Friday, 27 February 2015

Best Blogging Buddies Award ~ Pen and Key

Guess who's been nominated for another blog award! It may not be an Oscar, but I'm not Benedict Cumberbatch, so...
This is the Best Blogging Buddies Award, for which I was nominated by M of the Life of Little Me. Thank you M!!!

Award Requirements
Make a post to show the award on my main blog
Tag the person who nominated me in the post (and also take the cute owl with me)
Nominate all my best buddies, and the people who I want to be buddies with, who, to my knowledge, have not been nominated yet
Ask at least 15 questions in my post
Answer the questions my buddy asked me in this post

So now I'm going to answer M's questions, which I can see taking a while!

Why do you blog?
Writing has and always will be my escape, I suppose. I've tried journals and diaries numerous times over the years, but I've never been able to stick to them. But this blog, my little corner of the internet, it's somewhere I can go, somewhere I can rant, go on about my life, or just write the most random of things. I blog because it's my escape, because it' my little corner, and because it's more me than anything else.

What are on your bedroom walls?
So, on my left wall, I have the mounted cap, ISAF badge and pog my sister brought back from a tour she was on; a notepad; a windchime I made a few summers ago from driftwood, seashells and bottle caps; a couple of pictures that my sisters used to have in their room; a set of bunting my mum stuck up for my birthday in September; a Harry Potter quote art I wrote last year; Twilight: Breaking Dawn posters Maya gave me ages ago (out of shot)
Then, to the left of my bed I have my Sherlock calendar (yes, you do shave for Sherlock Holmes, stop lying, John), a picture I made in year 6 with drawings of all the things I like on it, a certificate from my year 6 choir, and a bit of bunting from my year 6 prom, which has loads of things written about me from all my primary school friends. there should also be my leaver's certificate from primary.
I didn't take a picture of my other wall, as that has a picture of the girls from my primary (I'm barely visible) and I don't want to put that up if they don't know about it, even if there is a very cute picture of five-year-old me.

Type out some lyrics you love
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
 A white blank page, and a swelling rage
If I cannot fly, let me sing
Writers keep writing they what ... write, somewhere another pretty vein just ... died
When just one mistake is all you can take, we'll go down in history, remember me for centuries
Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound
Cause good girls are bad girls that never got caught
And my head told my heart 'Let love grow', but my heart told my head 'This time no'
Keep the earth below my feet, for all my sweat, my blood runs weak
You find yourself on top as the leader of the flock, called to be a rock, for those below

There's a lot more than I can think of right now, but there's ten sets of lyrics I love

Describe one of your friends in lots of detail, without naming them
This friend, he's so sweet. He's always enthusiastic whenever he sees me, offering high fives and hugs, and even allows me to rest on his shoulder if I'm feeling tired (always a sign for a good friend in my book if they let you rest on their shoulder). He's always so hyper whenever he starts spouting in accents or another joke, which he always seems to have up his sleeve. His sweet innocence is so refreshing compared to how un-enthused I am in a lot of situations, especially his determination to keep singing high notes until the moment his voice breaks. He's great, and I'm glad he's the one I made friends with in choir.

One photo. Any photo, as long as it's of you or taken by you.
This picture was taken by me on Saturday at our local park while I was out with my mum and her friends taking a test run for a duck race they're doing for Comic Relief. I love photographing nature (sunsets are a particular favourite) and the scenery of the park could not be passed up on such a bright day (it later went on to snow for 20 minutes).

What's the last book you read, and what are your thoughts?
The last book I read was Glimpse (Zellie Wells #1) by Stacey Wallace Benefiel. I liked this book, though I do think it got to the action quite quickly when you expected it to last, then you get a load of filler chapters that, if the first arc lasted longer, would have suited better as a second book, in my opinion. It's still free on kindle if you want to take a look yourself :)
Oh, and the book I'm currently reading (as well as a lot of Sherlock x readers) is Fractured by Danie Atkins.

Share a good post from any blog, including yours
I'm going to blow my own trumpet with my two advice posts (I know it meant singular, but the posts go hand in hand). Take a Break  is a post with advice for when school is stressing you out, what to do to help relieve your stress, and a little information about what was causing me stress. At the End of the Day is set a week afterwards, after all was said and done, and is my reminder to you that nothing lasts forever, and to not pay attention to the unsettling things, in favour of the little things that will keep you happy.

Share a story of something that happened recently
OK, so on Tuesday night, I was performing in our local castle. Our town holds a festival every February to try and entice the youths over half term, and we were one of the night entertainments for it. I was both singing and taking part in some performance poetry, which we'd been working on for a couple of sessions before half term. 
As part of the poetry, we had to wear all black, so I arrived in my school trousers and shoes, as well as a black v-neck, which also fits in with my school sixth form dress code of black and white, so I was just stood with my choir looking like a sixth former. So, of course, I got a few comments off Maya and Sarah for the fact that I was wearing a v-neck, due to the fact that I couldn't angle my body forward at all without flashing at last a little bit of cleavage. So, the show started, we sang, the songs went well, we did our poetry, we sang again (apparently my harmonies were well-received), then we were doing a closing poem. 
During one of the other performances, the woman in charge of the performance poetry came sidling down giving everyone a line each of this final poem. I was sat at the end so I had easier access to get out to sing. So, when we get up, I'm last to walk out of the pew. I tried to slide past a walking stick prop, which I managed to knock over, more on that later. We get on stage, and it all ends up a bit jumbled; to quote my friend Sam at the time, 'We're so organised'. It ended up with one person reading another person's line, so that other person took the original person's line, until we get to Maya beside me, who took my line, which I knew was the last line, so I ended up stood like a wally, because it was the last line, there was nothing for me to say. 
So, then we return to our seats, and me being right at the end, I get to the pews first. I walk past the aforementioned waking stick, which I noticed that it was missing half a foot off the top, which was snapped off beside it. I took a moment to put the two pieces on the pew so it's out of anyone else's way, then go to my seat and just sit with my head in my hands because I BROKE THE STICK. I was in hysterics for two minutes, whisper-yelling at Maya that I BROKE THE STICK, and Jack leaning down the pews telling me that I BROKE THE STICK.
Then it all ended, and I'm stood outside waiting for mum - it was actually warmer outside in the  February air than it was in the chapel - and then this man comes walking past with the stick tucked under his arm, and I'm stifling a laugh, and just turn to my teacher, who was standing around waiting until I left, saying I BROKE THAT STICK.
So yeah, that's the story of the time I BROKE THE STICK.

Go on facebook and message someone you haven't talked to in at least a year, or someone you've never spoken to at all.  If you don't have facebook just text, call or go visit.  What was your conversation?  Word for word:
I've decided not to do this, as a) my friends take forever to answer their phones, and b) I don't particularly want private conversations of mine on the internet.

What are your thoughts on selfies?
In moderation, I think selfies are empowering. I personally take them on good hair days (I pride myself on doing hair). But I'm not too keen on them when you're literally shoving them in people's faces by posting them all the time on instagram and things. I understand that they can heighten self esteem, and they do for me, but if you're fishing for compliments, then I'm not that impressed.

What's your favourite movie and why do you like it?
EEEEEK, hate these questions. I absolutely love the film Mulan, since I was a child. I can't remember what I liked about it as a child, but now I love the music (I'll Make a Man Out of You is a real hype song for me), the story of it, the lessons it teaches, the lines. I just love Mulan, OK?

What's a quote you love, and why do you love it?
I originally read it in a fanfiction a couple of years ago, and it is just a reminder to live in the moment, and it still has the same impact today.

Have you ever been kissed?
No comment

What country do you live in and what's it like?
I live in England, specifically the North-East, where I've lived my entire life. It's alright depending where you are. In my town, you can have a mix of people, and accents, which can be interesting.

Write a paragraph on your train of thought. Anything that comes into your head.
What is going on with shockwave at the moment? WHY DO YOU CRASH? Reload! No feedback, I didn't mean to click you, go away. Imma move this window over here. Ugh, wrong you're. Being a fanfiction writer does not excuse you from correct grammar. Corsets are weird, I mean, it's loads of patterns. I hate doing things under pressure. Tags tab, bugger off. Everyone on target? Never am, probably never will be, but at least I'm going places.

So, here are my 15 questions
~ Favourite sweets? (this includes chocolate)
~ Write a sentence describing a moment of your childhood
~ Something you learned recently, not related to your school curriculum
~ Favourite breakfast cereal?
~ Favourite clothing brand?
~ Favourite makeup brand? (if you're a boy, or don't wear makeup, feel free to skip this)
~ If you had to live in another era, when would you live?
~ What would you want on hand in a zombie apocalypse, you have 5 items
~ Flying or sailing?
~ Early to bed and early to rise, or lie in and stay up till 3 in the morning?
~ Favourite hobby, besides internetting?
~ What's you superpower, and would you use it for good or evil?
~ Biggest nightmare or fear?
~ If you could play God and change an aspect of all humanity, what would you change?
~ Do you like trying new foods? What's the most bizarre thing you've tried? Did you like it?

I hereby nominate:
Ohemgeeitsmaya (obviously)
Open Letters
Jack's short blog
Dorama Minaoshi
Alice May
Glitter and Carousels
This Teenage Blogger


  1. I love this post! I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for nominating me, I look forward to creating my post :)
    Love, gee

    1. You're welcome Gee, can't wait to see your answers :)
      Eve <3

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I enjoyed reading about your recent story with the walking stick. It was hilarious! I'm going to start writing my response soon! Also, I love how your train of thought is quite similar to mine! Especially the "you're" and grammar bit!
    Lara x

    1. Yeah, I broke the stick, if you hadn't guessed! Hehe, had to :)
      Eve <3

  3. This blog post was awesome - thanks for nominating me! It might take me a while to get round to writing it because a) I am just about to pile a load of stuff into a blog post right now and b) I have tons of exams next week and YIKES WHAT IS GOING ON
    I'll let you know when I post my version :)
    Lucy x

    1. You're welcome Lucy! It's alright if you take a while, exams are a bitch.
      OK, can't wait!
      Eve <3

    2. I couldn't have put it better myself! I have been spending the majority of my spare time revising, though none of the stuff I read actually sticks in my head.
      I have just uploaded by award post, thanks again for tagging me!

      Lucy x

    3. It can never be put better than that! If only I ever had the motivation to study. I say that, I have a Spanish speaking exam after Easter (any idea how to revise for those?)
      I just read it, you're welcome :)
      Eve <3