Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Film & Book Favourites 2015


Marvel Cinematic Universe
I got into the MCU around Easter this year, and I've already talked at length about my love for the beauty that is this universe, so I won't continue to bang on about it, as that can be found here.
I am majorly excited for all of Marvel's future exploits, already dying for Civil War!
The Nanny Diaries
I decided to watch Chris Evans films (go watch Not Another Teen Movie, it is the best parody ever!) but this film is honestly so good. It examines class difference in a way that, while displaying the difference, also shows that people of different classes do experience similar problems. It also tackles the idea of following rules in order to fit in.
Also, Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson's chemistry is awesome, and I just need more films with them together (go watch the Perfect Score whilst you're at it!)
Easy A
Emma Stone is awesome, undoubtedly, and this is awesome to boot. Nevermind the cast, made up of a few childhood favourites such as Lisa Kudrow, Dan Byrd (Carter from a Cinderella Story!), Amanda Bynes, but also Penn Badgely, who's brilliant in all two films I've seen him in.
Based off of the Scarlet Letter, it explores both the idea of slut shaming, but also the idea of having sex with someone giving status - which is a post all of its own, honestly, the ideology of sex in our generation is slightly fascinating, slightly horrifying.
So, it's tackled maturely, with a perfect element of comedy that softens it all, a definite recommend!
John Tucker Must Die
Girls banding together to help out other girls!
I'm running out of words other than awesome to us, because, really, this is just that!
The fact that these girls are trying to expose a serial dater by getting him another date is just hilarious in its own right, but I love seeing the girls become friends throughout it!
Also, the only reason I know estrogen is the XY development hormone is because of this film!
The Dark Knight Trilogy
You see, I am not only Marvel trash, I can go for some DC too!
Calling it the 'Dark' Knight trilogy was the best bet, this is such a goddamn sombre series, does Christian Bale ever smile?
Only criticism? The addition of Rachel Dawes as a love interest was unbearably unnecessary to me; I could get behind CatWoman, because she's awesome, and she's a villain for fun, it's cool, but Rachel grated, honestly, as did Harvey Dent's Two-Faced, he as a crap villain!
10 Things I Hate About You
We watched this for English, and it was probably the best film I've watched for schoolwork ever!
Some good points:
1. Heath Ledger singing
2. Baby Joseph Gordon-Levitt
3. Heath Ledger
4. Shakespeare references
5. Heath Ledger and his Australian accent
I'm just, in love with this film! So Good!

The Maze Runner Trilogy - James Dashner
I'll admit now, I haven't read the Kill Order.
However, I liked the books, don't get me wrong, though they could be fleshed out a bit more. Maybe there's more information available in the Kill Order, but I feel like WICKED and its motivations were lost, and kind of confused amongst it all.
Still, good books.
Unfortunate Fairy Tales - Chanda Hahn
Technically speaking, I started this series a good few years back, but I finally got my grubby mits upon the last two books, and I binge read whilst I was on holiday to the point where I spent the majority of the 5th book crying and partially screaming until half 2 in the morning.
I love fairy tales which, again warrants its own blog post eventually, and these books honestly rekindled that.
Do yourself a favour and read them!
The Morganville Vampires - Rachel Caine
These were a birthday present from the twin (hi Lara!), and I binge-read the first, then binge-read the second recently, and am currently on the third, and will probably need to buy the next three, because I need!
I love the fact that, whilst this kind of thing would warrant cliches and tropes galore, it kind of stays away from that. Claire Danvers isn't some sort of 'chosen one', she's just trying to help her friends out. Eve (ayyyyy) isn't a typical goth, Shane isn't a brick wall love interest, Michael isn't all he seems, full stop.
I haven't read vampires in a long while, and it's nice to see something new, sue me!

This was written so fast, after the mortified realisation that I'd allowed it to continue to be scheduled with nothing but four notes for films to talk about, whoops!
So, tomorrow is TV series (also, a few Netflix, because that still counts), and Thursday is events from the past year, which will probably be long af!
Also tomorrow is a Writing Wednesday, which I need to write, oh god help me!
Have a nice day!


  1. The amount of times I've watched John Tucker Must Die probably qualifies for some sort of world record. It's the one film I voluntarily watch every time it's played on TV. As for the others, I'll need to add them to my watch list.

    1. It's an amazing film! I do recommend the rest, especially now that I've added a few more!

  2. I'll admit, this post requires more fleshing out, it was scheduled so I knew which days were what topics, so this will be fleshed out by the end of the day!

  3. I loooove 10 Things I Hate About You! Shakespeare + Heath Ledger + bby Joseph Gordon-Levitt = EVERYTHING :D
    I keep meaning to watch Easy A because of Emma Stone and the gifs all over tumblr!
    The Maze Runner series is awesome - I felt that they explained a lot more about WICKED in The Kill Order, like a "Here's what you missed, on Maze Runner", type thing.

    1. So do I!!!
      So many gifs! Watch it!
      I'll have to read the Kill Order then, though that seems slightly pointless :/