Sunday, 4 May 2014

Maths Exams - Where's the Maths?

I am currently in the middle of taking a GCSE in Statistics; quite the daunting prospect when you're in Year 9. But, being admittedly one of the best in my year at maths (a reputation that I reckon is slowly dwindling, but oh well, it still follows me) they reckon we can complete a GCSE at the age of 14. OK, yeah, I'll roll with it.
So, at this point, I have completed the controlled assessment (got a B, which I suppose is a good grade to go into an exam with) and prior to the mock exam on Friday, we've been given an old paper (2006) to practice on. Now, I'd like to know...
Where the bloody hell did the maths go to?

In the paper, I have counted 18 questions that ask you to calculate something - this does not count plotting graphs or completing tables (which takes up 8 questions).

The paper has 32 pages.

Most of the paper is taken up with questions asking you to discuss things.

When the hell was maths discussions? The reason I like maths, the reason I'm good at it, is because you can sit and calculate stuff, and be logical.

When did maths exams become all about the writing?

Now, a year ago, when I took part in UKMT Junior Maths Challenge and came out with a gold (the only person in the participating years to get such, earning me 3 certificates for best in year and best in school) my mum talked to me about pursuing a career in mathematics, seeing as I am good at it.
But honestly, pursuing a career in mathematics would mean actual maths, not whatever the hell I'm doing now.

I miss when maths tests were listening to a recording and answering the questions.

So, that's today's rant. I shall put aside the accursed paper and get on with the other homework I have for this glorious (ha!) long weekend!
Have a good bank holiday, Articulators,
Eve x


  1. You have to remember that we aren't taking a Maths GCSE at the moment, it's a Statistics one! They are different to each other and Statistics includes discussing and all that jazz :)