Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Writing Wednesday #3 ~ Sand

Back on schedule! I actually have two different Writing Wednesdays for this prompt. When I thought I would be posting #3 last week, as I mentioned in last week's Writing Wednesday, I actually incorporated the prompt into my English homework. I already had something written for today, so I've just rounded that off quickly, and am also adding my English homework to the end, which I ended up extending for my EBI, so you can have that paragraph too.

* * * * *
Three days and she was sick of it. Sand as far as the eye could see with no way to escape the stuff.
'I'm a survivor' she had to make herself think, but that only brought her to the conclusion that she'd survived hell only to be sent to Purgatory.
She had tried to escape, yet all that led to was defeat. Her weakened arms would fail her, the cramp in her feet would draw her to a halt, the salt water in her lungs would leave her gasping for respite, and she would return to the sand, beaten once again.
Would she ever escape? Or would she, the last survivor, be defeated?
* * * * *

Always running, but never moving forward

You walk away, footprints in the sand serving as a reminder of just how far away you already are. How did we end up like this? Tears fall into the waves, milling with the salty waters as they recede. Reaching for you, I wonder why I bother; we've been here before. My feet won't move, the only part of  my body that doesn't want to be near you. Why is it, we're always running, but never moving forward.
My knees hit the sand, waves lapping around me; they go about their natural process whilst mine crumbles into the saltwater. Perhaps the waves can carry me away from this, away from him. "I'm done with this!" His agitated voice had filled the beach, and now it fills my head, repeating itself until i overpowers me, sending me backwards into the waters. Seaweed tangles in my hair, like hands trying to keep me there. Thrashing against them, I look to the sky, fighting to be back in the world above, no matter how miserable it may be.
* * * * *
I do love doing creative writing in English! I didn't say, but the actual task for homework was to take  a six word story  like Ernest Hemingway did, and write a paragraph about it. My six word story came from my friend Jam, and if you hadn't guessed, it's up there ^!
I don't know what I'll be writing on Saturday. Push comes to shove, you may end up with more of my English work! Have a nice week everybody,
Eve <3

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