Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Writing Wednesday ~ December #4

Prompt stolen from the depths of tumblr, because I had to throw a soulmate AU in.

AU where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate

There was an appeal to Christmas, obviously, but there’s only so much you can enjoy when you can’t even tell what colour the tree in your living room is. Or when your mother asks you to hand her the purple box of baubles, and all you can do in return is ask whether that’s the set of baubles that’s darker than the other.
You wouldn’t believe it, but it also makes Christmas shopping one of the worst experiences; sure, your older sister’s favourite colour is pale blue, but from experience, it’s also surprisingly like grey when in grayscale. Yet shopping with your mother is only a reminder that you haven't found them yet, and no, mother, for the last time I’m not going speed dating to try and find them.
That was how she ended up spending a good five minutes in front of the jumpers, debating whether it was that grey one or whether it was that slightly lighter grey one. Goddamn Lucy, couldn’t you just like black like everyone else in this generation? Or even white, although it’s hardly very functional, what with spillages and stuff.
It was with regret, then, that she turned to the woman beside her, tapping her tentatively on the shoulder. “Excuse me, sorry to bother, but can you tell me which of these is pale blue? Last year, I somehow ended up with green…apparently.”
“Well, I wish I could tell you,” the other woman offered, removing her glasses to wipe them clean, “but I suppose you could say I’m in the same situation as you.”
The pair smiled in tandem, glancing up to find acknowledgment in each other’s eyes.
And colour
“Did you know your eyes are green?” The other woman asked with the widest of smiles.
“I’ve been told. Did you know your glasses are purple?”
“So it said when I paid for them.” The other woman reached past her, picking a shirt up from the rack, pressing it into her arms. “This one’s pale blue, and my name’s Jenny.”
Gripping the shirt, she smiled for Jenny. “Am I glad I didn’t go speed dating! I’m Beth.”
* * *
Let's be representative, because everyone deserves love at Christmas, including the love of friends and family, people!
This is actually my 99th post, which means my 100th will be the start of
*drum roll*
My 2015 favourites week!
5 days, 6 categories of favourites all smooshed together into 5 posts to ring in the New Year!
That starts on the 27th all the way through until the 31st if my writing works! I will make myself, don't worry!
Therefore, this is my last post before Christmas, so have a brilliant weekend, whether you celebrate or not, spend time with the people you love, and just...
Happiness, for everyone!


  1. yasss I love this AU :D I also love representation and characters that have the same name as me!
    Merry Christmas Eve (or Merry Christmas, Eve!)... that was an awful grammatical pun, I'm not even sorry.
    Lucy <3

    1. Soulmate AUs are the best, there are so many!
      Love all the things!
      Grammatical Eve puns are fine, I get them every year!
      Eve <3