Monday, 6 July 2015

I Fell Asleep

Don't think I've talked about my utterly horrendous schedule, but in the last four weeks, I haven't been in lessons at all on a Friday, three Thursdays whilst missing lessons elsewhere as well. Of course, this means I have a lot of catching up to do.
You'd think, seeing as I only have two weeks left of school, that I wouldn't have that much left to do.
So we'll pile it on top of you now
Assessments galore. I have, in fact, missed so much work for my history assessment that I'm having to leave it until September. However, I decided to get all of my sources work done so it's there in September.
I didn't realise when I walked into the lesson today that I had so little to copy out, seeing as I'd done most of it already.
So, it took me around twenty minutes to finish all my copying, leaving me half an hour to spare. seeing as I had nothing else to do (in hindsight, I realise I had English work in my bag, but I didn't think of that), so I decided to read through my notes, and read through them, and read through them.
my history lesson is directly after lunch, and we all know what it's like after lunch; you feel sluggish, and if you don't have anything in particular to concentrate on, nodding off is an alternative.
Which I apparently did.
I had been nodding off for a little while, making sure to catch myself, which I apparently didn't the final time. I woke up to a boy yelling out 'she's asleep'. Sue me, I fell asleep.
Thankfully, my history teacher is pretty upbeat, and knows I wouldn't have fallen asleep if I hadn't been tired, and knew I had the work done, so she just passed it off by asking if I was tired.

So that happened. Thankfully, I only had to sit through another lesson before I could escape to rehearsals.
Rehearsals were alright, there are ups and downs when it comes to the last week before a production.
My good friend Jack is singing 'Benjamin Calypso', and oh my God, Jack, it was so good tonight, I don't know how anyone will keep a straight face whilst you're singing.
Anyway, we finally got to setting the rest of Act 2, and towards the end (spoiler alert if you haven't seen Joseph before, which obviously means you haven't been in an English primary school) when they reunite with Joseph, we all have to go up and pat him on the back or hug him or something. Beforehand, I'm sat towards the front of the stage, so I'm one of the first to reach him. I went to pat him on the shoulder, but we somehow ended up in a strange hug thing where he had hold of my hip.
And still had hold of it when he moved onto the rest of the brothers. Slightly strange feeling, that. (he's only a year older than me, but still)
Then, being towards the front, I had nothing to do, so I tried to move backwards to let the rest in (there are eleven of us), but ended up stuck in a circle of people patting him on the back over my shoulder. Fun!
Also, you can't say I don't sacrifice anything for drama, as I now have a cut on my wrist from the side of the stage after sitting down maybe a bit too quickly on the stairs, which is hurting as I rest my hand on the keyboard whilst typing.

So that's the interesting points of my day, what about yours?
Love, Eve <3


  1. Schools can be so stressful sometimes.
    Here, in my country, tenth, twelfth and the last year of our degrees are the three major academic milestones that you can achieve.
    But in the process of PREPARING for those milestones, you get gifted with miraculous, wondrous, delightful, breezy (NOT) gifts called homeworks, assignments and tests.
    As for sleeping off, I have had my fair share of dozing off in classes. But thankfully, nobody caught me! :P
    Your rehearsals sound really fun! I can't wait 'til the time my college kicks off with plays!
    Stay awesome as ever,
    Much love,
    Archie <3

    1. Here it's eleventh, and if you go onto A-Levels, 12th and 13th where you're examined, other than university.
      I would probably use words antonymous to those xp
      Apparently I was also nodding off in an RE lesson the next day, which was last lesson, and we were watching a film.
      I can't wait to get stuck into next year's rehearsals :)
      Stay amazing as always,
      Love Eve <3

  2. I hope things get better for you! I'm barely keeping up with my work as it is, and I've been present the whole time (with the exception of work experience). I've never fallen asleep during school before, though in a weird way I sort of wish that I could, because maybe then I wouldn't be tired all the time.

    The Joseph story sounds like the sort of awkward thing I would definitely do!
    I hope that things start to go your way soon :)
    Lucy <3

    1. I'm hoping so too. Education system why?!
      I've only properly fallen asleep once before last year, but you can't blame me on a hot day! I've got work experience next week at the M&S down the road, should be fun!
      It was very awkward!
      Thank you, and I hope the same for you :)
      Eve <3