Friday, 21 August 2015

The Sibling Gap

I've mentioned before that I have two older sisters, and I now have a nephew by each of them (D's baby F came on 24th July). By this, you can probably guess that there is quite the age gap between the three of us; in fact there is ten years, on average between us, I refer to this difference as the Sibling Gap

I love my sisters, but this gap does provide some different perspectives.
Out of my group of friends, I am one of maybe two who are the youngest siblings in their respective families. I've also noticed that there can be a semblance of resentment between siblings in some of my friends, especially the ones who are the oldest in their families.
I don't think I could harbour any ill will for long against my sisters, because since I was young, I've had an appreciation of my sister's time. I only actually realised the other week, but my eldest sister was doing her GCSE year the year I started in reception, so how she actually made time for a five year old whilst studying was amazing, so thank you! (I know she reads this)
My sisters both moved out around the time I was seven-ish, one to work, and another to university, so since then I've come to appreciate the time my sisters spend with me, because they both have their own lives to live; also, I can't exactly drive to see them or anything, especially seeing as one lives in Portsmouth, so I appreciate it even more.

I've also found that I'm learning a whole lot more about my sisters now that I'm older, because they were living their lives at my age whilst I was ten years younger, so I'm only now learning the antics of my sisters when they were in their teens, because I was pretty oblivious to all the stuff going on with them.

I've found that there are downsides to the Sibling Gap at the same time. First being, my sisters are adults, they're not dictated by the things that teenagers are, such as exams and the burdens of growing up. One thing I've realised since baby F was born that 'I'm next'; both of my sisters have had kids now, so if they have more, it won't be anything new (well, it will be, but you know what I'm getting at). That's kind of the feeling I have for the rest of my life now; finishing school, my sisters have done that, going on to college, one of them has done that, getting jobs that I'm good at, they've both managed that pretty well.

The Sibling Gap also means that I get a lot of advice, like a lot. A couple of years ago, I had a 'career' in fanfiction writing, which ended up witfh a lecture from one sister talking about the twilight fandom being weird and kinky (much appreciated, my tastes have changed, American dorito heroes are much better!)
Then when I first actually started with my internet presence on Google +, I had a lecture from the other sister. I greatly appreciate all the advice I've received, but also my sisters don't exactly say 'don't do this', more like 'you should probably stay away from this'. because I prefer to make my own mistakes rather than just take my sisters' words for it.

So yeah, I live in a very strange generation wapr, because I'm technically in the same as my sisters, but they were 90's kids and I was a noughties kid.
So, I should be working on some new, more beauty type stuff in the next couple of weeks before chol starts, after that I have no clue how busy I'll be, because of year 11 and controlled assessments and stuff. Here's hoping I won't be, because I love coming to my little corner!
Love you, Eve <3


  1. Your sibling gap is crazy cool! You don't have to deal with having some annoying presence in your house like the closer siblings who can't give advice but rather make every aspect of life into an immediate competition. Instead you have second parents, who are less parents but more like guardians. The advice you must be getting gives you such a head start, and that's awesome.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. My sibling gap isn't very large, because my sister is 13 while my brother is 10. I have a guy friend who used to be in my brother's situation in that he grew up with two teenage sisters, which is apparently torture (obviously I wouldn't know). He complains about growing up this way a lot, which makes me realise that this is happening to my brother right now! I almost feel a bit sorry for him. He'll be moving into my secondary school just as I leave, which will be weird.
    Lucy <3

  3. I only have one sibling, and I think your sibling gap is quite cool. As you said, you can get advice from them, they can also teach you a lot!

    Check out my blog? Your choice ~

    Rukiya XX

  4. I always wanted a sister, a real one, more than the friend I call sister. It's a blessing.

    / Avy

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