Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Writing Wednesday #11 ~ Name

Sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks. I haven't got much of an excuse other than I've been trying to get to bed earlier on a night, after a particularly bad day on Tuesday, which I will probably blog about at some point. Also, there's a show my mum and me have been watching on Wednesday nights called Messiah. It's a crime drama, which I think can be found on youtube; it is however gruesome and graphic when showing murder victims, so if you're averse to that sort of thing, I advise you don't watch it.
What's in a Name?
His name was Bucky, but he didn't know that. Her name was Lucy, but he didn't know that either, or the man from the bridge. He had called him Bucky, then recited a name he must have known from heart. James Buchanan Barnes, a name that fell so familiarly from swollen lips. And the girl, young as she was, the gaze that held his was withered, the words she spoke weary.
"I love him too, Bucky, you know that, or at least, you did."The soldier barely had a moment to contemplate her words before her hand slipped from his grasp, allowing herself to fall after the already plummeting patriot.
He couldn't think when she fell, nor did he think when he too let go of the helicarrier. He was thinking as the air flew past; his superiors would be angry, he hadn't completed his mission. Looking back at the helicarrier, still under fire from its peers, the winter soldier realised that maybe, just maybe, this was his way out. Maybe this was his chance to learn, more than just a name, learn who this Bucky was. Eyes following the girl into the water, searching the depths for his mission, he thought maybe, just maybe, he could learn who they were too.
* * * * *
There we go. This one's for all my Marvel fans. I only joined the fandom a month ago, but I'm in pretty deep. I saw Age of Ultron on Saturday, and it was brilliant, such a good film, I now cannot wait for Civil War, which isn't for another year (D:) but at least there'll be Fantastic Four to fill that gap! This is yet another fanfiction-based WW, which I'm researching at the minute. I might make a wattopsd or something, I don't know, I might just leave them as fantasies like normal, I don't know.
I should have a few posts up in the next few days, tomorrow there's going to be a tag, then an award on Friday, Saturday I might talk about my bad day last Tuesday, and I'm due to do a favourites post, so that'll be Sunday methinks. Should be fun getting all this out! Ser you all then, Eve x