Friday, 7 August 2015

Would You Rather ~ Collab ~ The Terrible Tales of an Awkward Teen

 (Just lost half an entire post trying to correct some mishaps with highlighting D: WHY HAVE I NOT LEARNED TO SAVE SHIT!)

So today, I have a bit of a different post. A couple of weeks ago, I found another blogger through the Teenage Blogger Central community on google plus who was asking if anybody wanted to collab. So I checked out her blog, and I feel like we have quite similar senses of humour and writing styles.

This is with The Terrible Tales of an Awkward Teen, and she's going to be posting these questions also and her answers to them, but I suggest you check out her blog and share the Pen and Key love! (that was far too enthusiastic, it's twenty five to two in the morning, I'm sorry!)

Would You Rather?...

~ Spend a week without wifi or a week without blogging? (that means no reading other blogs or writing for your own)

I find wifi literally wherever I can, so I'd probably go mad without it. Maybe a break from blogging would give me some actually good ideas ;)

~ Be trapped in the last book you read or be trapped in the last tv series you watched? (for interest, what were they?)

Seeing as the last TV show I watched was Hair (I am eternally jealous of their skills), I'd have to say the last book, which was called Wild Designs by Katie Fforde, because Patrick Donahugh sounds hot (if I were Althea's age, not the age I am!)

~ Drive a motorbike or a car?

I'd love to ride a motorbike, but I barely have the centre of gravity to keep a pushbike stable, so a car would probably be safer for me and everybody in my vicinity.

~ Only listen to songs that were popular ten years ago, or only listen to songs that were popular fifty years ago?

I quite like the songs from 10 years ago, because my sisters were my age ten years ago, so I was influenced a lot when I was younger by their music tastes.

~ Spend the rest of your life living in small towns or big cities (you can still move around, just not from one to another)

I love small towns, because they adapt to the changing times. I'd love to live in a big city, but small towns have my heart.

~ Stay in school for the next 30 years or leave school after the 2nd grade?

In second grade, I knew how to add up and how to read, and that was it, so I'd have to say 30 years, as long as the curriculum changed, because I could not stand learning the same thing over and over for thirty years.

~ Live in a world with no problems or live in a world where you rule?

I'd say live in a world with no problems, because I'd probably start a load more if I started rulin

~ Be three feet taller or three feet shorter?

I like being relatively tall (though a lot of friends and classmates have grown taller over the years D:), so I'd say three feet taller.

~ Have hiccups for the rest of your life or itch you can't reach for the rest of your life?

Hiccups for me are physically painful, but at least itches can be tuned out eventually, so I'd have to put up with the itch.

~ Would you rather lose half your hair or half your hearing?

Hearing for me is pretty bad, my sister complains whenever I'm on the phone to her because I have to say 'what' a dozen times, and I've been wondering recently what I'd look like with shorter hair, so I'd lose half my hair.

So that's my answers to all ten questions, I gave the ones in bold, Awkward Teen sent me the italicised questions. If you want to see her answers, you'll have to check out her blog!

And hey, if you wanna collab with me, I've just created an email specifically for just that, so if you ever want to collab, guest post, or if you just need someone to talk to (I'm pretty sure I'm halfway to either a psychiatry or philosophy degree by now!), you can contact me at

Somebody's already taken penandkey, the nerve of some people!
But yeah, guess who's been on holiday for three weeks out of seven, and hasn't even opened a book to attempt holiday homework!
Have a good weekend everybody, sudden epiphany impending!
Love Eve <3


  1. I'm pretty sure holiday homework is only intended for the last week of the holiday, when everyone is finally forced into being productive!
    Lucy <3

    1. Yeah, but it's projects, so I should really get some time down for them. Plus, I have a controlled assessment to finish :/
      Eve <3