Sunday, 12 July 2015

Let Loose at the Metro ~ Haul ~ 27th June 2015

As the title suggests, I was let loose at the Metro Centre a couple of weeks ago (literally the biggest shopping centre in the UK), with Maya and Olivia, and money was definitely spent. I only had a pound or something left by the time Maya's mum and Dad picked us up. Everything I bought was definitely stuff I'd been after for a long time, so I don't regret it!
Here's Maya's haul if you're interested!

First, we hit Primark, the teen's heaven of cheap but quality products. Whilst Maya went gaga over dresses and floral headbands, I found some interest in stud earrings. I'm not one for dangly earrings, so studs are brilliant, and Opia studs are pretty good quality. I've been wearing them for the last week or two when I'm able (damn no jewellery rules), and they're so different to other studs I own, a bit more artistic, and I just like them, and £2 for 9 pairs isn't bad when they're so good.
I also picked up some sea salt spray, because I love trying new things with my hair, and I've been wanting to try out salt sprays for a while, and I'd rather try out a cheap one and sea how I like it before splashing out on a branded one.
Then we found ourselves at the Making Faces stall outside of Primark. Essentially, they buy in makeup products from France and places so they can sell them on at a lower price to shops like Boots. When we got around to the nail varnish, I spotted something that I knew to be £4.50 elsewhere. It was the Rimmel Nail Nurse Stronger Nail; I had a nail biting habit as a child, and it took until I got braces for that to completely break, so my nails aren't in the best of states. In the couple of weeks since I've been wearing this, I certainly feel like they're stronger, I'll have to keep an eye on the breakages/splintering though.
Do I need to tell you the price?
After loads of browsing we made a stop at the Body Shop. Maya spent ages umming and aaahing over a tea tree set (which we went back and bought later), whereas I decided to get something to treat my sister with. My middle sister is currently pregnant (due date was the tenth, so we should be seeing a new nibling (niece/nephew gender neautral term) sometime in the next week), so I thought she should have something to treat herself with post-birth. I know she likes the mango range by the Body Shop, so I got her a body sorbet (kind like a really light body lotion) and a nail varnish to go with it. When we were leaving after our second trip in, I decided to put my scrap change towards the Teenage Cancer Trust jar they had in the corner; they had pots of samples that you didn't have to pay for, only give a donation towards the charity, so I got myself a pot of the sorbet, which smells so nice!
We stormed Boots next, and I formally apologise to my purse now, your HP took such a hit in Boots.
I mentioned in my end of school post that I take mutlivitamins, and seeing as I was running low, I picked some up whilst I was there, and I was surprised to find that they were cheaper than usual, so bonus!
I've been wanting to branch out makeup-wise, so have been wanting to try pen liners. Seeing as Collection's pen liner is £3, I picked that up, as I'm one of those people who tries with cheap products so that it's not a massive loss of money if it doesn't work out.
Then I had the fortune to find an offer at Barry M; I absolutely love Barry M, especially for nail varnish, so when I saw that if you spent over a certain amount on Barry M, you could get a Gelly Hi-Shine polish for free, I jumped at it! I've been wanting to try the matte nail paints, so I picked it up in this absolutely beautiful colour (Cancun Turquoise), then I had to get my own Genie lipstick, which I've been wearing so much. The Gelly polish I chose is Coconut, this off white colour; I feel so hipster when I wear it, seeing as plain white nails seems to be a trend at the moment.
Lunch was at KFC, after we'd all gotten our eyeliner and mascara done at the Benefit counter in House of Fraser using the new They're Real coloured liners and mascara, so of course, got a selfie in!
And yeah, KFC!

It was a great day, I absolutely loved spending time with my friends, should really do it more often!
What do you reckon to my photography, I've been trying to improve so that my blog has better quality pictures -  Apoorva's blog photography posts have certainly helped!
Currently binge-writing a load of posts and scheduling them :)
Love, Eve <3


  1. I so want to go shopping right now! I absolutely love Primark! Probably my favourite place to shop for clothes! You must have had such a great day! I loved that you put photographs on here as well. Keep up the writing!



    1. I actually love Primark's pyjamas, they're so comfy! It was a really good day :)
      Thank you, and I will :)
      Eve <3