Saturday, 11 July 2015

Another Year Been and Gone

Alright, I'm not technically completely done with school just yet; I'm on work experience for the final week of school, and I'm going back in on Thursday to sing for my headmaster's leaving mass, so I'm not done yet, but technically I am, because I have no lessons left.
So what have I learnt this year?

Relationships aren't everything
At the start of year 10, i was determined that at some point in the year, I would be in a relationship. At the other end, I realise that I did have more important things to focus upon. I've had crushes, certainly, and even an offer of a relationship in the last 10 months, but I've also been splitting my time between school and extra-curriculars, hobbies and home life. I have time for a relationship; I hope I at least have something in time for prom next year, but if not, I have some brilliant friends to have as my dates.

Grades aren't everything
When it gets to year 10, you start stressing about your marks, even just for simple homework tasks, when really you shouldn't. Unless you know it's coursework, don't stress; if it's revision material, all you need is for it to have the relevant facts and figures, as long as it teaches you something, you don't need to impress anybody with it. I know teachers make a big deal out of marks for things, especially when it gets to report time (which for us at my school is every term/half term), but don't sweat it, because I have and it has at some points completely wrecked me in the last year, which leads to my next point.

Mental stability is important
I know that amidst the masses of homework and expectations that we do forget to think about ourselves - don't. It doesn't matter whether you've been diagnosed with mental problems or not, mental health is important no matter whether it's on a medical file or not.
You may remember back in January, when I had a 'snap' over some chemistry homework. I didn't actually mention this, but the day after my mum's shop closed in April, I snapped again, ending up taking a day off school because I wasn't able to get out the door with clear eyes.
Since then, I've been taking multi-vitamins, so about 2 1/2 months, I believe going by the pack. Looking at the reviews on the Boots website, it goes on about giving people energy, but I feel the only energy I'm gaining is going to the sensitive parts of me. I certainly feel like I've been more positive, and talking to my friends when I was picking up some more the other weekend, it certainly sounds like I have been.

Extra-curriculars are only worth your time if you're reaping the rewards
As you know by now, I sing, I perform. As I said earlier, I've been splitting my time between extra-curriculars over the last year, what with loads of extra school masses and stuff due to it being our 50th anniversary, Joseph requiring a load of rehearsals, Sage rehearsals demanding a lot of my time, and DofE. As stressed as I have been over it though, it felt brilliant to see what all those rehearsals and all that time became; being able to leave the stage at the Sage and say 'that was bloody brilliant', or start jumping excitedly as soon as you're backstage after the first act of Joseph, you know it's been worth it, and I'm now sure that I'll be doing the exact same next year, even with exams on.

Get friendship dramas out of the way
It is at this point where I gloat and say that I'm glad that I've gained so many friends over the years, but it's around year 9 and year 10 that you really start deciding who belongs where in your life, or whether they belong in your life at all. I suggest you start doing this now rather than under the duress of exams next year.

Take the time to enjoy
Now that I'm older, it feels like the years pass so much quicker, as it did this last year. You're not in school forever, so enjoy it! Make memories outside of the classroom and inside them, and live in the moment, because that's all we have.

Damn this got inspirational. That's pretty much all I've learnt in the last year, what about you?
Also, anyone who's wondering, we had our Joseph performance on Thursday night, I absolutely loved it, and now have a t-shirt with the name 'Dan' on the back (that won't be awkward at all) as well as the Joseph and school logos in the best places (literally right above my boobs, brilliant job CRE8IVE), to use as my comfy shirt, so yay!
Got a slightly overdue haul to work on now! I actually have homework I should probably be doing, but eh, SUMMER!
I actually don't have to go to work experience till 10 on Monday, so ha to all my friends going to primary schools who have to be there for half 8! Just kidding, have fun :)
Love Eve <3


  1. Hang in there, Eve! Just one more week and then you'll be able to enjoy summer full on! The weather has been pretty great as well! We finally get to see some sunshine for a change :p I love the list of things you learnt this year as they're so true! Slightly off topic, but what will you be singing for your headmaster's leaving mass? Take enough time to relax before the start of year 11 :)

    Xx Morgana

    1. This is the point where I do a crappy Les Mis parody in my head *ONE WEEK MORE*
      I've been liking the weather recently when it hasn't been spitting buckets. Thank you? I have no idea, probably our usual list, seeing as they're so well rehearsed, like Amazing Grace, Meekness and Majesty, Bread of Life, as well as a couple of songs our headmaster actually wrote, I can almost guarantee they'll be in there.
      I certainly will!
      Eve <3

  2. I'm in Year 10 now as well and wow these are definitely spot on. For the relationship thing, you don't aim to have a relationship, it should just happen. You want something real, not some random teen drama for the sake of it. And yeah, the friendship thing is difficult but true. I hate to admit it when I realise a particular friend shouldn't have a place in my life anymore. Good luck for exams next year, for both you and me.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. It wasn't an aim, more of an expectation, because teenagers., but I will hope ;) teen drama relationships feel so pointless, this is not some soap opera.
      I hated it too, seeing as, to myself as I am, I'm a people person too, and finding out that someone you did gel with doesn't anymore isn't fun.
      Good luck to you too, M
      Eve <3