Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lessons Learned

No, this post is not about my recent return to school (Year 10 is so much fun! (note the sarcasm)).

7 months ago, I posted about the boy I like (the post has now been removed) So far, I think half my year group has discovered I like said boy, including him (he already knew, but he got to read the blog anyway) and today, a full 7 months after the posting of that disaster, I was teased about it once again, with a corridor full of people to hear.

So, it started out with leaving fourth lesson (the penultimate lesson of the day) with one of the boys in my English class, let's call him Prick, called out to me that I was looking lovely. With boys like Prick, compliments generally have the connotations (haha, using my new English knowledge) 'duck and cover'. I was then told, I was beautiful, unique. Oh god. So, I walked a little faster, trying to catch up to a friend, who, of course, was walking with Him.

Next thing I hear down the corridor is, 'Eve, so-and-so here's read your blog, and we think you might like a certain ***'

This, of course, was not helped by my two friends behind me, who decided to point out that I was walking towards Him, rather than just 'away'. Thanks, true friends who always have my back!

My favourite tactic for things like this? Hold your head up high, act like you're not bothered. As long as you're not facing them, they can't see the look in your eyes, the one thing that shows how you really feel. Maybe flip your finger over your shoulder as you go.

This post was originally going to be longer, but I decided not to give anyone who stumbles across this fuel for their arrogant fires.

A great start to another brilliant year!

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  1. After I read your comment on my blog, I realised that I had not read your blog recently. Ugh, some people's attitudes are just disgusting, especially now I've read the whole story. I do, however, admire your sophisticated (and rather bad-ass) tactic for dealing with this type of problem. These people are obviously not worth your attention!
    What happened happened, and as long as your blog post no longer exists on the internet, I don't see how this silly issue should bother you any longer :)
    I wish you the best in the new school year and hope that it proves to be better overall than it did during the first few days.
    Lucy :3