Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bad Apple - Teesside Creative Writing Result

OK, so one of our trips last term was to Teesside University, this time for a creative writing workshop that, because our school is so far away and we need to get back for the buses, only lasted about half an hour.
The teacher talked about English at the university, then showed us a video

It's an AMV from the anime Touhou. It's actually a really good song.
We were asked to write down lines we liked, and then write a story about the title, 'Bad Apple' I incorporated lines from the song,
I literally spent half my English lesson today copying it out in neater handwriting, as when I first wrote it, it was a scruffy 'Eve draft'!

So here is 'Bad Apple in the Crop'

I am me, that's all there is to it.
They're whispering again, she thinks. Where is the individuality in this world of carbon copies? The heartless one, Violet can't stand the names, yet the pride refuses to let her fall for it.
My heart is elsewhere, not listening.
Trying to block it out, to block them out, Violet stills, gaze still on the ground. Their taunts disappear in a heartbeat, just as they always do, but it doesn't stop her from seeing them.
Listlessness dances round.
Dullness of body and spirit, Violet reminds herself, continuing through the campus grounds, desperately seeking the solitude of her dorm room. If I am the freak, then what are you? You who goes out of your way to fit into the mob. If anything, you are the weird one, weird for not wanting to be different, weird for wanting to be a setting on a washing machine.
I keep being swept through the cracks of time.
It just disappears, for Violet at least. Cracks of ignoring them, cracks of waiting for the day to be over. Disappearing time where she just wants to disappear herself. Sighing, Violet reached for the door handle.
I'm just the bad apple in the crop.

So there you go. If I see this anywhere else, then you are most likely dead! Hehe! So baiiiiiiiii!

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