Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Favourites 2015 ~ Pen and Key

Yet another favourites post. And again, it's a short one, because I'm rubbish.

Haven't got any makeup favourites this month, haven't really worn any.
Reader Inserts
I have pretty much spent the last month scrolling through DeviantArt for reader insert stories. It began with Merlin, I think, then progressed to Sherlock, then Peter Parker, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark (I'm not even in the Avengers fandom as of yet, but I'm on the internet, they are everywhere), yesterday and this morning was spent on Once Upon a Time, and now I'm onto Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon. I may need help.
Merlin Guitar Medley ~ biglouie369
I found this whilst scrolling and literally had to have it. It's now my official hype song, which seriously makes me want to watch Merlin to death, but I have this week's OUAT to watch, and Grimm season 1 to finish. It's a good job I'm on holiday.
Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks
I don't know about you, but among my friends, I'm considered a scrounger. In my honest opinion, it's a waste when one of my friends doesn't eat their food, so I'll have it. So of course, my friends complain I need to bring more for lunch. I honestly bring enough for myself for lunch, it's not like I need more necessarily, it just feels like a waste if someone doesn't eat it. However, now I've gotten into taking in these yoghurt bars. They're gorgeous, brilliant for hungry break times, or just stuffing into your mouth if you haven't got much time (happens so often with music), and kind of makes me feel like I'm making an effort to be healthy, which is a bonus.
The Scorch Trials ~ James Dashner
It's taken me a while (about 2 months), but I finally finished the Scorch Trials on Thursday. All I can honestly say is that I'm confused; is WICKED good, is it bad? Is Teresa really as bitchy as I think, or was that just WICKED? Do I even make an opinion about Aris? What happened to the original Creators? Who the f*** are the emails between in the Epilogues?
I'm already 2 chapters into the Death Cure thanks to the preview in the back, and I'm slightly more confused than I was before I finished it. Joys of bookworms!

I honestly can't think of anymore favourites to write, so that'll have to be it for now!


  1. OMG, I love the Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks, they are delicious! I can totally relate, as I'm a bit of a scrounger myself, but I do bring these and some Breakfast Bars (from the same brand) into school a lot. Peter is always asking me though if I have lunch because I had some of his unwanted food once. :P

    1. I think you're the one who introduced them to me, maybe. Peter once asked me if his brother eats on a lunchtime, randomly. Oh well, might as well if no one else is having it :)