Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Handwriting Tag

Yesterday's post was kinda short, so I'm throwing in a random tag just to make up for that. Thankfully it isn't as long as last year's TMI Tag, but it did take a while.
Would this be counted as truthful? I don't know if my English teacher would say so. This is my neat handwriting; the one I use in my history book after writing out my notes in my horrendous handwriting in class. I have literally resorted to writing notes on the front of my geography assessments to apologise for the monstrosity that is me trying to answer all the questions in the time I have (apparently my test was the most amusing in the class because of it) so I think I may add a page of my notes to the end of this as a comparison just to show you.
I've kind of jumbled the questions together, because there were two different sets I came across.
And here are those History examples I promised, because I cannot let you believe that this ^ is my true handwriting! All of these examples are waiting to be copied into my actual History coursebook. My method for notes is write as legibly as I can on lined paper in class (my teacher changes slides so quickly) then copy it out in my spare time with colours to highlight certain points of my notes (that's why, in the education page, some parts are underlined)

Do you see how small this is?

So, there you go! Just a little tag to break up all the stress and stuff I've been posting recently.
I would now like to say again, I am tagging!
Layla of Laylatheawesome
Lucy of Open Letters

You have been tagged! 

Have a nice weekend everyone, Eve <3


  1. how dafuq am I going to do this I dont have a scanner xD

    1. Take a picture of it on your phone?