Monday, 28 December 2015

Youtuber Favourites 2015

Obviously, as an internet-based hermit, I spend a great majority of my time on youtube (read: I lose a great majority of my time on youtube). It's therefore only fair that I have a collection of youtubers who I love the vidoes of, or binge on.
I love Jessica's videos, they're great when you want something long to watch. She reviews so much good stuff, and it's so interesting to see the kind of products that are in America.
She does a video every month on her everyday makeup drawer, where she keeps products that she's maybe gotten recently, or wants to use up, or keep from getting lost in her collection. Her declutters are awesome too!

Rachel's such a friendly character, it comes off in every single video. I love that she reports back on every haul she does, telling you if she recommends the products or not (cleverly titled Buy or Bye).
I also loved her declutter videos, especially when she talked about not only products she was scrapping, but also products she'd definitely keep!
I wish her so much luck in the new year with baby #2 on the way!

ThreadBanger - and Rob Czar, Corinne Leigh & ToyTure
I get such a laugh from Man vs Pin, Corinne vs Pin, Man vs YouTube, and the new ToyTure, I can quite literally sit and cry at their videos.
Small warning, though, quite a few of the Man vs Pins use blood spillage as a feature, and many of the earlier ones don't come with a warning for that, so just a mention.

Maya got me into Amanda actually, but she's brilliant to binge on, mainly due to their short length. Her sense of humour is amazing, always gets me laughing, but she uses it to also talk about current stuff going on in America, which is refreshing.
Also, I just spent the last 10 minutes watching her, and now I'm crying... oops!

Kat goes to my local university, but that's not the main reason I really like her videos. She's just a very real person, so down to earth. She also talks a lot about being a university student, which is great when, you know, that's going to be you in just over 2 1/2 years.
Also, she so pretty!

Hannah Renee
I'm absolutely in love with Hannah's tutorials, even if I have absolutely no hope of recreating them! She's such a relatable character, it's actually unreal. Her skills are enviable, and it's so interesting to see how her face comes together.
Also really pretty!

Does anything honestly need to be said about Mark? He's such a funny person, but he also comes across on screen as someone who'd be generally the same in real life - except, you know, less screaming.
He's so open with his subscribers, so honest about things going on with him, so it feels like you know him so well.
Just... Markiplier, people!

Sorted FOOD
As I mentioned yesterday, I love cooking, and cooking channels are life, seriously. If I could try to make everything I like the look of, I would die happy.
Also, the dynamic between the four lads shines through, which is so nice to see, it adds a comedy to the videos that aren't often there in food videos.

Thomas Sanders
Thomas Sanders is such an enjoyable person to watch, he is literally so humble, it's amazing. He's funny as hell, but he also takes time to talk about issues, especially surrounding mental health. I love seeing youtubers who use their outlet to talk about stuff that matters, as well as being entertainers!

I love Lucy, honestly. She talks about current stuff going on in the news, or stuff that just interests her, and I love that! It's been great to see how her editing and youtube style has changed in the last year, and I can't wait to see what she brings to 2016!

It goes without saying that this gal is one of my best friends, and it's been amazing to watch her grow. I know she's going to be doing a lot of cool stuff in 2016 - though I don't know what it is - so just check her out!

Favourites day 2 complete! Tomorrow will be films and books!


  1. I am really late seeing this but THANK YOUUUU <3 :D