Monday, 22 June 2015

I Want to Make This Better

I love my blog; it's strange to think how different I may be if I didn't create a blog 17 months ago. 
However, I have been here for 17 months, and I want to know how to be 'out there'. 
How do I promote my blog?
How do I make my blog seen? This is the classic case of envy, I know, but I'm proud of my little corner and I want it to be noticed. So here I pose a couple of questions to you:
How do you promote your blog?
What do you think of my content?
My content isn't set in stone, apart from Writing Wednesdays, so what do you think of the stuff I post? Should I do less talking about my life, more about stuff that interests me? Or do you like hearing about my life?
Just a couple of questions I want answers to. Still working on the long post, I'm nearly done bar picture uploading (I can see that taking a chunk out of my life). So yeah, happy Monday, etc.
Love, Eve <3


  1. you could try putting the link on tumblr xx

  2. When I started my blog, I just tried shoving the link anywhere where people would listen! This was mainly Google+ and stuff. After a while, I stopped posting my content on Inspirational Facts, but every now and then I remind people about it (I get the feeling I'm harassing them or something, haha). I tend to upload whatever I see fit to my blog - it's my blog, so I can put whatever content I want on it; whatever's on my mind and just random things about me and lessons I've learned. I'm probably not the best person to ask, seeing as my blog is kinda flopping at the moment (I just don't have time AAH).

    I personally love your content, regardless of the type of post, and think you're an amazing writer :)
    Lucy <3

  3. You should write about whatever you think is worth writing about. Readers shouldn't come to your blog to read what they like, they should come to read new exciting things that they haven't heard of or thought of before! Therefore, I think you should stick to your own thing- until you're able to figure out what kind of "my own thing" people like the most.
    If you want to put your blog out there, I highly suggest following and regularly commenting on other peoples blogs. A lot of people scroll through comments and go through blogs linked there. The nicer and more thoughtful the comment, the higher the chances of someone being drawn to your profile.
    Last but not least, a twitter isn't a bad idea :)
    Hope this helps you out!

  4. Just comment on other blogs a lot, leave links, and your blog shall be miraculously promoted. As for the content, just keep doing what you feel like doing. Don't change what you're writing on your blog for other people.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I'll try and comment more often to put myself out there. Thank you for the advice M
      Eve <3

  5. Hi Eve,
    Same story. Same story.
    I just really want to improve my blog, improve myself too.
    I guess to make your blog better, you can comment on other blogs, share your posts (especially your Writing Wednesday posts) on social media and join blogger related forums.
    It helps a LOT.
    But don't mess with the things you write. Your individuality and uniqueness are your unique selling points. Nobody (that I know of) does Writing Wednesdays and rants as amazingly well as you do!
    You can change your templates and all, but do not change the content.
    So, keep your content as it is but you can interact with more users in order to make your blog a lot more popular! :)
    Stay awesome as ever,
    Much love,
    Archie <3

  6. Back links! Back links are your friend in the seo world. Basically, the more places your links are found on the interwebs, the more likely they are to be seen, so the higher up google rankings you go.
    Also tags and keywords help.
    But like with any business, networking is what you need to do.