Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Writing Wednesday #16 ~ Punch

It was the other girl that threw the first punch, Holly swore it. Then again, it was hard to pinpoint exactly when the spat began; had it been with the first hurled insult, or the haphazard slap, or even with the boyfriends appearing to break it up?
Holly had escaped the brawl with her scars, as well as a bust lip, black eye, and the four stitches in her cheek. The sense of accomplishment, however, was astonishing. The other girl certainly didn't come out so lucky, with a fractured wrist, a considerable chunk of hair missing from her head, and was a ripped dress classed as a casualty?
Oliver couldn't decide what to do with her; his girlfriend knew how to throw a punch, and was that really a bad thing? She did start a bar fight though, and he couldn't exactly advocate that.
Once out of the hospital and showered, Oliver turned to his girlfriend as she dragged a comb through her bedraggled hair. "So what was that?"
"What was what?" Holly returned, pulling out a particularly nasty knot.
"You know what Holly. You just started a bar fight with another girl. What was it about?"
Holly placed the comb down, having pulled her hair into her customary bedtime ponytail. "I am sorry, Oliver, but she said Twilight was better than Harry Potter."

Crappy bit of humour this week; I realise that a subject like 'punch', but I really couldn't think of anything. This was written during a day of tedium at the Sage Gateshead. We're performing in a Catholic Partnership event, which is fun, but spending an entire day at the venue isn't the most exciting of things.
Anywho, should have a couple of posts up soon enough, my Ireland blog and hopefully a favourites!
Also, it's thundering where I am, and the library lights keep flickering, this looks promising for DofE tomorrow :)
Eve <3


  1. Haha, this made me laugh. I really like these writing prompts and what you're doing with them :)

    1. Thank you, I hope you enjoy the rest that I'll be writing :)
      Eve <3

  2. To be completely honest, I wouldn't mind starting a bar fight with anyone if they said "Twilight was better than Harry Potter"! :P
    This made me laugh so much that I LITERALLY fell off my chair!
    Stay awesome as ever,
    Much love,
    Archie <3

    1. Are you okay? Think that might be the best reaction to something I've written!
      Stay amazing as always (and on your chair)
      Love Eve <3