Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Writing Wednesday #2 ~ Treat

So this may sound a bit garbled, a bit rushed, and it probably is. I'm currently sat in a pub writing this intro. It got to Monday night that I realised, s**t, Writing Wednesday in a couple of days! So yeah, I'm not the best at organisation, as can be seen in my school planner, which has been pretty much empty since I returned from my holiday a week into this half term.
So, yeah, I had no ideas for Treat. It's such a vague prompt that could lead to so many different possibilities (kind of the point, I know); so my brain kind of shut down at the idea of all those variables.
Don't expect this to be good, I'll try and get on track for next week!
*   *   *
"So, where're we going?" She asked, her pace quickening just to keep up with his gate.
"I told you," he sighed, rolling his eyes in exasperation. "It's a surprise!" He tried to put as much enthusiasm as he could into the word, but after having to repeat the phrase for what must be the tenth time, the enthusiasm was waning some.
"And I told you," she argued with a petulant lip that would put the best of 'selfie pouts' to shame. "I hate surprises!"
"You'll like this one," he whispered, eyes scouring the horizon ahead before turning with a reassuring smile plastered onto his face. "I promise. It's a treat, for getting through your A Levels."
"You don't even know the results yet, I could've done crap for all you know!" She retaliated, yet still keeping her pace with the lanky boy she was following.
She couldn't put her finger on it, observing his back as he stormed ahead; he was just ... off. Whether it was his quickened pace or the nervous way he was looking ahead of them, as if waiting for something to appear, she couldn't tell exactly which of his ticks was setting her more on edge.
She pulled up short when he turned to her, with what to him may have felt like a reassuring smile, but honestly gave her more reason to worry. "Nearly there," he exclaimed, voice sounding strained. "What's that face for, Luce? I promise it's a nice surprise!"
As much as Lucy would have loved to believe her boyfriend, the tone of his voice was nowhere near as convincing as he intended.
Lucy was wondering where exactly 'nearly there' was - they must have been walking for half an hour, at least - when they finally crested the hill they had been ascending. Apart from the car at the other die of the green, she couldn't see what this 'treat' of his was.
She finally saw it, however, when the driver's door of the parked defender swung open. Out stepped a man, his strides confident, eyes hidden behind large sunglasses, which he proceeded to remove, revealing eyes that were as terrifying as they were hypnotic. The blue depths held an eery quality, a malicious glint of triumph. "It's been a long time, little sis," he breathed with a leering smile.
Instead of focussing on he man before her, the man she had been old she wouldn't have to worry about seeing again, she rounded on the one behind her, the traitor.
"You tricked me!" she yelled, voice filling the green, the hurt of the betrayal painfully evident.
"He made me, I swear, I wouldn't have done this on purpose!" He had been perfect, a boyfriend she knew she could fall back on; yet now, he'd let her keep falling.
"Think of it as an accelerated reunion. Change your name and move away as often as you like, Melody, but I will always be able to find you, and you know it."
A shudder ran its course over her spine, taking her mind away from her brother, his confident stride bringing him all the more closer to her. Even as she tried to step back, to run back to her boyfriend - traitor or no, he'd at least try to protect her, or so she hoped - but, too late. James' hand curled malevolently around her upper arm, the vice-like grip holding firm.
"Trick or treat, Melody," he whispered into her ear, the triumph in his eyes a permanent reminder of how royally screwed she was.
*   *   *
At 11:49 pm, this still counts as a Writing Wednesday, no matter how rushed/undeveloped it is! I'm so sorry, this twist is about as inventive as a slug, but I couldn't think of anything else, please don't kill me! Then I won't have a chance to redeem myself this time next week!
Until next time, Eve

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