Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Try Something New

Summer holidays are here, at least in England they are, and I'd like to take this moment to convince you of something.
Try Something New this Summer
We have the time now to do what we want, and over the last few years, I've kind of made it my mission to get out of my comfort zone, whether it's trying something different at a restaurant I frequent, getting something different at a takeaway order, or actually listening to the music that my MixRadio app decides I'll like.
I've always been encouraged to try new things, even just once, and it's now lead to me being actually unable to understand people who refuse to try new things; a couple of years ago, when on a school trip to Madrid, I actually bribed two of my friends with hariboes to try calamari and king prawns from a paella we were given. What's the point in going on a trip to another country if you aren't going to at least try to appreciate its culture?
When I was about ten or so, on holiday, I would rarely stray from a starter of tomato soup, some sort of pasta for my main, and ice cream for dessert. Then, I started trying new things that were still slightly in my comfort zone, but they were different to my norm; nowadays when abroad, I'll gladly try something different at each meal (though I usually get the same things for breakfast)
Try Something New This Summer
Even if it's just going out to a different area of town for a day, or ordering something different from a takeaway.
I'm Challenging You
If you do something new because of me, I want you to tell me what you did in the comments, because I want to know.

Love, Eve <3


  1. This summer, I will say 'yes' more often. Yes to going out, yes to trying new food, yes to going to new places, yes to getting out of my comfort zone.

    Xx Morgana

  2. It's not the summer where I am, but I reckon trying something new is a lifestyle choice I need to have. I mean, it opens you up to so much more. The only problem with me though, is that I say yes to new events, new experiences, and then I stress over them and get anxious for days on end. I'm starting to wonder whether trying new things are worth it, or whether I'll ever be able to get rid of all the overthinking and just turn up and have an unfamiliar experience.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. It really is, and it's a choice I'm glad I made. I don't think trying new things necessarily means saying yes to everything, it has to be within reason for me. Don't say yes if you think you'll stress over it, would have to be my honest opinion! I don't think overthinking ever leaves, but I think it's all down to how strong the positive thoughts are, and whether they outweigh the overthinking.
      Trying new things doesn't have to be a skydive, maybe just a leap of faith from one step to the next :)
      Eve <3