Friday, 22 January 2016

How Do Blog?

Who the hell gave me Netflix?

My mum, to answer that question, but we're working in rhetorics here people!

So, update since the last post, I've been working on sorting out my books and stuff for school so that they're at least a little more streamlined for revision, which I'm hopefully absorbing along the way.

Thinking about it, that is pretty much all I've done of interest, the fun of a school life, so repetitive!

How do blog?

I feel like everything needs to be tidy, but I have no energy, no drive. I could find it, for a small amount of time, and then it's lost again. I cleaned out my wardrobe; only the wardrobe, though, and the shoes, I have an entire six drawers to rake through and condense, and then an entire bedroom to sort, 11 different subjects worth of books to 'streamline'. You can see why I procrastinate.

The fact that it's only light whilst I'm in school is hardly motivating either, it's dark when I wake up, barely light when I leave the house at quarter to 9, and the sun is setting before I even leave school at 3.

The pile of Christmas boxes in my room don't do me any favours either.

I'm a pile of excuses

That are hidden in lies and smiles.

I really need to eat, though, there's a tin of soup calling my name, so I'll stop whilst this post is semi-coherent

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  1. I totally understand your situation. Its funny when you have so many things you have to do, but the only thing you end up doing is writing. Love your blog by the way, very relaxing and down to earth.
    Hope you get though those 6 drawers soon. - Eternal D.