Friday, 5 December 2014

NaNoWriMo Failure ~ Blame it on the Procrastination

I'm far too much of a failure, I'm sorry to the very successful NaNoWriMo community. This is the story of my complete and utter failure to NaNo.

So, a couple of days towards the end of October, I saw Elizabeth posting a load about NaNoWriMo prep, and I thought, 'yaknow what? I'm gonna do it this year'. And I was ready!
I already had an idea, Advocates of the Moon, and even a perfect opportunity to be productive.
And that, my friends, was my downfall
You see, I was to be on holiday for the first 10 days of November, which got me thinking that I'd be able to sit and write instead of sitting and reading my holiday away.
Of course, it worked nothing like that
Whilst on holiday, I wrote one sentence of Advocates of the Moon, whereas I managed to read a full 24 books. Well done, Eve!
Of course, I hadn't done anything all holiday, so I thought, maybe I'd end up writing a bit once I was home.
I need to stop making excuses
I am a procrastinator, well and truly. I accept that, and surely in acceptance, I can begin to move past it, but I think I've just gotten lazier. I spend far too much time on youtube, g+, and just anything to keep me away from homework. It's not a rare sight anymore to see Eve the Swot doing homework on a lunchtime due in for the next lesson. It's not a rare sight to see me cursing myself because I completely forgot we had a piece of homework due.
So, perhaps my New Year's Resolution 2015 should be to reduce my procrastination obsession.
Or maybe I should delete my internet accounts to cut out the middle man.
Yeah, no! Then I wouldn't be able to blog about my failures!
Anyway, congrats to the people who actually achieved something this NaNoWriMo, and I'm sorry for letting you down! Maybe next year! Later x

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