Monday, 26 January 2015

Things I Like About Me Tag

Before I actually start this, I'd like to say thank you to Layla for nominating me for this, you're making me think for once, and secondly, in no way am I trying to brag here. I can certainly list things I like about myself easily, but I can also easily list things I don't particularly like about myself too, but we'll be saving that talk for later.
* * * * *
Physically, I'd say I most like my eyes. I like that they're not on solid colour and that they can change depending on certain things. I like that a little bit of eyeliner can make them seem bolder and maybe even darker. I don't know, but if you asked for my defining feature, it would be my eyes.

I like my hair too, I suppose. Some days it annoys me to high hell, bu that's the fun of natural hair. The fact that it's long and can be done in so many different ways is amazing to me, and I'm still learning different styles I can do.

Ask me about my character, and I'll probably be able to describe the ones on the page better. If you asked for a definitive 'type' you'd have to let me get back to you, in a few years when I maybe have a definitive 'type'.

The Eve behind the screen, she's book-ish, laughs too loud, and isn't quick to make decisions.
I like the fact that I'm stubborn. Weird, I know, but I know that I can stand my ground. Yes, I may stutter when it comes to public speaking, but I know what I'm trying to say, and it may take a few tries, but I'll get my point across. I consider things before I say them, and just like the way I take ages to write a sentence whilst wanting to get it right, I will backtrack whilst speaking because I think I've worded it wrong.

I like that I've become a person that people enjoy being around; whether it's a teacher who defines me as a pleasure to teach, or a friend who, no matter my weird actions and strange personality, still somehow sticks by me (shoutout to you guys, you know who you are).
* * * * *
I can't really think of anymore right now. I'm rubbish, I know, but part of me, I think is still stuck in ten year old insecurities. Hopefully this year will be the year to work on those, if not beat them. Maybe I'll tell you about them, maybe I won't.

Quick little thing today, enjoy your week, see you on Wednesday,
Eve <3


  1. I completely get what you're saying with the whole stubbornness thing. Sometimes it pays to be stubborn - I'm quite shy, so I think that if I wasn't able to stand my ground so well then people would use me and push me around quite a bit!

    1. Being stubborn ain't a bad thing :)