Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Writing Wednesday #6 ~ Bread

You wait for your moment, standing proud your brothers. One of them got lucky the other day, leaving you next in line.

You were created to seduce, you were created to satisfy, you were created to tempt.

You were made for midnight feasts and 3 pm snacks; you were crafted for the morning rush and the lunchtime lull. 

You were not created to display your age with splotches of green, marring your bright surface. You were made for the sweet tooth, for the savoury touch; you were made for whatever you were needed.

As the bag opens, allowing light to illuminate your perfect body, you know that it is your turn, and you are ready.

* * * * *

A really weird one this week. A friend of mine suggested I write about the life of a piece of bread on a counter, so I kind of took it a little bit further. Thank you for the suggestion :)
I'll be posting an award on Friday, then hopefully a Favourites on Saturday or Sunday, if I get around to thinking about what I'd class as my favourites.
Bye, Eve <3

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