Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Rejections, you'd think they got easier to take. Between Saturday and Monday, I had five for work experience, and I still have two potential ones yet to come in. Before that, a position on a programme I applied to rejected me (my sister reckoned I wasn't close enough location-wise for them); then a week or two later, an opportunity with school came up to spend a few days of the Easter holidays at a local university to get a feel for uni life. again, I was rejected, as was everyone else who applied from my school, because the university had to go off the school's exam scores to decide who got places.

Yeah, you'd think they'd be easier, you'd think you'd grow a harder skin. I don't know if it's just because I've literally had less than ten rejections, or if it's just because I kind of expect them, but they still hit pretty hard.

I don't know. If you felt like criticising me, you could blame it on my first world privileges, and say I grew up never hearing the word no, and I'll admit, I grew up in a life where yes was the usual answer, but there were plenty of nos mixed in too. However, there's a difference between a 'no, you can't have another biscuit' and a 'no, you can't have a place at our paper'.

I just want to say, it may take a while, it may take 50 different rejections to feel like they don't upset you any more. They may not have a big impact when you're looking at the entire picture, but each little rejection, each no, that hardens your skin. It may not be metres thick like you want, but every centimetre adds up.

I want you to remember that. Love, Eve <3

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