Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Youth's Immortality

Today, unfortunately, I am talking about the immortality of youth. The perception we have as children that things, people, anything in our lives, will last forever, because they were in our lives.

As already blogged about by Maya and Lara, a boy in our school year group was run into by a car on Saturday afternoon. Maya had done a few things around school with Matthew, Lara was in the same pastoral class as Matthew, whereas I went to primary with him. That's 7 years of knowing him as a child.

Back in the earlier years, year 1 & 2, I always played with Matthew and a group of our other friends. All I can think of is us as Power Rangers (SPD for the win). I'd usually end up switching which Ranger I was, but Matthew was always red, and that's pretty much how I'm remembering him. As I wrote in the memorial book school has created, he'll always be the Red Ranger to me.

The thing that strikes me is that, as children, we think people will last forever, when unfortunately we don't.

This is going to be my opportunity to say, appreciate the people in your life. Cherish the moments, because they'll only last in our memories. Remind people that you love them, especially when you're saying goodbye, because you don't know when you're going to see them again. Also, stay safe yourself, because if it's true for other people, it'll probably be true for you too.

And I love you all, remember that for me,

Eve x

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