Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Relief

First off, I'm really sorry that I haven't posted a Writing Wednesday when I was supposed to, hopefully I'll have it up on Wednesday, but there is a reason.
For the last week, I have had intensive rehearsals for my school's production of Sound of Music.
The School's Poster
I starred as Mother Abbess, which is quite a good part in the scheme of things. I got more lines than a year 13 who is much better at drama than me. To be perfectly honest with you, I only just started getting my lines completely right in our rehearsal on Thursday, around 6 hours before our debut!
Mother Abbess gets 5 songs, two of which have substantial solos.
How do you solve a problem like Maria - You kick her out the Abbey and tell her to fall in love
My Favourite Things - Being able to go home at three o'clock
Climb Every Mountain - I think I'll stay on the ground thanks
Wedding Procession (Maria Reprise) - I knew kicking her out was a good idea
Climb Every Mountain Reprise - My little baby, off to escape Nazis

This year's cast featured many students who won't be returning next year. In light of this, I'd like to write my own thank yous.

To Laurie, thank you for being comedic relief (I will never forget your golden attire) and for the advice; Climb Every Mountain would not have been so good if not for you.
To Tom, for being another source of comedic relief with your genius ad-libs.
To Kristina, for being polite, and kind to a year 9 you barely knew.
To Sarah, for helping with props, and being someone to talk to.
To Stuart, for teaching me to strive towards my best (good luck in London), and to find love, whether or not you should (your rendition of Something Good will be with me always).
To Ellie, for being accommodating whenever I forgot my lines, for laughing with me, and for being a brilliant Maria to work alongside.
To Mr Haslett, for being an amazing teacher over the years, for showing me that my setbacks shouldn't keep me back for giving me opportunities to shine, and for altogether being supportive, we'll miss you whilst you're in China.
*     *     *     *      *
I know this was up last week, but somehow it cut itself in half, so I've had to retype all of my thank yous.
Anyway, I'm once again sorry for not uploading a Writing Wednesday, I swear I have been working on it (Layla, don't kill me) so it should hopefully be up this Wednesday. If not, feel free to spam me.
Later, Articulators, Eve

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