Saturday, 25 July 2015

I Quite Like Being a Reader

If you know me at all, you'll know I read ... a lot. My friends literally tell me off if I bring a book places (joke's on them, I have a kindle app on my phone).
Books have saved me, in my opinion; they gave me somehting to do at six o'clock in the morning when I couldn't get back to sleep; they gave me entertainment when I finished classwork early; they gave me an escape.
My best friends as a child were Harry, Ron and Hermione, my favourite sport Quidditch, because I didn't have concrete proof that I was bad at it, my home at Hogwarts with its staircases of death and hidden rooms on the seventh floor.
Over the last few years, though, I've deviated from the well-thumbed pages of my HP copies, and this is what I wanted to talk about today.

I like being a reader, because I don't know what my favourite genre is, strange as that may sound; ask me my favourite book, and I'll probably say Harry Potter for my childhood's sake, but really I don't know.
The point of this came around when on holiday at eleven years old, I ran out of books; out of sheer boredom, and not wanting to read the same books over again, I turned to my mum and dad's books that they'd brought, which included a Sue Grafton (U is for Undertow), which probably wasn't the most appropriate of reads for an eleven year old, but I was a mature child; a Harlan Coben, which I can't remember the name of, but that was the start of my love for Harlan Coben, I'm sure, as well as a third that I can't remember (it was nearly five years ago).
Before this, I'd been a member of my school's book club for two years (I'd actually been in the year 5 book club when I was in year 4, seeing as I had a higher reading level than most, and was in a reading group with some girls from the year above rather than anybody from my class), and while the books were interesting, they didn't exactly deviate from my age range.

Since then, I've read several Harlan Cobens (which I suggest you don't if you have a weak stomach/strong imagination, he can be quite graphic), James Pattersons (again, graphic, kept me up one night), but I've also branched into what my mum calls 'bubblegum books'.
Essentially, bubblegum books are lighthearted books, the kind that you'd read on holiday, they're gripping, but they're light; some examples of bubblegum authors are Sophie Kinsella (I just finished one called Can you Keep a Secret?, which is a really good book, and I also like I've Got Your Number too), Katie Fforde (Stately Pursuits is a good one), Cathy Woodman, and Sophie King.

Yet, whilst I'm reading all these books, I still long to return to books I've read and enjoyed before, and that is the beauty of this hobby! There are books everywhere that I can't wait to savour.

What do you think about reading? Got any recommendations for me?

Love, Eve <3

Friday, 24 July 2015

Dragon's Loyalty Award ~ Pen and Key


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Thank you so much Apoorva, from That Weird Girl Official for nominating me, I so very much appreciate it!

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Oh help!
~ Lucy of OpenLetters
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1. I can only think of mundane facts now that I've been given the specifier of 'interesting'
2. I became an auntie for the second time this morning to another nephew
3. The Golightme candle in Summer Punch smells absolutely gorgeous
4. I love doing hair, and experimenting with styles (the CuteGirlsHairstyles channel is brilliant for tutorials and inspiration)
5. I love cooking my meals and trying out new things to cook (do you see what I was on about in my last post?)
6. I'm one heck of a collector; I have an entire two drawers in my vanity devoted to nail polish, one to makeup, three entire shelves of DVDs, and stacks of books. Whilst sorting them in the last few days, I've been wondering whether I should sell a few things on eBay, and I'll keep thinking about that.
7. Apparently nobody picks up their phones on Friday nights, seeing as I've literally called all my friends to try and get some human interaction into my week, but apparently not!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Try Something New

Summer holidays are here, at least in England they are, and I'd like to take this moment to convince you of something.
Try Something New this Summer
We have the time now to do what we want, and over the last few years, I've kind of made it my mission to get out of my comfort zone, whether it's trying something different at a restaurant I frequent, getting something different at a takeaway order, or actually listening to the music that my MixRadio app decides I'll like.
I've always been encouraged to try new things, even just once, and it's now lead to me being actually unable to understand people who refuse to try new things; a couple of years ago, when on a school trip to Madrid, I actually bribed two of my friends with hariboes to try calamari and king prawns from a paella we were given. What's the point in going on a trip to another country if you aren't going to at least try to appreciate its culture?
When I was about ten or so, on holiday, I would rarely stray from a starter of tomato soup, some sort of pasta for my main, and ice cream for dessert. Then, I started trying new things that were still slightly in my comfort zone, but they were different to my norm; nowadays when abroad, I'll gladly try something different at each meal (though I usually get the same things for breakfast)
Try Something New This Summer
Even if it's just going out to a different area of town for a day, or ordering something different from a takeaway.
I'm Challenging You
If you do something new because of me, I want you to tell me what you did in the comments, because I want to know.

Love, Eve <3

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Let Loose at the Metro ~ Haul ~ 27th June 2015

As the title suggests, I was let loose at the Metro Centre a couple of weeks ago (literally the biggest shopping centre in the UK), with Maya and Olivia, and money was definitely spent. I only had a pound or something left by the time Maya's mum and Dad picked us up. Everything I bought was definitely stuff I'd been after for a long time, so I don't regret it!
Here's Maya's haul if you're interested!

First, we hit Primark, the teen's heaven of cheap but quality products. Whilst Maya went gaga over dresses and floral headbands, I found some interest in stud earrings. I'm not one for dangly earrings, so studs are brilliant, and Opia studs are pretty good quality. I've been wearing them for the last week or two when I'm able (damn no jewellery rules), and they're so different to other studs I own, a bit more artistic, and I just like them, and £2 for 9 pairs isn't bad when they're so good.
I also picked up some sea salt spray, because I love trying new things with my hair, and I've been wanting to try out salt sprays for a while, and I'd rather try out a cheap one and sea how I like it before splashing out on a branded one.
Then we found ourselves at the Making Faces stall outside of Primark. Essentially, they buy in makeup products from France and places so they can sell them on at a lower price to shops like Boots. When we got around to the nail varnish, I spotted something that I knew to be £4.50 elsewhere. It was the Rimmel Nail Nurse Stronger Nail; I had a nail biting habit as a child, and it took until I got braces for that to completely break, so my nails aren't in the best of states. In the couple of weeks since I've been wearing this, I certainly feel like they're stronger, I'll have to keep an eye on the breakages/splintering though.
Do I need to tell you the price?
After loads of browsing we made a stop at the Body Shop. Maya spent ages umming and aaahing over a tea tree set (which we went back and bought later), whereas I decided to get something to treat my sister with. My middle sister is currently pregnant (due date was the tenth, so we should be seeing a new nibling (niece/nephew gender neautral term) sometime in the next week), so I thought she should have something to treat herself with post-birth. I know she likes the mango range by the Body Shop, so I got her a body sorbet (kind like a really light body lotion) and a nail varnish to go with it. When we were leaving after our second trip in, I decided to put my scrap change towards the Teenage Cancer Trust jar they had in the corner; they had pots of samples that you didn't have to pay for, only give a donation towards the charity, so I got myself a pot of the sorbet, which smells so nice!
We stormed Boots next, and I formally apologise to my purse now, your HP took such a hit in Boots.
I mentioned in my end of school post that I take mutlivitamins, and seeing as I was running low, I picked some up whilst I was there, and I was surprised to find that they were cheaper than usual, so bonus!
I've been wanting to branch out makeup-wise, so have been wanting to try pen liners. Seeing as Collection's pen liner is £3, I picked that up, as I'm one of those people who tries with cheap products so that it's not a massive loss of money if it doesn't work out.
Then I had the fortune to find an offer at Barry M; I absolutely love Barry M, especially for nail varnish, so when I saw that if you spent over a certain amount on Barry M, you could get a Gelly Hi-Shine polish for free, I jumped at it! I've been wanting to try the matte nail paints, so I picked it up in this absolutely beautiful colour (Cancun Turquoise), then I had to get my own Genie lipstick, which I've been wearing so much. The Gelly polish I chose is Coconut, this off white colour; I feel so hipster when I wear it, seeing as plain white nails seems to be a trend at the moment.
Lunch was at KFC, after we'd all gotten our eyeliner and mascara done at the Benefit counter in House of Fraser using the new They're Real coloured liners and mascara, so of course, got a selfie in!
And yeah, KFC!

It was a great day, I absolutely loved spending time with my friends, should really do it more often!
What do you reckon to my photography, I've been trying to improve so that my blog has better quality pictures -  Apoorva's blog photography posts have certainly helped!
Currently binge-writing a load of posts and scheduling them :)
Love, Eve <3

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Another Year Been and Gone

Alright, I'm not technically completely done with school just yet; I'm on work experience for the final week of school, and I'm going back in on Thursday to sing for my headmaster's leaving mass, so I'm not done yet, but technically I am, because I have no lessons left.
So what have I learnt this year?

Relationships aren't everything
At the start of year 10, i was determined that at some point in the year, I would be in a relationship. At the other end, I realise that I did have more important things to focus upon. I've had crushes, certainly, and even an offer of a relationship in the last 10 months, but I've also been splitting my time between school and extra-curriculars, hobbies and home life. I have time for a relationship; I hope I at least have something in time for prom next year, but if not, I have some brilliant friends to have as my dates.

Grades aren't everything
When it gets to year 10, you start stressing about your marks, even just for simple homework tasks, when really you shouldn't. Unless you know it's coursework, don't stress; if it's revision material, all you need is for it to have the relevant facts and figures, as long as it teaches you something, you don't need to impress anybody with it. I know teachers make a big deal out of marks for things, especially when it gets to report time (which for us at my school is every term/half term), but don't sweat it, because I have and it has at some points completely wrecked me in the last year, which leads to my next point.

Mental stability is important
I know that amidst the masses of homework and expectations that we do forget to think about ourselves - don't. It doesn't matter whether you've been diagnosed with mental problems or not, mental health is important no matter whether it's on a medical file or not.
You may remember back in January, when I had a 'snap' over some chemistry homework. I didn't actually mention this, but the day after my mum's shop closed in April, I snapped again, ending up taking a day off school because I wasn't able to get out the door with clear eyes.
Since then, I've been taking multi-vitamins, so about 2 1/2 months, I believe going by the pack. Looking at the reviews on the Boots website, it goes on about giving people energy, but I feel the only energy I'm gaining is going to the sensitive parts of me. I certainly feel like I've been more positive, and talking to my friends when I was picking up some more the other weekend, it certainly sounds like I have been.

Extra-curriculars are only worth your time if you're reaping the rewards
As you know by now, I sing, I perform. As I said earlier, I've been splitting my time between extra-curriculars over the last year, what with loads of extra school masses and stuff due to it being our 50th anniversary, Joseph requiring a load of rehearsals, Sage rehearsals demanding a lot of my time, and DofE. As stressed as I have been over it though, it felt brilliant to see what all those rehearsals and all that time became; being able to leave the stage at the Sage and say 'that was bloody brilliant', or start jumping excitedly as soon as you're backstage after the first act of Joseph, you know it's been worth it, and I'm now sure that I'll be doing the exact same next year, even with exams on.

Get friendship dramas out of the way
It is at this point where I gloat and say that I'm glad that I've gained so many friends over the years, but it's around year 9 and year 10 that you really start deciding who belongs where in your life, or whether they belong in your life at all. I suggest you start doing this now rather than under the duress of exams next year.

Take the time to enjoy
Now that I'm older, it feels like the years pass so much quicker, as it did this last year. You're not in school forever, so enjoy it! Make memories outside of the classroom and inside them, and live in the moment, because that's all we have.

Damn this got inspirational. That's pretty much all I've learnt in the last year, what about you?
Also, anyone who's wondering, we had our Joseph performance on Thursday night, I absolutely loved it, and now have a t-shirt with the name 'Dan' on the back (that won't be awkward at all) as well as the Joseph and school logos in the best places (literally right above my boobs, brilliant job CRE8IVE), to use as my comfy shirt, so yay!
Got a slightly overdue haul to work on now! I actually have homework I should probably be doing, but eh, SUMMER!
I actually don't have to go to work experience till 10 on Monday, so ha to all my friends going to primary schools who have to be there for half 8! Just kidding, have fun :)
Love Eve <3

Monday, 6 July 2015

I Fell Asleep

Don't think I've talked about my utterly horrendous schedule, but in the last four weeks, I haven't been in lessons at all on a Friday, three Thursdays whilst missing lessons elsewhere as well. Of course, this means I have a lot of catching up to do.
You'd think, seeing as I only have two weeks left of school, that I wouldn't have that much left to do.
So we'll pile it on top of you now
Assessments galore. I have, in fact, missed so much work for my history assessment that I'm having to leave it until September. However, I decided to get all of my sources work done so it's there in September.
I didn't realise when I walked into the lesson today that I had so little to copy out, seeing as I'd done most of it already.
So, it took me around twenty minutes to finish all my copying, leaving me half an hour to spare. seeing as I had nothing else to do (in hindsight, I realise I had English work in my bag, but I didn't think of that), so I decided to read through my notes, and read through them, and read through them.
my history lesson is directly after lunch, and we all know what it's like after lunch; you feel sluggish, and if you don't have anything in particular to concentrate on, nodding off is an alternative.
Which I apparently did.
I had been nodding off for a little while, making sure to catch myself, which I apparently didn't the final time. I woke up to a boy yelling out 'she's asleep'. Sue me, I fell asleep.
Thankfully, my history teacher is pretty upbeat, and knows I wouldn't have fallen asleep if I hadn't been tired, and knew I had the work done, so she just passed it off by asking if I was tired.

So that happened. Thankfully, I only had to sit through another lesson before I could escape to rehearsals.
Rehearsals were alright, there are ups and downs when it comes to the last week before a production.
My good friend Jack is singing 'Benjamin Calypso', and oh my God, Jack, it was so good tonight, I don't know how anyone will keep a straight face whilst you're singing.
Anyway, we finally got to setting the rest of Act 2, and towards the end (spoiler alert if you haven't seen Joseph before, which obviously means you haven't been in an English primary school) when they reunite with Joseph, we all have to go up and pat him on the back or hug him or something. Beforehand, I'm sat towards the front of the stage, so I'm one of the first to reach him. I went to pat him on the shoulder, but we somehow ended up in a strange hug thing where he had hold of my hip.
And still had hold of it when he moved onto the rest of the brothers. Slightly strange feeling, that. (he's only a year older than me, but still)
Then, being towards the front, I had nothing to do, so I tried to move backwards to let the rest in (there are eleven of us), but ended up stuck in a circle of people patting him on the back over my shoulder. Fun!
Also, you can't say I don't sacrifice anything for drama, as I now have a cut on my wrist from the side of the stage after sitting down maybe a bit too quickly on the stairs, which is hurting as I rest my hand on the keyboard whilst typing.

So that's the interesting points of my day, what about yours?
Love, Eve <3

Home of the Shamrock

by Hello from Northern Ireland :) I'm here for the next few days for my Auntie's wedding on Saturday, so I think I'm going to write this as a diary sort of post that just says what I've been up to, maybe some pictures and stuff.

Thursday 11th June
I've decided I can't allow mum to book flights anymore. I was up at 3:30 this morning for a seven o'clock flight. I'm dressed in new clothes, though, which is nice.

Little OOTD, the embroidered top and the white vest beneath it are Primark, the jeans are old favourites from Denim Co., the shoes are Primark too, and my hair's in twists.

We were at Newcastle airport by five, which meant I got to watch the sunrise out the car window, not exactly something you do everyday. For once, we got through security with no problem. I spent the wacky races of security trying to find the stag in what must have been a 30-40 strong stag party headed for Magaluf (it was printed on their t-shirts). Then through all the shops, which have had a change around since the last time I was in Newcastle airport. We had a stop in Boots, mum picked up some lipsticks, and I got some cotton pads, seeing as I realised I hadn't packed any.

Note, if you're wondering about the green lipstick, it basically reacts to the pH level of your lips so it gives a darker colour to your lips, so I suggest you try it.
We got some breakfast after that (I had an omelette) before finding out our flight was on its last call, half an hour early. Getting past our gate, we were told we had to stow our handbags into our luggage, which on small flights is only hand baggage; I don't see the point in putting our handbags away, it makes no sense, but I digress.
By the looks of it, we were the last set to board, we got into our seats, listened to the safety instructions and set off for a 35 minute flight. I tried playing Candy Crush for a couple of minutes before I decided I needed a nap. So, I slept the flight away. We arrived at around 20 to 8 in the morning, to my grim realisation that I was in Ireland before any of my friends were even in school. After getting our rental car (a Mercedes C class, go big or go home) we drove to my auntie's house in Portrush. The car is buttons everywhere, so it took us a while to figure it all out, but we got there in the end.
I ended up in a dress fitting. I got told off for saying I hadn't put on weight - sorry for not immediately looking for a change in my body, I think it's fine. It apparently needs to be let out at the hips, and brought in around my chest (first time I've heard that one). Otherwise, it's lovely material, fits my body so well, I think I'm going to love wearing it.
I've honestly been shattered all day; we went for a ride out at half 11 to get out of my auntie's hair, which I didn't get to see, because I fell asleep. We found ourselves a nice cafe, chicken cheese and sweet corn panini, could probably rival Subway. Then we found our way back to my auntie's, I fell asleep again.
We made our way to our house after that. The rest of the Patchett clan is staying in one house, and oh my god, I am in love. If I ever organise a holiday for me and my friends on a budget, we're renting this in a heart beat.

So we settled ourselves in, and mum has made herself at home by getting 40 winks whilst I sit and write, while watching Top Gear, because why not?
I spent a while chatting with Maya about clothes and craic from school before me and mum decided to test out the pool. Yes, there is a pool!
We must have spent a good few hours in there, and it was heaven, honestly. For something less than four feet deep, it was brilliant.
When we eventually emerged, we made ourselves some tea (sausage and egg sandwiches)
After that, me and mum spent a few minutes 'being healthy, making ourselves some strawberries, cherries and pineapple before sitting down in front of an episode of Ripper Street.
After that finished, it was 20 past 11 so we stuck ourselves in bed.

Friday 12th June
Quarter past eight my body decided I needed to be up. I ended up sat in front of the telly with the first half hour of the Incredible Hulk before mum got up and made breakfast (toast and leftover fruit). We ended up dashing around sorting ourselves out because we had to be with my auntie for another dress fitting.
We met the other 'green' bridesmaid; there's two older bridesmaids in red, and the teenagers (me and C) are in green. She's nice, her actions speak louder than her words.
So, another fitting, it fit better today after being let out at the hips, but needs to be brought up at the shoulders and hemmed now.

We were then roped in to decorate baskets we'd be using to hand out wedding favours; the women are getting sea shells my other auntie crafted, and the men are getting RNIB and RNLI lapel badges, which I may be nicking one each of for my school blazer.
After some cake and mum finished her tea, we made our excuses and came back to our cottage to meet my cousin and his parents who were arriving. It's nice to have somebody else my age around, even if J is a select talker.
We went to the same cafe for lunch, I had the same panini, then we had to make our way over to the venue to help set it up. We made displays with candles, fixed the sweet trees that were falling apart then became spare parts for 20 minutes.
After that, we headed back to our cottage, where I've nicked off with my mum's kindle to make blogging easier, because writing from my phone does get hard for long posts like this.
My dad and my sister's family arrived around quarter past seven, where we spent forever umming and aaaing over food. Eventually, when auntie B returned, my cousin, my nephew and I ended up with pizza whilst every body else ordered an Indian. My nephew was sharing with me in my room, so I had to sort him out, but after the whole bathroom routine, I read a couple of chapters of Girl Online, which I just started.

Saturday 13th June
I set an alarm. On a Saturday. For half seven. I had to tell my nephew to go back to sleep because he didn't need to be up just yet. I ended up taking myself into the kitchen, boiling the kettle and making myself some berry tea whilst I sat and added another coat to my nails. Mum got up after a while, we made toast for me and A, who decided he'd slept enough for one morning. A load of fruit and a shower later, I threw myself into a playsuit for easiness with that same crochet top and a pair of slippers that my mum bought that read 'bridesmaid'.
We got ourselves to my auntie's for the whole makeup and hair affair. Makeup was done first, soft smoky eye with the works on the face (though subtle works). I even have foundation on the back of my neck.

Onto hair, it's an updo with curls. My first reaction when literally anyone tries to style my hair is good luck. It's so thick and heavy, curls only last if they're done with plaits or hairspray that'll hold a car in place.
I was sat taking pictures to send to Maya, which then apparently turned out to be Jake, but you can see them too.
Auntie J gave me and the other bridesmaid a gold purse each with a necklace and earring set inside.
The dresses were honestly gorgeous; I'm not one for something that fits well, but it was figure hugging and just felt so nice and I felt gorgeous in it.

Eventually, my mum came and picked me and the other bridesmaid up to take us to Mussenden Temple, where the ceremony would be. If you're ever in Ireland, please visit the Mussenden Temple, it is absolutely gorgeous.

The ceremony itself lasted over an hour, with readings, and some beautiful singing and my aunt and her husband being really far too cute for words.
At the reception, I got kind of bored, which shouldn't be allowed, as I do some weird things when bored.
Like taking the diamante decorations from the table and sticking them in your champagne glasses for example. I also ate a lot of sweets from the aforementioned sweet trees, which became a hat when none of us could be bothered with the 6 or so left.

The food was from a company with South African connections, with canapes, starters, pork, more pork, and cheesecakes!
Unfortunately, I'm not much of a dancer, I can bounce to a beat, and that's pretty much it! I got up for a couple of songs, even tried to drag my cousins up (*scoffs* teeangers!) but I ended up just playing Lego Star Wars on my nephew's iPad :)
The party didn't actually wind down until about 11, with only an hour before a bus arrived for everybody. It actually arrived half an hour early. By this point, I'd removed everything from my hair; I later counted the pins and came to 36, completely shattering my record of 15!
When we got back to the house, I stripped the dress as soon as I could, nice as it was, it was midnight, I wanted out! Although I originally wanted to head straight to bed, I succumbed to the pull of the pool, where my mum and dad and cousin's family had made themselves comfy. This pool arty ended up being the birthplace of 'The Boy with Two Rings' and the 'Not-Wedding'. It was brilliant we didn't get out until 20 to 2 or something!

Sunday 14th June
Sunday morning became a lazy morning. I may have been awake at quarter past ten, but I was on my phone watching youtube and reading on dA until lunchtime. Breakfast was the fry-up works, complete with scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, and pain-au-chocolat and croissants (you know the pre-made ones that you just have to roll out of a tin, they're gorgeous!)
When we sat down for breakfast, we caught my sister and her partner up on what had happened in the pool after they'd gone to bed. I actually took a drink whilst we were explaining the Boy with Two Rings, and it went down the wrong way. My cousin nearly killed me, and he was still in bed. 
We had to go back to the wedding venue to pick up my auntie's car, so we headed that way.

Afterwards, we made our way to the beach in Castlerock. I decided to try and be artsy and get picture of the sea and the sand, utterly failed, but it was nice to just stand in the water. I helped my nephew make some sand-water, then got forced to send it back to the ocean (if you have the gall to deny a four year old, I salute you). Of course, we had to get ice cream, twin cone with a flake and monkey's blood - red sauce if you're not northern - it's really strange that 99's are now something like £2 now, it's sad.

It was whilst we were enjoying our ice creams that we watched a car dig itself into the sand. After watching and laughing for ages, my uncle, dad, and kind-of-brother-in-law went over to help out.The ones left behind decided it looked like an episode of Top Gear; we decided my uncle was kind of grumpy, so he was Clarkson, my dad has a sense of humour about him, so he was Hammond, which left my sort-of-brother-in-law as May. Once unstuck, the guy in the car turned around and left the beach, with us only a little bit behind.
We made our way to my auntie's house for an open house. I ended up sat playing with lego with A. Afterwards, we went to the Giant's Causeway, so we could say we had done some sightseeing. We didn't actually walk down to the causeway, but we were close enough.
We found ourselves a chip shop called Mortons, which have massive fish and onion rings (I literally only ate 2, I think!). Once home, we again spent the night in the pool. My sister dunked me a few times (brought it on myself), it was fun, I was exhausted, we broke the pool light.

Monday 15th June
Everything needed packing, and I mean everything; I'd go into the bathroom and return with even more stuff to pack. Once the owner of the house arrived, we all split, my dad and sister's family heading to the dock, my cousin's family going to Londonderry for his History, and me and mum off to pick up my Aunt to go to the plane. It took us until we returned for us to realise that we had left my bridesmaid's bouquet on the windowsill. So, we picked up my aunt and returned to the house to pick up the flowers.
Not much happened at the airport, we sat down and ate lunch (carrot and coriander soup), picked my dad up some M&Ms from the duty free (a cashier complimented the bouquet, which I was having to carry around so it wouldn't get crushed) then boarded the plane. Plane's not that interesting, I read, played games, seeing as it was only 40 minutes. And that's kind of it really, I was home.

So, this has taken me over a week to write. I honestly started on the Thursday (so you may notice if it changes tenses), and it's now Monday 22nd. I now have the task, after finishing, of uploading all of the photos from my phone and camera to this post.
There may be a Writing Wednesday, then again there may not, as I'm heading to a Summer Festival retreat on Wednesday afternoon; most people in my school call it God Camp (I think we christened it that, and it stuck, seeing as even the people there were calling it God Camp last year).
So, yeah :)
Love, Eve <3
PS. After adding all the pictures, it is now the 28th! Oh god!
P.P.S. Then 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Writing Wednesday #16 ~ Punch

It was the other girl that threw the first punch, Holly swore it. Then again, it was hard to pinpoint exactly when the spat began; had it been with the first hurled insult, or the haphazard slap, or even with the boyfriends appearing to break it up?
Holly had escaped the brawl with her scars, as well as a bust lip, black eye, and the four stitches in her cheek. The sense of accomplishment, however, was astonishing. The other girl certainly didn't come out so lucky, with a fractured wrist, a considerable chunk of hair missing from her head, and was a ripped dress classed as a casualty?
Oliver couldn't decide what to do with her; his girlfriend knew how to throw a punch, and was that really a bad thing? She did start a bar fight though, and he couldn't exactly advocate that.
Once out of the hospital and showered, Oliver turned to his girlfriend as she dragged a comb through her bedraggled hair. "So what was that?"
"What was what?" Holly returned, pulling out a particularly nasty knot.
"You know what Holly. You just started a bar fight with another girl. What was it about?"
Holly placed the comb down, having pulled her hair into her customary bedtime ponytail. "I am sorry, Oliver, but she said Twilight was better than Harry Potter."

Crappy bit of humour this week; I realise that a subject like 'punch', but I really couldn't think of anything. This was written during a day of tedium at the Sage Gateshead. We're performing in a Catholic Partnership event, which is fun, but spending an entire day at the venue isn't the most exciting of things.
Anywho, should have a couple of posts up soon enough, my Ireland blog and hopefully a favourites!
Also, it's thundering where I am, and the library lights keep flickering, this looks promising for DofE tomorrow :)
Eve <3