Sunday, 4 January 2015

It Doesn't Seem So Long

In light of the New Year, I can't help but think on events of previous years, on moments and memories, and think, 'it can't be that long ago.' But it is, and I want to take the time now to think on times gone past, and maybe give you a bit more insight into me.
It doesn't seem so long since I was holding my nephew for the first time
But it is. It's four years nearly, since he was a newborn baby in my hands; my 11 year old hands barely knew how to support a baby, now I can sit him on my hips without a thought (thankfully he can support his own head now). My headphones were looped through the sleeve of my jumper up to the neck, and my sister's partner told me he wanted to hear my heartbeat, not the beat of my music.
It doesn't seem so long since I started secondary school with the goal of making a particular girl my friend
When I was first inducted into my new secondary school in June of year 6, I had mixed feelings about the kids in my form class to be. I'd already developed a crush on one of the lads (who later went on to call me a mong), and had stuck to the girls from my primary when it came to socialising. However, if there was one person I was determined to be friends with, it was the girl who shared exactly the same interests as me. Four years later, she's now my best friend, and I wouldn't know what to do without her. Love you, Maya!
It doesn't seem so long since I was making seriously life-changing decisions based on my future CV
So, in year 8, we had to pick four subjects that we wished to continue (or start) studying for the next 3 years, which we would be taking exams on at the end of year 11. I myself chose History, Geography, ICT, and Spanish. I'll admit, I've been told they're boring - I even describe them as boring - but I know they're going to get me somewhere. That seems to be a crap excuse to put myself through three years of a subject that isn't even interesting to me, but I'd honestly rather have a worthwhile GCSE that can open doors than a GCSE that isn't all that good for my future, no matter how much I enjoyed it.
Ed Sheeran - The A Team
It doesn't seem so long since I was recording these two videos (I'm on the left)
When I'm Gone
I only realised the other day, but these videos are 18 months old. It doesn't feel like that long since we were in Maya's attic, with Sarah behind the camera conducting me through the Ed Sheeran cover, because I couldn't get the beat right. I want to re-record these. At the time of recording, I'd only been taking singing lessons for six months; now I have two years of experience, and I want to see how that has changed my voice and my performance.
It doesn't seem so long since I joined my choir
In reality, I've been a member of the choir for four years, and in that time, I've performed in a town hall, a cathedral, 3 churches (I think), two shopping centres, two castles, a music centre, and I've loved every venue. Yes, there are the complications - the in-choir bitching, the days of bad throats and low self-esteem - but those days aside, I've had some brilliant moments with the choir. I've made friends in pretty much every year group I've come across (apart from the current year seven), and I've improved so much!
That's pretty much all I can think of right now. What's happened that's surprised you over the years? What seems like such a recent thing when really you're five years down the line from it? Let me know, and Happy New Year everyone, all the best for the next 361 days ahead :)


  1. Hey, now I've seen you in real life too (even if the video is 18 months old)! :P haha
    Your voice really suits Ed Sheeran's song :)
    Time does fly really fast, especially my teenage years - I feel as if every event that has taken place in the last few years only took place a few months ago!
    When I joined secondary school I tried to make friends with a girl (she is now also my best friend), but I was SO BAD. The girl actually asked my primary school friend whether I hated her -.- Sounds like you are a whole lot better at making friends than me, haha! (not that it is hard to surpass me in this)
    Best wishes for 2015,
    Lucy :3

    1. Hehe! Thank you!
      So fast, it seriously doesn't seem long since all of these events.
      Oh, I acted like a real stalker, I kept going up to her so obnoxiously trying to talk to her, but then we just fell into it, and now she's my chick!
      And to you,
      Eve <3

  2. It wont take too long before youre mine eve <3

    joking joking hehe

  3. Awww Eve!! Im so glad you did ;) love you! <3