Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Writing Wednesday #17 ~ X-Ray

His gaze was an x-ray, however instead of stripping her of her clothes or a layer or two of skin, he saw beyond the facade, so skilfully crafted, yet so easily broken.
Was it wrong of her to want someone to see through it all? She had spent so long creating this persona, could she really throw all that time away the minute a person strolled by who knew what she was doing?
The first time, he asked her what her real life plans were, having listened to her drone on to a friend about studying something like law, or maybe human nature. He had leant over to her once her friend had turned away to natter on to somebody else, requesting the truth. One look told her he knew, and she might as well not bother lying when they both knew it.
That day became the first of many; whilst one answer was given, he would request the truth, and she would willingly give it.

The time they spent together was honest, until the time came whence she must choose.
While her suitor had already been chosen, he begged to know whether she would truly marry one who she did not love.
Her answer, her truth, was seen by his eyes in her regretful tears, that fell behind her bridal veil, as she said 'I do'.
* * *
This took a different turn to when I started writing this, but that was something like three weeks ago, so I'm sorry for that, the end of school and work experience had me busy, and I needed a week afterwards just to get myself together.
And then I went and missed Wednesday to post this, FFS Eve!


  1. This is not fair on my heart!
    Lucy <3

    1. I'M SORRY LUCY!
      Eve <3
      P.S. Next week is railroad, and I feel like that one's going to be a sad one, so that can be your heads up!

  2. I am equally excited and cautious, haha D:
    Lucy <3