Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Writing Wednesday #18 ~ Railroad

It was the railroad, he decided, that brought them together. A hodge-podge team who you wouldn’t see together on an everyday.
They were made up of a self-taught website hacker, a personal training nut, a frantic commuter, an army dropout, and a single mother of two.
He liked to think of them as the civilian Avengers, except the only thing they had avenged so far was a morning coffee run.
They had all met before; he had asked the hacker for laptop recommendations when he had needed a new one; the gym nut and army drop out had bonded over juice cleansing; the commuter and the mum had met in the ice cream aisle after a shared bad day.
They came together for the first time in the coffee shop, offered nods of acknowledgement, smiles tainted by 8am yawns of ‘what am I doing in civilisation at this hour’, raised eyebrows of agreement.
It was after that that they noticed each other’s presence in their lives; his niece was in the same class as the single mother’s twins; the website hacker’s brother had served alongside the dropout; the commuter and the gym goer worked only two buildings apart.
They didn’t do much; they weren’t the Avengers, much as he wanted them to be; they met for coffee whenever they could, arguing over this and agreeing over that.
Until the day it crashed, with him on it; the smiling high school teacher.
It was the railroad that brought them together, and it was the railroad that tore them apart.
* * *
I liked the idea of a railroad being the kind of catalyst that brings a group of people together, kind of like in the Railway Children, so I wrote it! Sorry about the ending, I just kind of felt it fit, and I couldn't shake myself from writing that last line, so it went in.
Got to take some pictures at some point tomorrow and Friday for posts to work on.
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So, yeah, love you <3


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEVE THIS IS NOT OKAY (though seriously, I actually love this!)
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    1. Am I able to say I did tell you to be prepared? I'm sorry!!! (Seriously, thank you!)
      Eve <3

  2. This is so AWESOME, OKAY! You should TOTALLY join Wattpad!
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    1. I might, maybe when I've completed all 100
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