Friday, 8 May 2015

It's a Shame

Last week, I talked about Matthew, a boy I knew in primary school who was tragically taken whilst out with some friends. Today, I attended his funeral, as did several other people from my primary graduating class. There were people there I haven't seen nor spoken to in four years, or at least not for extended periods of time.
To me, it's a shame that it's not some cheesy class reunion that we're meeting at, but a funeral of a friend, who, at one point or another, was a part of our lives that I can't imagine us going without.
It's a shame that in maybe 15 years, when we might have our own reunion, there'll be one less person, who will never see the chances that we have.
I guess, what I'm trying to say is, if you want to stay in touch with people, but maybe haven't seen them, make an effort. I must've only seen Matthew a day or two before he died in the corridors, and I'm sure that I thought, 'oh, I wish I still talked to him'. It seems such a shame that someone who made up such a part of my life became nothing more than a face in a crowd. Now the crowd is one less face.
Also, I'd like to talk about staying safe. Matthew's death was definitely an accident; he was waved across a bypass by one driver, whilst another drove up to the roundabout, not seeing the boy crossing before him. I don't blame anyone of them, as they could all easily be at fault, but my heart goes out to those drivers, who must be feeling such guilt, but also to the friends that Matthew was with at the time.
Whenever I say goodbye to someone I'm close to, whether it's my best friend, or my own mother, I pretty much always say 'you be good', a phrase that has translated from my parents saying it to me whenever they dropped me off somewhere to me saying it too. To me, be good means look after yourself, stay safe, I love you.
So I'm going to say this now, be good, I love you, look after yourself. I love you
This won't be he last time I think of you Matthew, but I realise that I can't change anything. I'll carry on, and I know my Red Ranger will be there lending me his strength. Until I see you again, Matthew, I love you.
Eve <3


  1. It's sad to think of the confronting reality that one of the people we've known or know now will die young. It'll be one less familiar face in the world. I guess the message here is to keep in contact before it's too late. I'm sorry about Matthew.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. This is so heartwrenching. Thanks for the message you've conveyed through this post, Eve. It's so true.
    I'm really sorry about Matthew and I'm sure he was a genuinely nice person.
    You too, be good.
    Take care, stay safe.
    Much love,
    Archie <3

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Matthew, that must be terrible for you. I wish you and all of your friends the best. I think that the message expressed in this blog post is an incredibly important and eye-opening one. It is quite a scary thing to think about: someone you've known for years just not being there anymore. A lot of the people I am in school with now I have known for around 11 years - that is such a long amount of time that I couldn't imagine life without them. I suppose nothing is permanent.
    You be good, take care of yourselves and each other,
    Lucy <3

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  5. In the past years, even though I'm ashamed to admit it, I've lost touch with a lot of people, and one of them even happened to be my best friend, at least for the time being. I've had to say goodbye to a lot of people who were incredibly close to me and I sort of understand how much of an impact it has on a person. Every time we part ways with someone, even though neither of us acknowledge it, there's this unspoken agreement that we will meet again, maybe after an eternally long time, or maybe just in a matter of seconds. So, it sort of is, for the lack of better words, unsettling when we come to terms with the fact that we'll never be able to see that person ever again. I didn't know Matthew but being as human as I am, from the deepest pits of my heart, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what happened to him and I'm sorry for everyone who knew him, it's never easy to say goodbye. I'm so sorry that you had to go through this, Eve. My deepest condolences to Matthew's family, his friends and everyone who knew him. Thank you for sharing this, Eve. And again, I'm sorry, as pathetic as that sounds, considering the fact that I never knew him, I really am.
    Please take care,
    All my love,
    Mazha <3

    1. And the comment I deleted is literally the same one, I just clicked the wrong button at the wrong time. Sorry, I just had to let you know.

  6. So sorry to hear this tragic news! :( Sending you love and condolences!