Sunday, 22 March 2015

Procrastination Strikes

I really wish I were talking about homework right now (though I do have two pieces due tomorrow morning that I haven't touched) but I'm really talking about something maybe a bit more consequential than a sloppy PEE paragraph.
You see, I'm on the school's work experience programme for year tens this July. We were given the placement in February, and our deadline was this Friday.
I, being me, put it off, thinking it would be easy to find a placement.
Tell that to the four rejections I've gotten in the last two days.
They 'only take people over 18', or their 'office is too small'. The only work experience I'm getting at the moment is how crappily hard it is to find a job.
I mean, seriously, all you have to do is accomodate a 15 year old for a week.
If it weren't for other situations, I'd just say 'f*** it, I'll work for mum/dad', but I can't exactly do that in July, but I want to do something that relates to what I want to do, and working for mum's going to be out of the question in July, anyway (more on that in about a month)
Just somebody give me a job!
I'm now plotting what to say to the teacher in charge of the programme so I don't sound like a child whilst complaining to him about it.
Joys of this whole 'becoming an adult' thing, eh?
Give me back marble runs and old BBC series.

Hope you've all had a nice weekend,
Eve <3


  1. Why don't you work at Waterstone's with me? It'll be quite easy, and you'll always be surrounded in books.

    1. That's currently my 'if I don't have anything by Wednesday' backup plan. I'm going to see MR Reeve tomorrow, see what he can do.

  2. We have to do work experience in July too, so it's interesting to discover that we're not the only ones! I managed to find a placement (my first choice, which I am very grateful for!). I've never had a real job before, but last work experience I was working with small children, and next time I'm working with fancy dress costumes.
    I hope everything turns out okay,
    Lucy x