Thursday, 20 November 2014

Writing Wednesdays: The Resurrection

So, me doing Writing Wednesdays ... That lasted didn't it? But, I have new resolve, and a new set of prompts!
So I, as an internet hobo and hopefully budding writer, follow a few writing accounts. So, of course, I keep a document on my computer full of prompts and tumblr screen shots. It's currently 10 pages long with ideas ranging from Cupid shooting the wrong person to being able to see the date someone dies.
Scrolling through it the other day, I found this...
I honestly didn't even know I had this, but can you see the potential? I can cater this to any character, to characters from my own [potential] novels to fanfiction original characters, or even just random characters that come to mind.
So, the first, 'Dance', will I think be a fluffy pair, but I can't decide who yet. Expect that next Wednesday, whoever it is :)

Eve x


  1. Yesss, I'm so happy these are back on! And that idea with loads of prompts is sooo cool :3

    1. Nice to know someone's happy :) I hope I can get ideas for them all!