Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hate between Fandoms

OK, so after finding a post that spreads some serious **** on the bread of an opinion, and I'd like to speak out about it.

In my short time, I've read a lot of books, Harry Potter being one of my loves from a very young age. When I was 10, the Twilight Saga joined the list of the books I've read, and I was mesmerized by the relationship of Bella and Edward, but stayed for the trials and tribulations they faced.

I didn't realise the hate between the Harry Potter and Twilight fandoms were so immense until I became a full fledged 'Interent Hobo' as my friend +Layla Hopper calls it.

Yes, the debate between JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyer stealing inspiration from each other is well founded due to some similarities between characters (see Sirius Black and Jacob Black), but each fandom takes it too far.

Yesterday, I found this post in a Harry Potter community

I know, Twilight isn't the best written, and could certainly do with a more learned rewrite, but taking such a wound up punch at it is uncalled for. She lists some of the reasons she hates it as

#3: Sparkly vampires.
Yes, Meyer's vision of a vampire is different from that of Bram Stoker, but JK Rowling changed the view of witches and wizards, and since when did we question that? I honestly think the change of vampire is refreshing, especially after reading many stories since that apply the same old logic as Mr. Stoker penned.

Also, #15: Bella has no problem with Jacob imprinting on her hour old daughter
If you'd read the saga, you'd have known that Bella did have a problem, and broke Seth's arm expressing that. She got over it, because that's what people do. And Jacob didn't 'fall in love with a baby'; the imprints take on whatever role their imprintee needs them to be, be that a big brother, a protector, and potentially a lover in a far off future.

This girl labelled anyone who went against her views as, and I quote, 'mentals'. Now that, to me, is offensive. I'm sorry you find the material lacklustre, but that doesn't mean you can call out on someone's sanity just because they like it.

The lovely +Sarah Belasi came to my side with this,

So you obviously hate twilight and the following books. Thats okay, everybody is allowed to have a opinion. But as +Eve Patchett already said, you offend people and that is NOT okay. Oh, and I have one question: why did you read it then? When i read a book and don't like it, i lay it aside after about 100 pages. Please give me a answer, I really want to understand that.

After this, the writer proceeded to tell anyone who thinks that Twilight features love to reread #11 (I hadn't read her points in the first place, anyway) and read HP 7 about Snape and Lily. Now, I don't know about you, but I think there's different kinds of love, and different views on how it should be. Edward cared about Bella's well being and was prepared to hurt himself in the process of making sure she doesn't get hurt.

That sounds like love to me.

OK, so the writer of this post just came in talking to me and Sarah about how 'She's a Ravenclaw and they finish books'. Absolute bull! I'm a Ravenclaw too, and I finish most books I read (some are seriously boring, but I'll return to them later). You, miss, are just fishing for things to point at, and that's what I hate about society, they'll take out a magnifying glass just to find something to jeer at.
She then went on to blame Stephenie Meyer for some drastic measures taken by teenage girls. I haven't heard of anyone trying to follow their ex-boyfriend's voice off a cliff, just because they read it in a book. Now that's just taking it way too far for me. You can't blame an author for things people do of their own accord.

Honestly, Stephenie Meyer, I applaud you for withstanding all this hate. Although your writing skills could need some enhancing, your works have certainly inspired me, and I hope you continue to do well.

Now can we all stop acting like children and appreciate the books we like and leave alone the ones we don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Eve


  1. I applaud the full twilight cast for all the hate they get! Both books are amazing and I know the feeling of loving fictional characters with all your heart but people need to calm the fuck down and stop causing fandom drama.

    1. Here's me trying to be polite and clean! But I do agree

  2. Update! The post is no longer available, meaning it has been deleted! Ha!