Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Writing Wednesday #8 ~ Race

Just Another Race

It's just another race, I remind myself, feet slapping against the floor as I continue to run, hardly daring to look back, just in case I don't like what I see. Some days I wonder just when my stupidly stubborn head will actually get me killed. A low, rumbling growl sounds behind me, sending a tremor  through the ground. By the looks of it, that day might not be that far away.

It wasn't supposed to go like this, this was not made to kill. We were just playing, another game that had a cool prize at the end. That prize seemed so far away now.

We were together at first, the sinister being who had set the lot of us off, his resounding countdown reverberating through the clearing in which we stood. He gave us 2 minutes' head start, 2 minutes to run before he began the hunt.

We thought it was a game. We think we're all grown up, but like children, we were too transfixed by the end to consider the complications of the middle.

The growl is louder now, gaining on me rapidly. I'm next, I realise. There's no point in ignoring it. I'm going to die, another casualty of the game.

All fight dissipated from my being, slowing my legs to a stop, allowing me to look to the sky as the growling stalks closer. Here's hoping somebody wins this in my place.

* * * * *

This one is actually alright for once! It's kind of a Hunger Games hybrid, I know, but it's a random thing! Hop you enjoyed this week's theme of Race. It's still Wednesday (It's 11:42 pm). I'm actually doing better at getting these up each week, I'm quite proud of myself :)
Love, Eve <3


  1. I really liked this one too!! I guess I'm a little transfixed on extreme games, like with life or death circumstances. It was pretty Hunger Game-sy ;)

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thank you M! Life and death situations are always interesting for me. Thank you, that's a great compliment!
      Eve <3
      Also, I've been wondering for ages, how do you link your blog into your comments?

  2. YESSS HUNGER GAMES THEME. This really reminds me of the Taylor Swift song "Eyes Open" from the first Hunger Games soundtrack (which is a very good thing if you're me!). This was awesome :)
    Lucy x

    1. Whoop, Hunger Games! It's weird to think it's only been a year since I read it for the first time! I finished them in two weeks or something. I haven't heard Eyes Open (I've seen the film, so of course, I have, but you know what I mean). I like Safe and Sound and Everybody Wants to Rule the World from Mockingjay, thanks to that BBC advert. Thank you!
      Eve <3