canon alongside the Avengers, which makes you wonder what happened to Betty in between Bruce leaving for British Colombia and appearing in India working as a doctor. Her father is set to appear in Civil War, so hopefully we'll get some sort of explanation then.

#3 Iron Man 2
In true second part of a trilogy fashion, Iron Man 2 doesn't fully meet the standard set by its predecessor, in my opinion at least. I do like the story, and its ensuing conflict, and how it brings an element of back story into it with Howard Stark's influence. I like how we learn a whole lot more than just his front of billionaire, playboy, philanthropist; we see him scared, and yet crazed, and I love his development.

#4 Thor
I quite liked Thor as an introductory film to the character, I like how it ties in Thor's struggles to be worthy of Mjolnir on Earth with Loki's struggles to be worthy of the Allfather's acceptance. The casting is brilliant, you can't beat Tom Hiddleston as an antagonist, and I can't imagine anyone but Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

#5 Captain America: The First Avenger
I'll say it now, Captain America is probably my favourite Avenger, by the smallest of margins! His origin story is so genuine, and says so much about his character; how he comes from the little guy from Brooklyn who couldn't back down from a fight to a souped-up soldier who ... still couldn't back down from a fight. Again, characters are absolutely brilliant, as is the editing, I commend everybody who spent their time on 'pre-serum Steve'. Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter is brilliant, and I'm so glad she has her own series (which just got the go ahead for a season 2!!!) to shine in, alongside Dominic Cooper, who makes an amazing Howard Stark, who you can definitely see the resemblance between him and Tony, whether physically, or character-wise. Actor chemistry was spot-on, it really did feel like Sebastian Stan's Bucky was a brother to Evans' Steve. I just love this film!

#6 The Avengers
I love how this film ties everything together and brings everybody in, though I do think Clint got the bad end of the stick on camera time. I like how not everybody's 'buddy-buddy', you have that battle of the egos between Steve and Tony, Bruce who just doesn't want to be there, Natasha who just wants her best friend back (or lover, whatever floats your ship), and Thor who's trying to get his temperamental little brother to go home. Action is on a pretty good level, as is story, and I like the character development, the beginnings of trust between them that culminates in the final battle scene.

#7 Iron Man 3 (2013)
I love how IM3 explores the effects of the Avengers' events upon a character like Tony. The fact that he comes out of the battle of New York with scars makes him feel more human, and I did feel for him when he had to leave to work out what he wanted to do with himself and his panic attacks. Although the actual antagonists of the film don't make that much sense, I like how it rounds the trilogy off.

#8 Thor: The Dark World (2013)
Thor: The Dark World feels in some ways better than its predecessor, but some elements feel inadequate compared to Thor. The actual conflict that involves Jane seems slightly flat, as it's a bit strange, and not that well explained to me, but I like how it brings Thor and Loki to work together. I also enjoy the way that they show the effects of a character death upon the two brothers, that you can see they aren't made of stone.

#9 Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
This is probably my favourite film of the MCU. The Russo brothers created a brilliant conflict, with pacing that pretty much makes you forget that it's over in a matter of days. The introduction of new characters Sam and Sharon is done so well that you feel they are simply people you would meet while out running, or live next to. I love how there is time dedicated to learning about Sam's back story (even if it's short) and  the time is used to bring Steve and Sam closer as a pair of friends, which I think is what Steve was after. Also, the relationship between Natasha and Steve in this film is so genuine, you know they just want to watch each other's backs and  help each other out. In introducing the Winter Soldier as an assassin with a slight history with Natasha (a nice touch, I thought) it gives a scope to it, and how we're shown the relastionship between Steve and the Winter Soldier really makes you feel for Steve in those moments. The final battle and the reasoning behind it is believable to me, and action packed, and I can't wait to see how the Russo brothers end the trilogy!

#10 The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
I loved this film, bar a few problems. Clint, thankfully got a lot of screen time this time around, and we learned a lot more about him; I personally liked how he stood up to Wanda's mind games, showing how the events of the Avengers affected him. On the subject of Wanda's games, I like the insight we gain into each character from the fears that Wanda brings to the fore. Tony's fear in particular feels genuine, and while his creation of Ultron is messed up, and probably a bit over the top, after seeing his fear, you can understand it. The growing conflict between Tony and Steve also leads me to wonder how the events of AoU will impact Civil War. One down point of the film for me was the relationship between Bruce and Natasha; I personally liked the fact that Clint has a family, it shows his motivation throughout the story, but the BruceNat in Age of Ultron, whilst cute, felt rushed, and unexplained. The actual conflict of the film was quite believable to me, with Ultron's want for the Avengers' destruction, by involving the Maximoff twins, who were such good characters to me. It's a really good film, and you should definitely go see it in cinemas!

Would you believe it has taken me legitimately 3 weeks to write this. I started writing it in the waiting room of my orthodontist before I had my braces off (if you want to see my opinions on braces, you can go here!), and it has taken that long for me to get my thoughts about the films together. I tried to be as spoiler-free as I could, but if you're scared of seeing something you don't want to, I suggest you go watch the films, I can wait! Hope you're having a good week, I've been off school, so I'm enjoying my time, avoiding any and all homework that I should be doing :)
Have a nice week, I might have another post up this weekend!
Love, Eve <3

PS. Do you reckon blue is the favourite colour in the poster design department, literally nearly all of them have a blue overall colour scheme and background!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Writing Wednesday #13 ~ Crime

When she moved into the house on Fulbright Street, she couldn't help but fall in love with her little corner of heaven (or Darlington, however you pronounce it). The neighbours actually smiled when she was hauling box after box into her house, with a few approaching her to express their welcome.
Next door, James debated going out and helping his new neighbour with her furniture and things. A small part of him held him back, she was living in his ex-girlfriend's house, after all, and he dreaded the memories the house held, so he stayed put.
Boxes littered every surface, from the living room floor to the kitchen island, from the bathroom shelf to the bedroom cupboard. It had taken hours to simply organise the boxes into their rooms. Unpacking them was another story altogether, and could definitely wait until tomorrow. Clearing the rubbish she'd had to unpack in order to get to her pyjamas in one fell swoop from the bed, Kate promptly collapsed onto it, the excitement of a new house fading into exhaustion.
* * *
James wasn't expecting to be awake at 3 o'clock in the morning, nor did he expect to see somebody sneaking into his new neighbour's house. At first, he thought it was just a boyfriend, but the waiting van down the street and noticeably dark clothing said otherwise.
Debating what to do, James looked to the keychain of mementos his ex had left him to dwell upon, from which hung a spare key to her house. He could always let himself in to check on her, make sure she was alright and then explain himself later. Conscience weighing upon him, he snatched the keychain from where it lay, resolved to care for his neighbour, whether he'd said hello to her yet or not.
The key worked; he wouldn't put it past his ex to change the locks when she left. All was quiet in the house, if he knew better, he'd say the intruder had left. This, however was proven wrong, when a crash came from the room opposite him.
Kate emerged from her room at the sound, dozy but ready to investigate, because god help her if a stray cat had waltzed in. Trooping downstairs, she certainly didn't expect to find her neighbour with a face that clearly gave away the fact that he'd been caught, his eyes wide and sufficiently 'caught in the headlights'.
Stood in shock for a few moments, James hadn't even had chance to move before Kate went for the phone, nimble fingers calling the police. He wanted to run, really he did, but he had to warn her, there was somebody in her house, she needed to know. Such a thought had barely crossed his mind before he was shoved forcibly into a cupboard and locked in.
"Wait, wait!" His fists pounded against the door. "It's Kate, isn't it? Kate, you have to listen to me, there's somebody in your house!"
"Yes, you!" was the reply from the other side of the door.
He tried to tell her, oh he tried everything to get her to listen, but by the time the police got there, he hadn't convinced her at all. He tried one last time as he was dragged from the house, trying to say that he wasn't the one they should be after, that there was somebody else in the house, that he'd been trying to help. His voice was drowned, however by the glass of the car window.
Kate returned into her home, not noticing the door of the spare bedroom that she'd definitely not left ajar earlier that night, nor did she notice the being hidden just in the shadows behind it.

Monday, 25 May 2015

TMI Tag Take 2

So, I've decided I'm going to do the TMI tag once a year now so you can see how my answers change, yadda yadda. So, here's 2015's version, and here's last year's if you wanna see!
1. What are you wearing?
Right now, a pair of trainers, 'active' jogging bottoms from Tesco, that I've so far only worn for sleep or lounging around, a Royal Navy t-shirt my sister got me when she first got into the Navy, and a fleece jacket that was also my sister's

2. Ever been in love?
Thought I was, but I was pretty naive back then. I'm quite good friends with the guy now, so all's well that ends well, I suppose.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?
If coming to terms with unrequited love counts as a breakup, then yes, but it wasn't that terrible, I was trying to get over it anyway.

4. How tall are you?
Don't measure myself that often, if at all, so I have no clue.

5. How much do you weigh?
No idea, don't want it on the internet anyway.

6. Any tattoos?
No, but I do want some.

7. Any piercings?
Ear lobes when I was 12, I want a couple more.

8. OTP?
Trick question? I have literally just sat for two minutes trying to think of an OTP, but I don't ship them enough to call them an OTP. I haven't exactly read anything with major ships in them, nor watched anything. I don't know anymore, all the ships mould together into one massive ball.

9. Favourite show?
Agent Carter, even though I'm only 5 episodes in. Once Upon a Time's season finale was pretty good too, can't wait for Season 5.

10. Favourite bands?
Florence + the Machine, Mumford & Sons, ABBA, Fall Out Boy as well as a few random artists.

11. Something you miss?
Friends, seeing as I'm on summer half term break, but I'm seeing Olivia and Emily tomorrow. I want to see my sister too, but I'll have to settle for my other sister seeing as D's in Portsmouth.

12. Favourite song?

13. How old are you?
Halfway to thirty, turning 16 in September.

14. Zodiac?

15. Qualities you look for in a partner?
Sense of humour that's similar to mine (otherwise, they'd think I was mad), compassionate, considerate, and not a douche.

16. Favourite quote?
If all the world's a stage, Then life's an improv
Eve Patchett

17. Favourite actor?
Chris Evans, with Scarlett Johansson a close second, the rest of the Avengers are somewhere behind that.

18. Favourite colour?
Purples or blues.

19. Loud music or soft?
As in loud volume or loud style, I don't know. Volume depends on the situation, but I generally prefer a softer style.

20. Where do you go when you're sad?
I'm in my bedroom 24/7, so that's a no-brainer.

21. How long does it take you to shower?
20-30 minutes, but seeing as I take them at night, I can take as long a shower as I like.

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
At the minute, around half an hour to 40 minutes, but I'm trying to shorten that, as I've been coming to school late most mornings these last couple of weeks.

23. Ever been in a physical fight?
I prefer internet fights. hidden by a laptop screen, but I haven't been in a full-on fight, no.

24. Turn on?
Good sense of humour? I don't know, I'm 15.

25. Turn off?
Being rude or misogynistic, please don't.

26. The reason I joined blogger?
Some friends got blogs, and I wanted to try it out, and have a place to write and call my own.

27. Fears?
Spiders, flying insects, losing control, falling, are the main ones.

28. Last thing that made you cry?
I have no idea, I think it was a DofE, I was feeling so defeated.

29. Last time you said you loved someone?
A couple of days ago to my mum, I think.

30. Meaning behind your Blogger name?
When I was changing my url last September, I needed to think of something entirely different for my username so that the people I didn't want finding me, couldn't. Pen, pretty explanatory, is for writing, and Key is for either keys on a music keyboard, or on a laptop.

31. Last book you read?
I always take this as finished, and the last one I finished was the Death Cure by James Dashner.

32. Book you're currently reading?
The Moment Collector by Jodi Lynn Anderson.

33. Last show you watched?
Messiah IV: The Harrowing

34. Last person you talked to?
My eldest sister.

35. Relationship between you and the last person you texted?
My dad.

36. Favourite food?
Still liking pasta, and all things egg.

37. Place you want to visit?
Right now, Spain sounds pretty good.

38. Last place you were?
I was at Beamish a couple of days ago, and I've been in the same two acres of land since.

39. Do you have a crush?
Unless Chris Evans counts, no.

40. Last time you kissed someone?
Saying good night to my parents last night.

41. Last time you were insulted?
No clue.

42. Favourite flavour of sweet?
Strawberry or raspberry. Mum brought me raspberry sherbet yesterday, I didn't do anything until I'd finished the lolly it came with, and my mouth is still sore from how coarse it was.

43. What instruments do you play?
I sing, I think I'm working at a grade 5 or 6 now.

44. Favourite piece of jewellery?
A necklace I got off my great-aunt for Christmas, she sends me jewellery from all her old travels every Christmas and birthday, but the most recent one is my favourite.

45. Last sport you played?
Softball/rounders in PE on Thursday.

46. Last song you sang?
Heavy in your Arms, Florence + the Machine.

47. Favourite chat up line?
Your eyes are a lovely colour of mud brown.

48. Have you ever used it?
Only when messing on with a friend in science.

49. Last time you hung out with someone?
I was hanging out with my mum's WI friends on Saturday at Beamish. God help me if I grow up to be like them.

50. Who should do these questions next?
Anybody who wants to!

There you have it, a TMI tag that I've been meaning to do for a month, whoops!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

A Messed Up Family Reunion

I know, I said I wouldn't talk about Matthew again, but this is worth talking about. Yesterday, I returned to my primary school for the first time in at least a year, maybe two. We were all going for a memorial service, our graduating class of thirty, bar a few. People I hadn't seen in years, or been passing in corridors but never talking to.
At first, it was strange, we didn't know what to say to anybody, what do you say in such circumstances? After the original pleasantries died down, we ended up splitting off into the cliques that we spent our primary days in, strangely enough. I was happy to stand and listen whilst everybody caught up, I haven't done much special anyway.
Eventually, me and a couple of friends (including a girl I haven't seen in 5+ years) snooped in the library, because we'd wanted to see how everything had changed. They've even changed the order they have the classrooms in; when we were there it went Reception, Years 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 6 in the way the school was laid out, however it's now Reception, Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, it actually makes sense now.
The service itself was held in the school's prayer garden (it's gotten really religious since we left). I didn't realise how many of us were actually there until we were all stood single file lining the walls of this garden. There were a couple of readings, and excerpt from John's gospel, then there was the chance to share our memories of Matthew.
At school the day before, we'd been given cards to write our memories of Matthew that would be put into a box that would be given to his mum and dad. Before the service, we were asked if anybody wanted to read theirs out, to which I said yes, as I feel when you speak, or when you write, you're letting something go, and it's freeing.

I will always remember a boy whose kind heart was always happy to accept somebody, whether as a friend or into a game on the playground. He was creative too; we must have played Power Rangers to death, but I'm sure we never played it the same way twice. I may have been a strange child, but Matthew was always able to match me, and I think that's why we got on so well. He was happy to listen and take on ideas, Matthew didn't discriminate. He was a leader, in every way, not just as the Red Ranger; he could take charge but also take heart and take into account his team.
Carry on, my Red Ranger, and so will I, because I know you're giving me strength, wherever you are
Bye Matthew, love Eve

We then were handed balloons to release - they were black, which I know is a mourning colour, but I think it'd be a better celebration of his life and his passing if it had been in colour, just a thought - then we were loosed to explore the school. In the reception classroom, I stole an orange, because we used to get them handed out at break times, and it was nostalgic. They even have pets in the classrooms, and sponsor a snow leopard. We had a hard enough time campaigning for a school newspaper, let alone animals!

I'm third from the right on the top
Can you guess where the majority of us ended up going after primary? Also, the boy on the left bottom row isn't actually from our primary, but he was Matthew's best friend, so I think he went as a way of comfort, being around people who also feel the loss of Matthew deeply; either that or he was there as tissue smuggler, I don't even know where he was producing them from.

In the end, it was a strange afternoon, but also comforting. Somehow in such a large group of friends past and present, I was able to realise and also gain closure from Matthew's death. I think I can move past it, and yet learn from it, as I try to do from everything that impacts me. Heck, my first boy might have Matthew as a name!

I'm gonna leave you with this song, as I've kind of fallen in love with it since our memorial at school. It just feels like an anthem that says move on and remember.
Be good, love Eve <3

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Another Milestone

A little something happened two days ago that I'm quite proud of. No, I didn't get some astounding grade on a test (well I did, in history on Monday, I got an A*).
Two days ago, I surpassed 5000 pageviews!!!
Shush Natasha, I'm in a caravan, there's no room for a party!

I'm pretty sure I was at 2000 when I was celebrating my blogiversary in January, so thank you so much, to my 15 followers, I can't believe I'm even at that number when I only had about 2 this time last year. Thank you to the person who searches 'penandkeyeve' on bing every few weeks, I'd love to know who you are! And just thank you to everyone, I love my little corner of the internet, and I hope you do too!
I have a couple of posts in the works at the minute, a new Hobbies and Obsessions, as well as a post about the service we held for Matthew at my primary school this week, so they should be up soon. Sorry for the lack of Writing Wednesdays, I've gotten into the habit of being lazy on Wednesday nights. Number 13 is written and scheduled, so it will go up, whether I've edited it or not. Might write another post about my hellish weekend last week, also known as a Duke of Edinburgh practice walk.
Eve xxx

Friday, 8 May 2015

It's a Shame

Last week, I talked about Matthew, a boy I knew in primary school who was tragically taken whilst out with some friends. Today, I attended his funeral, as did several other people from my primary graduating class. There were people there I haven't seen nor spoken to in four years, or at least not for extended periods of time.
To me, it's a shame that it's not some cheesy class reunion that we're meeting at, but a funeral of a friend, who, at one point or another, was a part of our lives that I can't imagine us going without.
It's a shame that in maybe 15 years, when we might have our own reunion, there'll be one less person, who will never see the chances that we have.
I guess, what I'm trying to say is, if you want to stay in touch with people, but maybe haven't seen them, make an effort. I must've only seen Matthew a day or two before he died in the corridors, and I'm sure that I thought, 'oh, I wish I still talked to him'. It seems such a shame that someone who made up such a part of my life became nothing more than a face in a crowd. Now the crowd is one less face.
Also, I'd like to talk about staying safe. Matthew's death was definitely an accident; he was waved across a bypass by one driver, whilst another drove up to the roundabout, not seeing the boy crossing before him. I don't blame anyone of them, as they could all easily be at fault, but my heart goes out to those drivers, who must be feeling such guilt, but also to the friends that Matthew was with at the time.
Whenever I say goodbye to someone I'm close to, whether it's my best friend, or my own mother, I pretty much always say 'you be good', a phrase that has translated from my parents saying it to me whenever they dropped me off somewhere to me saying it too. To me, be good means look after yourself, stay safe, I love you.
So I'm going to say this now, be good, I love you, look after yourself. I love you
This won't be he last time I think of you Matthew, but I realise that I can't change anything. I'll carry on, and I know my Red Ranger will be there lending me his strength. Until I see you again, Matthew, I love you.
Eve <3

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Writing Wednesday #12 ~ Vault

They thought they were safe; it was in the vault, what could go wrong? They thought it would be any other day; it was in the vault, what could go wrong? They thought life would go on just as it had been; it was in the vault, what could go wrong?
18 months ago, it had arrived. Borne on solar flares, it ravaged the desert lands, laying waste to all it touched before it could be contained. The few who came into its violent contact were better left dead.
It took two months of failed attempts to finally contain it, two months of evacuation, circulating warnings, and fear of all those with enough status to know what was going on.
From then on, the virus thereby known as the Ravage, was classified, its information hidden behind countless intel levels, and the virus itself buried in a vault that was never meant to be opened.
16 months of silence. 16 months of open ears and pursed lips. 16 months of falsified hope.
Only those of the highest scientific status knee that, even in its containment, even whilst hidden away from society's knowledge, it was mutating. It grew into something more than a virus. It transformed into something more - something to truly be feared.
No one could see it coming, who would? It was in the vault, what could go wrong? Nobody heard the creaking of the door opening who would? It was in the vault, what could go wrong? Nobody felt its sentient tendrils creeping up on them, who would? It was in the vault, what could go wrong?
As it turned out, everything could go wrong. That day was thereby known as the day of Downfall.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Braces Begone ~ My Braces Experience

As of writing this, I am now no longer a metal mouth, after 16 months of brackets and wires and bands, all I'm left with is a mouth of teeth and nothing else.
my brace story goes a little like this. Prior to having braces, my baby teeth hated me. You think I jest. My teeth, much like myself, were stubborn as hell, and instead of falling out like they're supposed to when adult teeth come through, the buggers would instead sit tight and allow the adult teeth to grow out of place. This resulted in some very weird teeth, adult and baby. I ended up having three teeth taken out before actually getting braces.
At first, I had an appointment for 'blue bands'. These bands are placed in the gaps around one of your molars at the back of your mouth, so that a week later, when you get braces, you have a metal ring placed around that tooth. I have no idea what these were supposed to do, though according to some research, they take chewing forces better than the brackets that you have glued on.
A week after the blue band separators, I was fitted with braces on my top teeth, as well as cements. The cement was basically a centimetre large block of cement type stuff that kept my teeth apart. This was done to cure a tooth that had become an underbite, behind my lower jawline (see bastard baby teeth above).
A couple of months later, I got a full set of braces on, as well as a clear set of bands to pull together a gap in my front teeth.
PSA: If you have any light colour for your bands, do not let your teeth get within 3 feet of a curry
Basically, only a couple of weeks after these new clear bands for my gap were put in, my family went to an Indian with my aunts and uncles and cousin. It wasn't until I was brushing my teeth later did I see that I had in fact stained the clear bands yellow, with another six weeks of wearing them to go. Please learn from my mistakes.
Then I just got a load of different colours at the next few appointments; I did light blue (I decided light colours didn't fit me then), I did purple a few times, I had pink for my holiday in November, and I went a dark, almost maroon, red for my last go round.
This last time, I also had elastics to wear to correct my jaw alignment.I only had to wear these from one tooth to another, thankfully. I took to keeping two pots in my bathroom for these, one for the new, and another for the used. These don't snap as easily as you'd think; I found that mine snapped mainly when I was yawning a lot.
I was given a starter pack by my orthodontist (it had to be paid for, but it was only £11, or something). In this, I got a toothbrush to go over the tops of the brackets, one to run along the edges, a pack of the interdental brushes, and an alcohol-free mouthwash (apparently an alcohol mouthwash would have done something to my braces or something). I also got a pack of wax, which I never really used that much of. It took me a week to read the instructions of the wax, which said the bracket should be dry if you're trying to stick a ball of wax to it - if it's in the back of my mouth, how on earth am I going to get it dry?
I was also told to use straws, as sugary drinks that come in contact with the braces may also dissolve them or something like that, so I've been drinking through straws for a year and a half (I still have a load left, so it may take a while to kick the habit).

As much as I hated having braces, I know it was worth it. If you know me at all, you know I smile a lot, and I laugh a lot, but I hated my smile with braces. It didn't look right to me in the mirror, not with all this metal in the way. However, I knew that under that metal, my smile would be so much better than it used to be. That was my motivation for the last year and a half, that my smile would be all the better at the end of it, and I think it is. It might take a while, and a lot of singing in the mirror, to get used to how my mouth looks when I talk, but I think I'll be alright.

So, have some timeline photos now. Pictures of my teeth with braces were actually hard to find, this one of me and Maya messing on is from December. whilst we were at an afterschool thing.
From left to right, a picture of me from New Year's Eve 2013, three weeks before braces. Then, December with Maya the madman. Today, whilst we were on our way to the orthodontist. Tonight, brace free with red lipstick, because I had to see how it looked with my new smile (w7 matte lipstick in Red Dawn if anybody's interested).
 Also, sorry about my face in the before picture, I'd been in a science lab where we'd been heating salt solutions, and then in a music room with a load of energetic year 8s, singing George Ezra prior to this photo!
And as well, sorry to Maya, but that's the best photo of me smiling with braces I could find that doesn't make me look half mad (nearly all my selfies on my phone are closed-lipped, not anymore :D)

So that is my braces story! I'm now going to eat a celebratory curry, as I now have nothing to horribly stain in my mouth :)
See you tomorrow for a Writing Wednesday, Eve x

Friday, 1 May 2015

The Creative Blogger Award

Here's that award post I promised. I was tagged by Apoorva from That Weird Girl Official, a blog with brilliant quality posts, ranging from beauty tips, to how tos and a load of good stuff, so go check her out!
As I understand, all you have to do here is give five facts about yourself. Then tag a load of people. Sounds simple, but I follow a lot of blogs, so deciding which to tag should be interesting! But hey ho, let's get on with it.

A Few Facts About Me!
1. As a child, I was thought to have an incredibly active imagination (which is true) because I'd come to nursery with tales of chickens and peacocks that my dad kept, also true. Nobody believed I even had a dog!
2. I don't actually hate any of my school classes, even PE. I'm interested in what we're doing at the moment, and PE, I chose a class where I like the stuff we're doing each term, which ended up meaning the only girls in my class were three of my friends, which is fine by me!
3. Though I'm mostly a soprano singer, I'm regularly told to join the alto harmony because of my vocal range. This can become confusing, especially now in Joseph rehearsals, as I have no idea which part I should be singing, because neither part sounds particularly strong or confident. Hopefully that will improve when we have the correct amount of brothers!
4. In my group of friends, I am and probably always will be the mother of the group. I will literally do that maternal thing where you get a spot of dirt off of someone's face with your thumb. I suppose it's my way of showing I care, as well as giving hugs a lot, because Eve hugs are the best!
5. I actually like being home alone. It gives me that little bit of freedom, and solitude, which you'd think I had enough of when I spend the majority of my time alone in my room anyway. It's not often, however, that I can sing at the top of my voice at home. I pretty much burst into song as soon as the door is locked.