Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Little Rant

Sorry about the lack of Writing Wednesday; we've already established that I'm crap at this, so let's just leave it at that!

Today, I'd like to talk about logic, or rather a lack of.

You see, at my school, we have planners that we're given in September to be used from then until July (or in my case, until March, at best). These planners, to make sure you're using them right, have to be signed weekly by both your parents and your pastoral tutor.

For the last three years, across two different pastoral tutors, we've taken our planners home on a weekend, brought them in signed by our parents so that, on a Monday morning, or Tuesday at the latest, they would be signed. This is done to acknowledge that the parents have seen what we've been doing over the week, any praise or criticism from teachers, and leave their own notes for our teachers in school. Usually, though, I just shove my planner under my parents' noses and get them to sign it.

Imagine our outrage then, when on Wednesday afternoon, during the 20 minutes of 'enrichment' time we have every day, our two pastoral tutors suggest something so illogical that a class of around 25 students, who couldn't band together to save one of our lives, is up in arms for a good 15 minutes.

They suggested that we go home on a Thursday night, have our planners signed for the Friday!

What is this madness?

It made no sense to any of us. Why have a planner signed for an incomplete week? It's mad to us, as you can see from us all arguing over it. Apparently in our female teacher's last school, 'they used to get theirs signed for Fridays'. Good for them! It makes no sense to us, though, so of course we're going to argue against it. Then our proper form tutor came out with 'Things change, that's life.'

Majority over Authority, I say. This is a democratic country, so surely, we should be able to argue against it and have our voices heard?

The most ridiculous part? As well as the afternoon enrichment everyday, we have ten minutes every morning, which are assigned PREP times. PREP, stands for Planners, Registration, Equipment and Presentation (uniforms). And what do our form tutors use our PREP time for? I would tell you if I knew, but all I see them do is chat; some days we're not even marked in.

So, why don't they just use the time we have every morning to sign our planners? 'Ten minutes doesn't give us enough time'. I'm calling bull! Our pregnant form tutor managed it last year in those ten minutes, so I'm sure you can.

What about you? Is there anything about your teachers that drive you mad, or is it just England?

I'm currently sat waiting for my parent's evening in school. It's not until half 6, but as I explain to everyone, it's easier for me to be in school than for my dad to leave work, pick me up from school, drop me off, only to leave work again 3 hours later when he could be working for the 30 minutes he spends getting me at 3 o'clock. So I'm sat in an IT room wondering which websites I currently have access to.

Eve out <3


  1. To be honest I like the morning pastoral the way it is, it was always too hectic and stressful before. Plus we never really get another time in the day to talk and would you rather be talking/doing homework or sitting in silence staring at a fake candle for 10 minutes. I could see you trying to argue with the form tutor the other day xD

    1. I just feel there's a difference between having a little bit of order and going against reason. Although I do love that frozen candle, they have that time specifically for planners, and they're refusing to use it. It just feels stupid to me.

  2. I never get my planner signed, i say REBEL!!!! KILL THEM WITH FIRE. I may be insane...

    1. I always knew you were insane, to be honest

  3. I agree, it is ABSOLUTE MADNESS